<Gravity> Is Recruiting for 25 Mans [H]

Gravity is a newly founded raid group on Stormreaver Horde. We consist primarily of a group of players that have transferred from Norgannon as well as others who were previously associated on Norgannon. The core group of players have been playing together for varying amounts of time, some of us up to 6 years. In WOTLK we headed off the most successful guild on Norgannon <Government Muscle> and prior to and since then our players have experienced all this game has to offer, from origional Naxx to Sunwell Plateau to Icecrown Citadel. So, while we are a new group here, we are in no way green to the idea of raiding or developing a successful guild environment.

Our raid times will be 7-10 server on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and attendance to raids is required, however we are primarily an older group of players and we understand that real life situations occur which take priority over this game, but if you know that you won't be able to attend the majority of raids upon applying then we aren't for you.

What we are looking for are players who are excited and motivated about progression, and who have a drive to constantly better themselves as a player. You should be highly competitive, but without an attitude, we aren't looking for "elitists" but rather players who are both humble and elite. You should be situationally aware, adapt quickly to new situations in a progression environment, and be willing to put in the time to research fights properly rather than expecting mechanics to be explained for you. Along with this, people should have a clear understanding of their class and how to gear, spec, gem, and maximize your output in every way possible.

In short, we are a group of players who want to experience all this game has to offer under a lighter schedule, and that requires like minded players who will work as a unit with minimal drama and with little wasted time.

In terms of what we need right now, we are looking for a solid tank, as well as exceptional dps, healers feel free to apply but as of right now our healing core looks solid. All spots we are recruiting for are core raiding spots. So, if you want to be a part of something new and to be an active member of developing a unique, fun, and progression minded guild atmosphere on this server, feel free to apply, and if you have any questions please send me an ingame mail or speak with me online. All applications should go to geotropism.wowstead.com

Thank you for your time,
Welcome to Stormreaver. I hope you enjoy your temporary stay.
You don't know how bad Norgannon was, trust me.

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