Transfer WoW Folder to my new Computer?

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I recently got a newer lap top, I want to transfer my World of Warcraft Folder of 25GB to my new computer, any suggestions on how to do that, I was thinking maybe share folder with an Ethernet cable, or get an eternal hard drive and copy it to that and transfer the folder that way, but was told you cant from the guys at Future Shop, any idea's or anyone know how too. I would do it manually but I cant find my first 3 Install CD sets.
i did that. worked fine, though if its gonna be over a network loading stuff (which WoW does constantly) is going to be slooooooooooow
I have done this in the past. Though people generally recommend reinstalling fresh, it can be nice to just transfer the folder so that you keep all of your settings.

I did this the cheap way however, and used a jump drive to transfer individual folders. Personally, I would suggest an external hard drive. They're pretty inexpensive these days.

I also think you can download the game from battlenet (though I have never done this).
Installing fresh would be nice, however, in my case...

1. Did the digital upgrade to Cataclysm - so I have no discs.
2. Not in the mood to wait for a 10GB download.

Copying the entirety of the World of Warcraft folder from Program Files (XP) to the (x86) Program Files folder on my new Windows 7 machine worked just fine. The only thing is that WoW is not part of the program list in Add/Remove Programs.

Will there be any issues with patches, or other unforseen problems having skipped the traditional install process that gets WoW in the machine's registry?

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