[A-RP] The Tainted Legion - Insert Remark?

Moon Guard
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brb going to sleep with the knowledge that I got a beta invite

for Diablo 3

which I don't give a damn about
more geology lectures!

and a video

But anyway. Totally need to get some things -done- tonight. I've been slacking off.
back up to the top with you.
The monkeys... They have our guns! And our ammunition! And our... Laundry? Wait, who's fault is this?

Okay.. reminder make sure all beverages are decaf when ordering supplies...

*Smiles sweetly* Just wrap this towel around your self and sit down Meinas.. Will send someone to find where your laundry went.
Seeing Highcastle in Darnassus the other day makes me realize I should be spending more time there myself. Trying to RP. And likely, failing at it.
Daw. I'll RP with you in SW. No need to go all the way to elftown. :D
hey look I'm on the forums and -not- in class for once

Tuesdays are awesome like that.
Lucky...I've got to start working on an 8 page paper T_T
Eight-page paper? What on?!

And where's my laundry?!
04/18/2012 05:06 AMPosted by Highcastle
And where's my laundry?!

Keep your towel on.. looking for it..

Damn murlocs...
Beta invite get.

Probably not going to do terribly much with it, but I have it, so I'll use it occasionally.
Beta invite got....

Doubt I will get MoP now..
So about the paranoia that has hit Fenris isle???
Yay for a fun night of rampaging about outland

Highcastle do we need to ban you from coffee.. again!

Then again I still think next weeks raid strat... had you pot of coffee... toss you alone onto Deathwing... watch him commit suicide.
Huh... Ducks... Well it looks like Tainted legion is changing its banner to the bunny symbol with a bright yellow background.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the %**%ens underneath.

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