Ask The Devs #9 - Tanking (Questions)

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Considering how quickly popular demand returned to pulling trash with little or no crowd-control, how do you view your design decision to reduce AoE threat?
It has been theorized that tanks will start to hit full Combat Table Coverage (CTC) this expansion if geared correctly, enchanted, and flasked/buffed (4.1).

Was this considered too small a chance to happen within this tier (4.1)?
Here's my question:

With the removal of agility as a tanking stat, will we see changes to Charscale Leg Armor and other such tanking enhancements? It'd be depressing if no.
Is there any chance we could get a tiny flyout for raid markers and flares?
You said stated threat wasn't supposed to be an all encompassing job. Once vengeance has stacked high enough it's lightens the load, but opening threat is still a major struggle.
This is further compounded in 5ms when the mobs often aren't alive long enough to get vengeance.

What's the steps being taken, moving forward, to help new tanks gain threat when they're grouped with random end game raiders?
Is there any plans or chance at seeing changes to the first tier of the Fury tree? This affects all warriors, tanks included; both Battle Trance and Blood Craze seem markedly underpowered, compared to self heals from other classes or free attack procs or similar. But we're hamstrung into "throwing away" 3 talent points into one of these if we want something from tier 2 Fury. Could these talents get a buff or change, or just change position?
Have you considered giving warriors an attack that cannot miss or be dodged/parried? While it's not a big deal if a Shield Slam or a Dev misses, but missing Rend can mess up an entire aoe rotation.
We had heard plans to give bosses "expertise" when we reached later tiers to avoid a chill of the throne type raidwide debuff; so far that doesn't appear to be happening? Still in the works or do we have something else planned?
Tanking legendary, ever again? And please make it a shield.
Are there any plans to give Druids some way to deal with ranged attackers, such as a ranged silence or some sort of deathgrip skill?

When is it the tanks' turn (specifically Druids) to get a legendary?
The random dungeon tool can often put together tanks and dps of vastly different gear levels. A tank who is perfectly suitable for the instance may be placed with dps who outgear it, and generate far more threat than the tank can handle. The result isn't particularly fun for that tank or the dps. So my question is, could the luck of the draw buff affect tank aggro, that is the threat generated by players with righteous fury, blood presence, bear form, or defensive stance.
As a threat mechanic, vengeance is extremely unreliable. Without vengeance, tanks are incapable of holding threat off of a DPS that is going all-out. With full vengeance, threat ceases to matter at all.

Are there any plans to reduce the vengeance maximum, while providing some way to get a vengeance boost at the start of a fight? With the current model, a tank that avoids too many attacks off the pull suffers a serious threat disadvantage.
Will Druids ever get tanking heirlooms?
Regarding more raid leadership than tanking (though it usually is tanks playing the role anyway, in 5-mans as well):

Could we

A) Get more lucky charms? I keep running out in the big mob pulls in front of Bastion for example, and it gets further limited when we want to mark players.

B) Get more flares, and make them permanent till cancelled? The latter seems to almost have been changed, but I swear they're still disappearing after a while.
The current raids have a variable number of tanks needed, up to 3. Needing 3 for certain encounters isn't new for 25-mans but can be bothersome, specially on 10s; a dps have to keep an up to date tanking set and spec - or vice versa, a 3rd tank needs to keep a dps set and spec - and the raid needs to have a dps whose class is capable of tanking in the first place, which can be surprisingly hard given the group size.

Is it part of the intended design for the 10-man encounters, or all the encounters are designed around 2 tanks and a 3rd is just part of an alternative strategy?
Low level dungeons seem so much easier to tank than they used to. At least in classic dungeons, it seems like a tank is hardly even necessary. Why is this?
Do you have plans to deal with the eventuality that gear in the Firelands Tier will allow block classes to cap their mastery values, allowing for 100% of incoming hits to be Dodged/Parried/Blocked/Missed? This will give Paladins and Warriors a significant advantage in physical damage reduction.

A developer named Kaivax teased at the idea of a significant mastery mechanics change when confronted about the recent PTR build involving the Paladin Holy Shield change. Do you have any new information you feel you're ready to share?

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