Best warlock race.

Goblin vs Orc for Affliction/Destruction lock. /discuss
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While the Orc racial (585 spell power) seems godly, if you think about it in terms of actual uptime and net benefit, it comes out to just over 73 spell power constant. The overall DPS difference then is going to be negligible (1 - 1.5%). If you did 17k as an Orc, you'd do 16,745 without that racial. That's 255 DPS. Other factors of the fight (movement, raid comp, latency, proper gemming/enchant/etc) will contribute far greater. The pet difference will be also in the realm of a 1% difference (it's damage is not 100% of yours, thus the net contribution is not +5% to your dps...again, it's negligible).

tl;dr: All races are pretty equal, and you will not notice the actual differences in-game (PVE dps wise). Min/maxing based on race is a dead end. Pick what you think looks the best.

Rocket boots obviously have a significant advantage in PvP, especially in conjunction with teleport.

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If you wanna be ugly. no thank you.

You mean a total badass
BE is the best among all races. We're best of the best, bestest.

Think about phsicological damage to them. We're the best. Most ally melee chases us because they think 'lolol BE cutie warlock, lolol', then get pwned by a cute girl like me, I'm sure their pride would get hurt badly :D
PvE: Orc
PvP: Goblin
Style: Forsaken
gobrin :3
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Orc (585 spellpower 15 sec 2minCD + 5% pet + 15% stun > Goblin (1% haste, free blink) > Troll (20% casting speed 10 seconds 3 min CD, regen) > Worgen (1% crit, darkflight) > Forsaken (Wotf, canibalize, shadow reduction) > Human (EMFH) > Blood Elf (AT)> Gnome (EA) > Dwarf (SF)

umm... does the troll 20% really come in below goblins for aff/demo? since you have a dot which will permanently have 20% more haste (provided you can keep it up) and that dot is normally a huge chunk of your damage (30% plus for immo in demo, when lust is early, doing around 20k total) isn't that a much larger increase that 1% haste?
Having been a Belf, and Orc, and now a Goblin....

It's made almost no difference, and if at all, it hasn't been gamebreaking. Only thing that has changed are my hitbox and casting animations.

Honestly the utility of just the rocket jump has proven the MOST useful thing I have ever put on my action bars for raiding.
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If you wanna be ugly. no thank you.

:O Orcs are waaaay uglier than us!

It's more than 73 constant spell power...

585 spell power for 15 seconds, once every 2 minutes.

With 100% uptime, that means you have 585 spell power 1/8 of the time (15 seconds is 1/4 of 1 minute...2 minute cd).

585/8 = 73.125

It may still be similar to a third profession, but again, professions aren't game-breaking either.

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