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Don't suck, don't die!
A thought or two >:)

1. Control: Control where you want the alliance to resurrect. If you know where their main rez is, you know where the next attack is coming from.

2. Nodes: Arguably, LM, your home base (Home Base=Farm or Stables, depending on your faction),and BS is the favorite three to hold, eventually bookending your home base with Mines . Bookending frees the middle node to where you can release at least one player if not two for use elsewhere.

3. Designation: Designate two of your strongest dps and one of your best healers as floaters. Their job is to force a defense and assist when needed.

4. Vent: With some exceptions your team must be in Vent. Communicate in Vent. It may sound simple but consider the times Vent was silent during a battleground.

5. Roadfights: Do not assist a teammate caught on the road. If you lose the road battle that the alliance likely also assisted, it's a 100% chance of a zerg by them, to the nearest node. It also costs you valuable players and cool-downs for a fight that gives nothing back.

7. Leadership: Strong leadership and a team willing to follow and play with the team in mind, not their personal best healing/dps score as being more important. Keep the ultimate goal in mind.

8. Face Rolling: Use your cool-downs wisely. For example, save your medallion for that one instant where you need to pop out of a fear or blind in time for a critical heal or critical silence on a healer.

9. Coordination: This goes back to communicating in vent. Talk about kill rotation and cc's. There is nothing worse than overlapping and wasting those important cc's. Call out to your teammates what you are doing.

10. Flags: CC that flag. Never, ever put your back to the flag for any reason, not even for a second.

11. Who Are You?: Identify yourself in vent if you are requesting assistance with something.

12. Kiteage: Don't allow yourself to be kited from the flag.

13. Knockbacks: LM defenders: Be aware of mind control and knockbacks over the cliff. If that happens to your teammates, try and get a screen cap and post it on your guild forums.

14. Be respectful and take pride in your gaming. Top it off with alot of fun.

Roll a frost mage.
Fight on the flag, if you die you can easily run back and AoE interrupt people from capturing.
Its not about pride, don't imagine yourself gloriously facing down tons of enemies, imagine yourself winning by cunning.
Farm, BS and LM. I stay at LM, then just get a mage to slow fall me down to BS if need be, then while floating down I snipe the incoming attackers
have everyone ,but me, stand in the road for 4-5mins looking at the other side while they cap everything.
How to Win Arathi Basin

I. How to win in the lower brackets: Have the most Hunters.
a) Have hunters pets and autoshot pwn everyone.
b) Leave 1 hunter at each node to 1v5 any potential attackers.
II. How to win AB between level 70 and 84: Have the most Mages.
a) Have mages two-shot all incoming attackers.
b) Repeat a
III. How to win AB at level 85
a) Good team work.
b) Respond to incoming calls fast.
c) Don't get caught up with fighting a losing battle at a node, drop and go to another node that has less defense.
d) Choose 3 nodes to hold and defend that offer the quickest path to help defend other nodes. Someone previously mentioned a triangle, great tip there.
IV. How to win AB in RBG
a) Bring plenty of rogues to spam fan of knives on the flag for defense.
b) Bring Frost DKs to cap flags.

On a serious note, Lacroix pretty much nailed it. There are others that have some great tips in this thread already too.
The easiest way to win AB is to roll horde or only queue with a premade.

Snark aside for the moment...*

As has been mentioned, the farm - blacksmith - lumber mill triangle are the easiest to monitor and defend. From the lumber mill you have a good view of every node but the gold mine and will see which nodes are in trouble and which are fine and which have an incoming attack. If you have the parachute cloak, levitate or safe fall you can also easily leave the lumber mill to assist the blacksmith. You can reach any of these three nodes easily from any of the other nodes in the triangle. If you're defense, fight as close to the flag you're defending as possible so you can interrupt anyone that tries to claim it. If you're offense, try to draw the defenders away from their flag. Do not stand still in one spot for very long unless you are in stealth, or bait.

It is also pertinent to note that any battleground is more easily won if people are using even the basic PVP tools offered by the standard UI. Shift + m for the mini map that allows you to see at a glance where your team mates are. All player name plates turned on. Camera zoomed a good distance out so you can see behind your character. It is unfortunate how many people that regularly participate in pvp remain unaware of these very useful tools.

*Back to the snark - AB is a good example of why battlegrounds should always be a mirror map. Player statistics over a broad sampling will show that horde wins in AB are far higher than alliance wins, while mirror map battlegrounds such as WSG are much closer to 50/50 win/lose.
I win AB by 5 capping and killing things.
By owning your factions magic triangle.


If you choose LM because it is high ground, go back to the TV, this is not Hollywood.

^ This!. This is how AB used to be fought, every single time. I don't know where the whole "LM is better than GM" mentality came from, but it's so, very wrong.

Each faction has three nodes that are most easily defended by keeping people stationed between them. Taking anything but these three is making work for yourself.

It does help to send one to Farm/Stab at the beginning, if you see it poorly defended (or not defended at all), as it tends to cause the other team to overreact and send a lot of people away from the other nodes.

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