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faction change to horde and choke off farm, bs and lm. then send one person to cap st so the whole ally team runs back there to recap
Don't cap and then leave a lone Mage on the flag. I can only shout "You Shall Not Pass" only so many times before the actually do pass.

From the heights of the Lumber Mill cliff-top I whisper the words "The power of the pain and destruction gods, Zarhym and Bashiok, compels you!", over holy scripture, which carries on the wind and into the ears of the alliance who have their heads explode subsequently.
Winning AB is much like eating an orange, it has a tough outer skin with little dimples on it, but inside is the sweet citrus fruit. Clearly what I'm saying is that you must peel defenders off of the flag to get to the delicious innards!
Get on an opposite fraction's character. Then keep yelling, "FOR THE HORDE" until everyone spam reports you afk every 10 seconds, rather than fighting.
Have a couple horde take st early to distract the alliance.
Try to keep two nodes defended by 3 or 4 players, and attack an alliance node while the alliance attacks one of ours. This keeps 3 horde nodes by being flexible with zerg attacks.
When we have lm, the defenders should be the ones capable of making alliance fly, so shaman and balance druids. Couple them with a priest for the mindcontrol and aoe fear as good measure.
Make sure a mage is at bs. He can slow fall people when mine is under attack. Getting reinforcements there that much quicker.
Having a pair of horde engage alliance on the roads. So they all dismount to deal with the horde. Slowing their zerg down considerably.
Call out incoming attacks, and communicating when they are no longer being threatened.
Casters should stay back, and if they are targeted, run away for a second to lose the threat.
Melee should be as mobile as possible so the enemy melee has to chase everyone.
Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp any time there's more than two enemies attacking.
Occasionally have a group of 3 attack st so the alliance zerg gets distracted.
Kill healers first.
CC anybody who is away from the group and able to attack while not moving.
For horde, If you can get Farm, Lumbermill, and Blacksmith, you can keep 4 people at Farm, 5 at Blacksmith, and 6 at Lumbermill. If you have a Priest or Mage, keep them at lumbermill so you can slow fall or levitate dps or healers down to Blacksmith whenever you have incomings there.

For alliance it would be the same only instead of 4 people at farm, have them at stables.
Premake a team of warriors dks and hunters and roll your way to victory!
Nice to see you guys at blizzard are hard at work improving the game.
Simple; Grab Iron triangle before other team does and laugh how easy it is for you to defend it and frustrate other team. Being horde will allow you to grab this ridiculous combo easier/faster.
On Alliance side:
Group 1 takes Stables, then moves to Mine, leaving 1 behind to defend/call for help.
Group 2 takes Blacksmith, then moves to Farm, leaving 1 behind to defend/call for help.
Group 3 take Lumber Mill, then moves to Farm, leaving 1 behind to defend/call for help.

Group 2 and 3 move up to Horde starting area, and locks them in, leaving 1 behind at farm to defend/call for help. Group 1 leaves 1 at Mine, then roams where help is called for, or reinforcing the group at the Horde starting area. Ensure there are healers with the group at Horde starting area.

This tactic will give enough of a resource advantage early on to almost guarantee victory, and a quick one at that. Also, it appeals to kill farmers, as they can just sit and kill the opponents at the starting area, while putting enough pressure on them to worry about getting out, rather than recapping nodes.

Horde side:
Replace Group 1 zerg order with Farm -> Lumber mill.
Replace Group 2 zerg order with Blacksmith -> Stables.
Replace Group 3 zerg order with Mine -> Stables.

Communication is the key to victory.

The basics everyone should know:
Always fight on the flags, don't get kited off....the enemy wants your flag, they will come to you if you wait.
Always call incomings, or no one will come to help you.
Always CC healers, then use slows on their DPS.
Always focus fire. A DPS will do much less damage to your team if they are dead within 5 seconds.
Always let your team know which enemies you've noticed are good. They will be more highly prioritized for kills/CC. The scrubs can die quickly, while doing less damage than one or two very good players.
Etc, etc.....this common sense list is too long to print right up, but you all know how to PvP, and what little tactics you use to win.

This tactic will have to be adapted once in a while, but the blitz style AB wins a lot, especially if your team can adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances, and has solid communication.

Always fight next to a flag. Otherwise, you might as well be running in a circle shrieking about the pros and cons of polishing your tusks.
Sit stealthed at LM, waiting for some poor lone capper to try taking it. Typhoon him off the cliff.

Every match I've pulled it off on we've won, gotta be magic.
strats are same for either side. Depends on if your going for 3 bases or if your going for 4 and 5 caps.
3 base strat is simple, grab the bases easily connected that can be rotated to quickly and hold 3 at each node with floaters to protect against incomings. If lumbermill is one of your controlled zone protect it with a class or 2 that can knockback, ie ele shaman or boomkin. BS tends to be a great spot since its centrally located allowing for easier rotation for the 3 base strat.
The 5 cap is different. The strat I have come to prefer over the years is 1 person cap stables prefered a class that can cc well. Send a healer and 2 dps mine, a healer a knockback dps and 2 others mill, the the remaining group to smith. After they secure smith they should rotate to farm leave 1 at each flag then proceed to other factions zone area and camp it until its over.
The 4 cap is 3 at each node with a mid floater to each for incomings. 4 tends to be a bit of a challange in pugs, and can be overreaching against other premades and teams, blacksmith is a must in 4 capping, since you need the center area for quicker rotation of your floaters and help.
Elite squad of feral/rogue that jump lone defenders at a node. If there are two, kill one and cc the other then cap and call it a day.

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