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I don't run too many addons because it puts a drain on my crappy system, but on my warrior I'm able to see class colors on enemy name plates and in the raid UI. However, I'm unable to find this option to enable it on my other toons. Where are they located?
In the raid frames part of your interface options there should be a box marked 'display class colours'
That got the class colors for people in my raid in the standard raid frames, but how do I enable enemy name plates to have class colors activated as well?
Interface > Combat > Class Colors in Nameplates

3rd checkbox down in left column
i !@#$ign love you i looked forever
for some reason even though i have clicked the "display class colors" check box, it still doesn't show them while in bg..anyone know why?
My guess is your setting isn't sticking. Try going to
\\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[accountname]\[servername]\[toonname]\config-cache.wtf
and opening it with something like Notepad++
Then find the line that says
SET ShowClassColorInNameplate "0"
and change the 0 to 1. And if the line isn't there already, add it in yourself and save the file (do this while wow is off). Then start up wow.

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