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I saw on the patch notes for 4.2 that 3 of the tanking classes are losing their dodge from agility? and getting a flat 5%, I would like to know on behalf of the 3 tanks that are taking this change what is the reasoning behind it.
Is there any consideration to giving feral druids another means to regenerate their taunt CD or giving them a 2nd taunt other than Challenging roar?
Blood Boil used to look cool. So did Hammer of The Righteous. Now they're stupid. WHY!?
I like my druid, but I find my paladin has more utility. Is there going to be some sort of ranged silence that the other tanks have? Its very disadvantageous to not have one when trying to pull a ranged mob that is near another unpulled group of mobs... Warrior has that throwy weapon silences and also takes away a magic buff..., Pallies have their throwy shield, DKs have their Death Grip. Druids have faerie fire... no ranged get/silence...
Forgive my possible repeating of this question, but let me start by saying I am en enormous altaholic, for 6 years now ive played so many characters and have always had a difficult time distiguishing my "main" from my others.

There is undoubtedly a tanking shortage in game, for random instances, and engame raiding. I think something as simple as heirloom shields (and possibly trinkets while Im dreaming) would go a long way to remedy this. I believe this would allow people to get used to the idea of tanking from low levels on up. Healing shields for shaman and paladins would be another natural step encouraging folks to take up the healing and tanking mantles early on in their characters development. The tanking plate items are a wonderful start and I hope there are plans to continue the trend and balance out all three roles when it comes to heirloom representation!

Having leveled characters as pure dps on a few occasions and then trying to reinvent myself as a healing or tank role and found it to be challenging and intimidating.

Most folks in this thread are tanks or at least understand it better than most, but a handful of new heirlooms might just recruit those who would not normally think about tanking for one reason or another.

Again sorry for not being able to read all leading up to my post. Hope this will be considered at some point!

*EDIT* I suppose I should phrase this more like a question, ok. Do you plan on implementing more tanking heirlooms such as shields and trinkets?
Feral (bear) glyphs of all varieties are not very interesting and/or don't add much to tanking survivability. *edit* I believe DK glyphs fall into the survivability category as well, maybe not to the same extent. *edit*

Would there be any consideration on giving a glyph that does not consume lacerate stacks for pulverize or somehow incorporating the thrash bleed debuff into a lacerate, either base or through a glyph?
I see many questions about hit/expertise here.

Have you thought about having talents that gave a threat stats addition if you had dodge and parry on gear?

This would be similar to DPS casters who have talents to convert Spirit to Hit.
For one reason or another, some tanks have an absolute difficult time with certain bosses. I've met some tanks wont queue for heroics because they don't want to get "that" boss. Will there be any plans to introduce a solo/practice mode on bosses to allow tanks to train their craft without worry of a party wipe or repair? Learning a fight is so much easier when you can break it down at a slower pace.
I'm going to ask a question about tanks in raid encounters.

A lot of the harder encounters typically have sort of had this branch in roles where you have one tank "manage" a critical high-pressure role (such as Nef add kiting or LK Shambling tank or even say Anub block tank), while the other role is a bit more "tank and spank" deal. When you design encounters, how important are tank roles within an encounter, to maybe try to use that to improve the encounter's design, and/or as a way to force them to work together (and with the rest of the raid)?
Warriors have mobility, DKs have Death Grip, and Paladins have Captain America. Warriors, DKs, and Paladins have two interrupts: a shorter cooldown, melee only interrupt, and a longer cooldown ranged interrupt.

Lacerate/Pulverize/Mangleproc feels clunky and frustrating, not least because of the efforts gone to make many dps classes not have to reapply certain dots. And once I'm up to 35% crit since I stack agility over even stamina, Pulverize feels more and more useless. Compared to Holy Power and Blood and Thunder especially, Pulverize feels as though it lacks synergy.

I love my bear, and have since I worked on CE rep for my Earthwarden and Heavy Clefthoof set, but the current design of Druids feels like it lacks certain direction. Does Blizzard feel similarly? Are there more plans for druids in the future? Are you finally ready to admit that it's time to do away with the balance tree and separate the two feral trees? ;)
Is it possible to create an in-game tanking tutorial for those of us who want to try tanking in World of Warcraft but have no idea on how to do so properly?
As a new tank, I had to visit various sites, crunch numbers and read a lot about the coveted "How" to tank. And yet I still found myself having to fly by the seat of my pants a lot when it came to actually tanking.

Are there any plans to implement tools to assist new tanks in learning the role? (Example: like the DPS dummies there are now.)
Are their any plans to make haste a viable stat for all tanks? Currently its the single worst tanking stat, its even behind intellect for a prot paladin.
05/25/2011 01:39 PMPosted by Letifer
Is there any hope of engineering being of benefit to tanks? I've wiped our raid group before by hitting nitro boosts and getting the debuff. I understand this is somewhat tangental to tanking, but would it would be nice not to have to max another profession because the engineering is the only profession which can wipe a raid,offers no permanent stat bonuses, and the helms get replaced after this first tier.

Ftr, you should be using the damage shield instead of the nitro boosts, but even assuming it is worthwhile compared to other professions, it doesn't look like engineering will scale much. I do love the glove armor though.
just the fact that you mentioned another expansion is grounds for there being another one in the making. I would like to know exactly why there are so many useless spells? like some of the Blood tanking spells for the DK. It seems that you only have a certain few spells for tanking and the rest sit idle. Also for the other tanking classes there seem to be spells that sit idle as well. Could you please explain this please?
Too many times I RDF queue for a heroic on my healer to find the tank is in ilvl 318 greens and random dps gear to get the fast queue times and extra goodies.

Are there any plans to stop well-geared dps queuing as terribly-geared tanks using the RDF; maybe by using gear equipped (and looking for the right stats) instead of best gear in inventory?

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