17" Laptop with a decent memory card for 1k?

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I'm using one of the Asus g51j, i5 dual core running at 2.27gHz each, 4 gigs of ram, and the nvidia GeForce 360m gts.

I run ultra setting except in org, when I turn off shadows (entirely). The only other graphic/lag issues I have are on heroic halfus on my demo lock... when immolation aura, hellfire, demon leap, fel storm, shadowflame dot, and infernal are all causing far too many yellow numbers to pop up on my screen.

My only advice to you with this particular computer: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EXTERNAL COOLER.

When I put it on the max settings, I keep the coffee sitting next to my comp warm. or tea. or hot cocoa. all depends on my mood that day :-D

EDIT: cost was 1.1 or 1.2k, system is a year older now so it may have gone down since then. also, you could elect to take the video card one step lower, and probably be fine as well. hell, I can run crysis on this if need be (granted, not on top settings, but still)
I read threw some posts and shook my head in shame...
For $1000 dollars and a 17" screen I found a machine that will meet your price and blow your performance requirements.


Don't Freak over "omg its recertified" , they are just as nearly as good as new ... Asus technicians do a good job at making sure they run at top shape.If this model is out of stock there is another version with a slower hard drive.

This rig with NO problem will run wow at 60+fps max settings ... It has an i7 740 ... not sandy bridge but its still a very fast processor , it also has a 5870!!!!

Here is the GPU benchmark
SC2 45+fps max settings I think this will push wow a bit farther :)

This is your ultimate laptop for the power and price there is no other laptop i've come across at this price for performance ... none. 1600x900 resil 2.9ghz turbo boost , 5870 , Asus advanced air cooling (thats huge!) 17.3" screen and a cool price of $999!

You will not find a better performing laptop for this price anywhere. It will easily run WoW at maximum setting, probably even with shadows up.

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