what kind of armor do rogues wear

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i have no idea what they wear i have just started a rogue and i have no idea not like leather and stuff like the stats like stam and that other stuff
Agility and stam to my knowledge. Could probably post in rogue forums...
leather with agility...
Agility and stamina for base stats, nothing else. Crit and hit for secondary stats.
<--- Preferably something hawt like this
Cloth with Int and Wis.
Whatever looks the prettiest.
Agility, stamina, hit (7.5%), expertise (7.5), mastery, haste and crit.

In that order.
Leather with agility and stamina, don't forget that succulent critical strike, and if you roll a feral Druid it's exactly the same, besides the whole dual wield daggers thing.
Oh dayum I didn't realize this was necroed to the max.
Agility and Stamina leather.

Hit+Expertise to cap

Secondary stats vary based on spec

Edit: oops necro
This should be a new class! Called the forum necromancer. has the ability to summon forum posts from the dead and make them attack the front page.
How did you even find this thread...
Agility, stamina, hit (7.5%), expertise (7.5), mastery, haste and crit.

In that order.

Depends on the spec.

Stamina isn't anywhere near the importance of hit, expertise or mastery.

At the lower levels the OP's at, the OP won't need to much worry about Mastery or Haste.

It will mostly be Agility with sides of Hit & Crit.
Leather, that fits snug to the body so you can move without clanking like plate and mail.And Daggers as a weapon ,unless your combat okay but assassination is better for dungeons but not pvp my choice is subelty for that.
"Agility, Stamina, Haste and Hit. Rogues don't really need crit."

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