Cross-Server Auction House

06/02/2011 04:21 PMPosted by Horajio
1. Make all Auction Houses cross-faction. This would mean removing the 15% cut in Goblin Cartel Cities and also making the Auction Houses in capital cities on both sides cross-faction. Currently, cross-faction Auctions are used for arbitrage and not as a means of selling goods to consumers. This would potentially double the market of a server and would be easy to implement.

I've suggested before that there be a check box in the AH that would post cross-faction for an increased cut. (So still same cut as posting in Booty Bay.)
i usually dont post but in this case i will cause i have interest in this topic LOL. i have ally toons on one server and horde toons on another, the AH for my horde toons BLOWS. no mats and when there are they are outrageously overpriced, gear for toons up to say 80 seems to be extremely lacking if not non exsistant (although gear for 85 and under in AH seems to have slowed to a crawl or even died since the release of mop, which makes myself not even want to create anymore toons cause fill in gear is scarce).

with that said i would like to see the AH's go cross server, IMHO this is a great idea unlike the cross server playing fields which TBH is lame i have grouped with people for questing purposes to help them out cause they were a little lower level and found they were on a completely different server altogether and gives a "no player named XXXX found" or some such thing. i have 2 friends on a different server but thats only cause they transferred to their current servers while i didnt (sorry blizz i pay 15 a month to play im not going to pay to transfer realms, change factions, etc.).

so long story short?

This thread has risen again and will now serve the lich king!

Also, I really don't like the idea of cross-server auction houses. The only way I've ever been able to make money is by canceling and re-posting my glyph auctions to undercut everyone else, and I don't think that would ever work with cross-faction auction houses.

Cross-server auction houses might benefit buyers, who just want to get their stuff so they can play the game the normal way, doing instances and whatnot. But for sellers, who actually enjoy the professions, it would be a disaster.

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