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Any plans to try and make tanks care about hit/expertise again? It seems as though you have been heading in exactly the opposite direction thus far with changes like taunts/interrupts auto-hitting, and threat being a joke. Maybe bring back parry-haste, and possibly even extend it to misses/dodges?

For example, making a character "prone" when his attack is dodged/parried/misses, increasing damage taken for a second or two?
Currently tanks (specifically warriors and bears) are very boring to watch. Most of our abilities look like a regular melee swing with a small effect. Our defensive cool downs having nothing special to shown that they're being used other then becoming red for last stand. Are then any plans to give tanks some more interesting spell effects?
Runic Empowerment, also called Rune Tetris by those using it, is almost a mini-game that must be mastered while not getting stuck standing in the fire during the normal game. Due to how Death Strike uses Frost/Unholy/Death runes, we Blood DK's must always watch at least four things at once to stay alive:

Blade Barrier up?
Blood Shield up?
Cooldowns needed?
Am I standing in anything I need to get out of?

Q: What is in the works to see if Blood DK's Quality of Life (gameplay on screen) is not quite so difficult as it currently is?

A Blue recently said DK's are "challenging and really fun" a while back; this seems like the reverse order of words in terms of a game's priority on them.
Why do tanking graphics always seem to be reduced in quality? For example, the DK Blood Boil graphic was amazing until it was reduced to that ridiculous, basic visual of radiating concentric circles. The original DnD when DKs were first introduced was great (boiling purple clouds) until it was again reduced to its current state. Tank (and healing for that matter until the recent priest changes) receive notably less of that flashy attractiveness that DPS roles receive yet ultimately, tanking (and healing) bear the majority of the weight for raid/instance success.

Is there any plans to make tanking as a Portection Paladin more fun and dynamic? The WoG nerf was presented as if it would provide us more options, but in actuality it just limited one of our abilities and shortened our options. Is there any way, other than long CDs, that you can make survivability more dependent on playstyle and moment to moment decisions?
In dungeons, if a tank wants to skip a given boss, it pretty much means that boss won't get done. Are there any plans to make all bosses attractive to tanks, or to remove the power tanks hold over the rest of the group?
The current available loot list has a lot of haste which is very undesirable for bears. Are there plans to follow up on the dev water cooler and make the various secondary stats more attractive? As it stands other tanks have more options on gear and more options on what to do with their gear. While with bears the checklist is: does it have mastery? If yes, reforge the other stat to dodge.
When a DPS fails a mechanic and dies, a raid can continue on a fight more often than not because there are very few "responsibilities" for that player. When a healer fails a mechanic and dies, a raid can sometimes continue if other healers are able to pick up the slack. When a tank fails a mechanic and dies, then the boss is loose and a raid usually wipes. This necessity for perfection, along with the inherent responsibility placed on a tank to be a raid leader, has resulted in the tank niche being arguably (or perhaps provably) the least populated in WoW.

What are your thoughts/ideas on decreasing tank strain, or inversely, on spreading out responsibility to other classes?
Are there any current changes in mind to the warrior Shield Block? On live realms, the current shield block, when talented, increases shield slam damage, reduces magical damage taken, and of course increases block. Up until the magic damage reduction, I typically kept SB on cooldown and always used it as burst threat, which warriors are also saying they have problems with. It currently seems as a lose-lose situation in certain encounters.

For ex, on Nefarian in phase 1, I pick up Onyxia, and quickly position her, with current inital threat issues, not using Shield Block at the start could potentially hinder my dps players. At the same time, I would like to save it for her breaths/electrocutes.

Will you allow Warlocks to tank using the Demonology tree? We could finally put searing pain to use. I think its time for a caster to be able to tank 5 mans and raids; Warlocks would be the perfect choice because we already have tanking talents, abilities and not to mention skills we can use ie: soul link, searing pain, demon form, void walker, extra health etc... Instead of making Warlocks a tool for such fights and a warrior or another tank could tank it rendering the Warlock not of any use.
Is there any chance since agi will be useless for plate tanks in 4.2 we could get a leg armor that has stam/ dodge/ mastery instead of stam/agility? It feels weird to slap agi onto a str based class.
Blood Dk's are forced to use an ability for their mitigation where the other classes have it present all the time. Any fight that has a Mortal Strike mechanic destroys blood dk's since they aren't healing for as much and therefor are not gaining higher blood shields from their mastery. Are there any plans to give dk's more passive mitigation like the other tanks (block and dodge), or are blood dk's just not allowed to tank these fights?
Currently for pally tanks you have a mechanic where when you use word of glory it gives you a 6 second absorb shield. since you gave word of glory a cd will there be any changes to that talent or maybe a duration increase to the shield or make the shield proc on the damage done with templars verdict?
In wrath, playing prot in pvp was quite enjoyable, with decent damage and high mobility. It is one of the reasons I fell in love with prot and started tanking. Both damage and mobility (warbringer) have been nerfed severly. Are there any plans to make tank solo play (especially pvp) more enjoyable?
Is there any hope of engineering being of benefit to tanks? I've wiped our raid group before by hitting nitro boosts and getting the debuff. I understand this is somewhat tangental to tanking, but would it would be nice not to have to max another profession because the engineering is the only profession which can wipe a raid,offers no permanent stat bonuses, and the helms get replaced after this first tier.
I see questions for tanks in general dealing with being bored by abilities they have a standard cooldown. i see requests to make things less boring. Along those lines i have problems with the Cata changes to blood for tanking. I never liked death runes. They interfere with the the steady availability of the basic tools of a Death Knight. The reason being is you can not choose which of the 4 death runes you have up to use. This cycle of building up to 4 death runes and 2 blood sounds nice on paper but has the random nature of removing key access to abilities when both both unholy or frost get used at once putting both on cooldown at the same instant.

My question: Would it be possible to remove the death runes from the talent tree to replace it with proc abilities instead for player reaction to alleviate the boredom so many others dislike while leaving the key basic abilities available on cooldown?
I love tanking more than dps and healing. I enjoy the challenge to maintaining overall awareness it brings to the game. Yet, I'd still like to have something of a finishing move. Execute in Defensive mode might do it for me. I do appreciate having Victory Rush, tho. Will you consider a stronger or exclusive finishing move available to tanks in the future?

Many of the Firelands 10m bosses we've tested so far have been biased towards 1-tanking. Rhyolith, Baelroc, and Majordomo, namely. Alysrazor and Shannox do not have much issue following suit. Only Beth'tilac would be idiotic to do single tank, compared to the 12/13 bosses in T11 which require at least two. Is Daelo and the rest of the raid team aware of this issue, and could something be done about it before the 25m testing goes out?

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