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Much of the DK class involves choices that aren't readily explained to beginning players. Using death runes for anything but DS represents a significant survival loss. AotD can kill you. Using HS over Blood boil means a higher chance for blade barrier downtime. Keeping blood runes on CD means a survivability loss. Debuffs represent a point of danger. Diseases provide minimal boosts to tank damage; the diseases are purely considered for debuffs. Our ranged threat on a pull is bad. (IT hits for nothing, Outbreak is even worse). Heart strike, our signature move, is used infrequently. Mastery scales incorrectly.

In my own rework attempt, I noticed Blood seems daunting to rework at all; however, there are calls from many theorycrafters to rework Blood from the ground up to fix these issues. What is Blizzard's opinion and feeling about reworking blood from the ground up?

Edit: Thanks Dosvidaniya, for helping me put that better.
Call to Arms has given tacit acknowledgement that tanking requires a bit more responsibility, would an alternative to this be instead taking some of the responsibility away for tanks and putting it on DPS?

Specifically threat mechanics. Make things like feint / soul shatter / cower etc. more accessible to use? Or to reduce the CD perhaps? or take them of GCD's? or lower their energy/mana cost to make them less of a DPS loss?
Is the Call to Arms feature working out thus far in the way you had hoped? Are there any planned changes forthcoming with this feature?
With warriors have the talent vigilance, it makes them pretty strong for add fights with the taunt refresh, and being able to get a bit of vengeance as the off tank. Are the plans to give the other tanks an ability the mimics one or both of these.
Why do DPS warriors and frost death knights do tank-comparable threat? Is your intention for these specs to fill a tank/offtank role? Or; if "threat is supposed to matter", why does it only matter to three of twenty-two possible DPS specs?
Main Question : Is it a concern to developers that Death Knights are at a very noticeable disadvantage compared to shield tanks when trying to survive against multiple creatures (for example: Halfus drakes and Nefarian Skeletons) ?

Related Concerns: Would tanking larger quantities of creatures be considered a "niche" for paladins and warriors to fill, or is it a fundamental requirement of a tank? In other words, how does this fit in with the "Bring the player, not the class" philosophy (especially when graduating to heroic modes)?
Are you happy with how vengeance has played out as a solution to scaling tank threat with gear thus far in Cataclysm?

Specifically: the concept of linking threat, at least indirectly, to stamina made a lot of sense when announced, as during Wrath stamina was the king of all stats when judging tank gear (more or less). Do you feel that this is still the best solution, as based on my experience (and from what I have read also the experience of many if not most current tanks) this is no longer the case?

And, might it not be more appropriate to link our threat boost to damage avoided/mitigated rather than damage taken? This would further mitigate some of the negative scaling threat has with gear, and I know it would make me angrier if I was trying to crush some guy and he kept dodging my attacks rather than if he stood there and let my vent my rage on his face.
Given that each of the four tanks have a set of "standard" abilities, Taunt, Survival CD's and a kick. Between a Pally Shield, A DK Strangulate and Warrior Heroic throw, why is it that Feral Druid is lacking some form of Ranged Silence?
Early in the Cataclysm cycle, there was discussion about combating stat inflation by requiring higher Hit and Expertise caps in advancing raids, and giving bosses Expertise to reduce avoidance.

Given that tanks tend to view threat stats as nice, but nothing required, any heightened caps for our threat stats are going to make Hit and Expertise even less appealing, as we will receive less benefit from what we do have.

Likewise, boss Expertise would push us away from gearing for avoidance, because Expertise reduces a flat percentage and DR curves mean we will need ever-increasing avoidance ratings to compensate. This tends to benefit the shield tanks, especially, since it means we take longer to reach the Mastery cap without weakening Mastery.

Are these ideas still on the table, and if so, what are the plans to maintain tank balance without heavy nerfs to tanks still working through earlier tiers?
While they've gotten better since wrath, the majority of fights are uninteresting as a tank (pressing your taunt button every 20 seconds does not make for an interesting encounter). Are there plans to change this even if it increases the complexity of a role many groups have a hard time filling?
Do you have any plans to show threat in a more robust and friendly way than we have now? I prefer fewer addons but find it necessary to get addons for threat management. I would like to see something from Blizz that addresses threat, especially if it is a visual cue in the game world, as opposed to a UI element. For example, the new addition to making spells from opposing forces have a red tint is great. Something like that for tanking threat would be greatly appreciated.
Are there any plans in the future to give Blood Death Knights weapons specific to tanking? Possibly reverting back to dual wielding one-handed tanking weapons, introducing a two-handed tanking weapon, or treating "Runeforge" like a Shamans weapon imbuement and allowing an enchant.
Would you please add abilities such as Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade at lower levels? With BoA-geared dps, it can be tough to tank effectively in the lower level dungeons. Admittedly, most dps could tank them without too much trouble, but it would be nice to have some help from the dps abilities.
Do you consider the vengeance mechanic a success?
It seems that many boss mechanics have gone away from dealing significant damage to the tanks and more damage to random party members. Perhaps this is a result of a combination of tanking and keeping threat becoming to easy and tank healing also becoming to easy. The result of this though is that it has made tanking quite trivial while group healing seems to have become much harder. It seems in many cases that the healer is running out of mana and dps are dying while I am at full health. The problem I have with this is that as a tank I am supposed to be able to protect the group but with these new mechanics I find that there is nothing I can do to help other than what I have always done in standing there as a punching bag for the boss. So my question is will these kinds of mechanics continue and if so will tanks be given abilities to actually help protect the group?
Even with the extra loot, I still don't like tanking with blood spec. I really miss frost. Any thoughts on bringing it back.

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