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AB is all about communication. Right out of the gate each player should know where he/she is suppose to be going. Calling out inc's are extremely important along with how many enemies are on their way towards you.
Fighting on the flag is also extremely important. It does no good to be in a 5min stand off at BS if an enemy is just going to cap the flag while you are not looking. Do you best to AoE all enemies near the flag and prevent a cap.
Run together as a team and avoid having to res and run by your self. Call out a flag your going to attack and meet with other players to accomplish your goal.

AB is pretty simple if you play as a team and follow those steps^^
As an elemental shaman, I enjoy camping Lumber Mill.

There has never been one ability to take out five people at once, until Thunderstorm came along.
Playing as a Horde (and having been an ex-Alliance) there is one thing Alliance continues to do, and that is have either 2 or no people defend Stables while zerging Lumber Mill. To counter, simply have 2-3 stealthies (usually having 1 of them be a Resto Druid in Cat Form.) go to Stables to cap it before the Alliance can control that point.
Since 2-3 out of your 15 people have gone Stables, split the remaining 12 or so players into groups of 4, meaning 3 groups, and send them to Blacksmith, Farm, and Mine.
Knowing the Alliance fairly well, they will either all go Farm....or do the usual, have people go to random nodes and try to take them with absolutely no orders being given out. Once there are very few people defending the Lumber Mill, have 2 stealthies ambush the LM (make sure they watch the graveyard respawn timer, meaning wait until the group has respawned and left LM which gives you a 25sec window to assault the LM flag).
Now with 4 bases and waiting for the LM to cap, the only graveyard the Alliance have is at Trollbane Hall which means they are all going to try and assault Stables to prevent you getting a 5 cap. So have 1 person from each base go to Stables and help push the Alliance back towards their graveyard and camp it until you are at 1600/1600 points and have won Arathi Basin.

And that is how you win Arathi Basin.

I am on the alliance... I should be asking you!
go near a flag and stealth and alt tab and hope the other 14 guys carry me
Me at the start: "group 1 GM, group 2 BS, group 3 LM. leave 1 to defend and push farm. call incs and don't fight on the road please"

Of course usually somebody or a few people will ignore the strat and cap stables anyway, if not I'll just do it myself. As the battle goes on if Horde cap stables, say "horde are at stables, lets cap GM". If you tell people "don't go to stables!" that's exactly what they'll do - it's a mental deficiency I think.
Cap stables, lumber mill and mine and have 5 people defend each base i guess. The thing is when someone goes to defend normally another person leaves, you have to have some patience and it works better when everyone is not having a go and getting angry at each other if something goes wrong.

or.. have 8+ priests in the group. And MC any horde off lumber mill :]
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Seriously though, my guild name says it all.


The things most important (imho) to an ab game are fighting on flags, communication, and not fixating on bases.

Fight on the flag: when fights get carried off the flags, or the defenders are not paying attention to the flag, the base can be ninja'd and possibly never recovered. It's the fatal mistake we've all seen.

Communication: People have to talk to each other! Some of my best games have revolved around communication and calling incomings, so that the defense has a heads up and any people not engaged in defending a bse can be there to help.

Base fixation: can kill a game. If your team decides it HAS TO HAVE a particular base, and hits it over and over with no success it is usually ignoring a base with less defense that could be more easily taken. I've seen perfectly good teams fail due to fixating on a base and failing to take it, and refusing to change their target.
Well i like to take some of my honor pts and buy some of the arathi basin gear from the supply vendor for my toons.

Oh wait, i can't cause its all messed up.

Just went to the alliance ab supply guy and there are missing belts and boots, duplicate boots and belts, no cloth or plate belts or boots. The mail boots are all the same just agility and no intel.

Is blizzard more interested in throwing parties like blizzcon than they are about fixing broken stuff in this game ? Just add this broke junk to all the other broke junk like the pvp map bug, the pvp queue bug, the bots that never get fixed, party on blizzard.
Cast Mirror Image on yourself and then run to each one of the Flags.
I've found that the most efficient strategy is to get three bases and defend those bases while keeping pressure on the enemy bases.

If you can keep a solid defense at your three bases and then keep pressure at the enemy bases, they lose the ability to attack your bases due to your pressure. If they send a large attack force to one of your bases they run the risk of losing one of theirs.

Worst case scenario you end up trading bases and maintain three to their ever switching two.
Don't cap and then leave a lone Mage on the flag. I can only shout "You Shall Not Pass" only so many times before the actually do pass.

You gotta admit that it is fun kiting a bunch of dudes around and chain snaring/slowing them all while throwing skill lances at the dude trying to cap the node.
cap lumber mill
alt tab pull up total bisc.... ohh wait too soon?


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