Blacksmith or Jewelcrafting?

Hello all,

I am planning to drop mining for either Blacksmith or Jewelcrafting as their mats needed to level up is about the same.

In terms of both, which is more beneficial and scales with the current level?

Thank you so much in advance for the input, appreciate it.
Every profession perk offers +80 stats. Jewelcrafting offers +81 right now do to rounding, but I believe that will disappear when epic gems are introduced. If you aren't looking to make gold however, the two sockets blacksmithing provides are available at 400ish skill compared to the 500ish skill a jewelcrafter needs.

As for a mining alt, all mining does it convert your time to gold. If you have more efficent or fun ways to make gold, gathering skills are not needed to level and profit from any profession.
In terms of both, which is more beneficial and scales with the current level?

They're about equal, in terms of the stat bonuses. For exapmle, you add 80 Strength with BS sockets, or 81 Strength with Chimera's Eye gems.

To add sockets, you only need 400 skill in blacksmithing. If all you care about is the stat bonus, you could stop leveling BS when you reach this point.

Jewelcrafters get a daily quest, the reward for which they can redeem for a Chimera's Eye, which may sell for hundreds of gold, depending on the economy.
BS is a joke now i'm very pissed they took out armorsmith and weaponsmith.Waste of time can't even have any fun with it mid level anymore.
BS is selling ebonsteel buckles and pvp gear at max. Blizz appears to be updating the PVP item patterns for the next season based on PTR feedback, ie the resilience and other stats are going up by the same percent as the honor and conquest gear. This is really cool that they are making the items relevant without being BIS.

I am a JC and BS. JC is far more profitable for me. JC is getting somewhat of a nerf in 4.2 as they are lowering the sale price of uncut gems from 5g to 50s. The previous sell price gave them a nice safety margin to propspect ore and dump what wouldn't sell. It used to be sure profit to buy cata ore at 30g and prospect it. That new level will be 15g. I assume they are aiming at the gold farmers on this change. I do not know if ore prices will follow. If they do not JC could be harder to profit with. I am not so worried since I have an alch for nearly free rubies and metas and am leveling an enchanter to convert the rings and what not to dust.

JC and BS are the same at max, obviously BS gives it's +80 earlier. Aside from the PVP gear growing through the expansion BS gear does not seem to be relevant to end game imo. JC can make all his gems every time he gears up. BS, LW and Tailor all historically fall behind as the Xpac goes on.

We have not yet seen epic gem cuts which further opens the gap between between JC and BS.

To the person saying you need a miner, not really. You will need more ore then you mined to level, but at max you do not need a miner. I currently take 3 carnelians that I get out of ore valued at 20g each, add 3 herbs at 1g a piece and make a ruby to sell raw at 70g or cut for 100g. I get the carnelians from the prospecting as 1 of the 6 uncommon gems that come from a 20 stack, you get 1-2 rares as well. The uncommons all have the same rate so on the long run you get 3 carnelians in 3 stacks, 30g a stack so 90g. But you had 15 other gems fall out min, each vendor for 5g and most AH for 7g or better. 75g in the "trash" so you paid 15g for your 3 carnelians and 3g for your herbs to get a 100g+ cut. You can afford to by ore. You might need it to level, so if you don't have 5-10k in the bank you need a spare miner till you cap JC.
What was your other prof if you are dropping mining for BS or JC? Just wondering, since all of my BS or JC levelled up with mining, and dropped it later for something else.

Anyway, stat bonus' same, I would say JC if you want to compete in AH pvp for cash and prizes, and do a daily that can be a money maker. If just for raiding, I think either are fine.

If your toon runs lots of heroics, BS might be best bet, since the orbs are BOP and you can make some money on that.

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