Ask The Devs #9 - Tanking (Questions)

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Will bear tanks see more interesting abilities added to their repertoire of abilities (like the cool things warriors have)?
Any chance of giving Protection Paladins an AoE Holy Power dump?

Shield of the Righteous is good for single-target, and Word of Glory is great for a pinch heal (which I, personally, use a lot), but could we get something that uses Holy Power for when we're trying to hold a group of mobs? It really doesn't feel like Hammer of the Righteous, Holy Wrath, and Consecration (even with Avenging Wrath active) are helping me hold threat against multiple enemies.
I'd like to add another request for the future of Blood DK tanking. The current rune gaming is just not enjoyable. I feel like I miss a lot of the encounter and ignore my other tools just to stay alive with the current mechanics. I've actually stopped tanking altogether on my DK, considering leveling another tank depending on future class plans (not to QQ, I do want to stay on my DK). Thank you
Are any initiatives coming up to make the actual play of PuG LFD tanking more enjoyable and less stressful?
Are there any plans to make tank mechanics for raids any more exciting? In many fights there's really not a lot going on, besides a little kiting. We just kinda tank damage and hold aggro.
Bonus Armor was a popular tank stat towards the end of WoTLK. With Cataclysm it was nerfed so much that smart tanks avoid any piece with it. Do you have any plans to adjust the itemization cost so it will be considered desirable by tanks again?
Many tanks are getting rid of hit in favor of survivability. Can we expect to see tanks in future tiers be able to aquire hit cap without dramatically hurting their survival viability in raids?
The budget cost of Armor on trinkets and such seems to be way off base from where it was in wrath, are there any plans to change this? Currently it would seem like a ridiculous expense to use the valor point trinket for example.
Will you cause Death Knight rune regen speed to cap out at 10 seconds, perhaps as a bonus for Blood only? I have hit 14 second regen timers multiple times, up from 8.2 seconds.
Will you expand the amount of classes capable of operating the role of Tank?

For instance, will you add talents to allow Shamans to Tank, and perhaps add Tanking abilities to some of the Pure classes, such as Mages and Rogues?
Tanks and +hit/expertise

Do you have any plans on making these stats more desirable for tanks? When I am tanking, I like to plan my movements and actions ahead of time, for certain encounters doing so is basically a requirement, miss/dodge/parry a large % of the time can make movement while producing snap threat problematic, and if unlucky, impossible. I am not a fan of the ideaology that a tank should gear themselves in a way that allows for nearly 20% of their melee attacks not to land. Because of this, I reforge for +hit and mastery and considered by many to be an inferior tank because of this(I have had great success with it personally and find this way of gearing to be more beneficial).

To put it simply, I am curious what the devs think about making hit/expertise more desirable stats for tanks, even in a hardmode raiding setting?
(Just an added comment, doing so would make gear with some combination of hit/expertise/masterty more desireable overall to due to being useful by both tanks and plate dps classes)
What will be done in the coming tiers to close the gap between DK's/Druids versus the Shield tanks? I am fine with some classes having advantages others do not, but on more then a few fights, the simple fact of having a shield makes a world of difference for the tank's survivability.
When will shamans get to tank again?
With the Frenzied Regeneration nerf on the PTR, Druid tanks are currently lacking an effective reactive cooldown (a cooldown which buys the healers time when things go wrong and the tank is already nearly dead). How do you plan to remedy this?
Low level dungeons currently teach some very bad tanking habits. Massive pulls ignoring CC, letting mobs run around unaggroed, and ignoring encounter mechanics would all result in wipes at the top levels of gameplay, but in lower level dungeons they are not only survivable, but commonplace, especially with the prevalence of BoAs. Obviously outdated content like 15-80 dungeons shouldn't be as challenging as an 85 heroic, but shouldn't there be more of a ramp up in difficulty than the current faceroll from Ragefire Chasm to Blackrock Caverns?
DK mastery doesn't sit on the combat table and uses past damage to compute the shield value. This creates a few effects; (1) DKs become more powerful with non-blockable damage, (2) DKs lose mastery value because of avoidance, (3) DKs can lose mastery value from any absorb (from healers or themselves). Given current gear levels and anticipated gear levels for firelands, DK mastery will fall short of other tanks while playing well.

What is being done to stop (2) and (3) while keeping DKs in check under (1)?
Can we get quests that involve the usage of tanking abilities so players who are new to the game or trying a tank alt know how tanking mechanics work? I have no real issues with any of the 4 tanking classes (and I have them all).
Why don't Protection Paladins get cool things? It was always said that Mastery was supposed to be "cool," not just another stat. Well, for us, it became a mandatory block stat, forcing me to pass on some other great tanking pieces. Our other "cool" spell, Guardian of Ancient Kings, is just like our old Divine Protection with a fancier animation. I feel like our class has remained where all of the other classes left from with Cataclysm.

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