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Everything BoE or non-binding should have Need disabled for all players.

If you really need it you could have bought it. If you couldn't afford it, you're just Needing to get a free financial advantage, same as people rolling to sell it.

The proposed fix doesn't fix the problem and arguably makes it worse because they will be slower to revisit an issue they already "fixed". Sadface.
I am so happy to see this change.
I was in one of my first cata heroics when a 359 epic agilty cape dropped. I was in a group with warrior tank, a priest , warlock and a mage. It was definitely an upgrade for me and I was the only one who would benefit from it yet every one of the greedy douschebags rolled need on it so they could sell it on the AH.
It would have been fine if one of them had an offspec that used agilty but it was pure greed. The lock who won it turned to me and said he would sell it to me for 12k as that was the going AH price on his server.

I'm sure I will get some tired old response about how in vanilla hunters needed on everything and this is just payback.

Nevertheless I am glad that going forward people who want to sell an item on the AH will have to greed it along with everyone else in the group and not be a chicken s**t and wait for everyone else to roll greed and then hit the need button.

Vanilla hunters? Hunters still regularly roll on strength weapons even in cata. I saw a hunter in a ZA group ninja a trollbane the other day. that was nice.
This is a good change imo.

Ran a Zandalari heroic yesterday where multiple BoEs were needed by all involved (that were not my armor class, one item dropped several times) in a full-guild group I happened to enter. It wasn't a big deal, but it was a bit of a slap in the face the third and fourth time it happened. ;P
Is this only for "Need Before Greed?" When doing guild runs and stuff (where it doesn't put it on that) we just need everything because nothing is an upgrade anyway, so will it make those boe zandalari rings soulbound in regular Group Loot?

Edit: Found my answer.
8. Can we see gear won via need rolls become soulbound? - Lorinall (NA/ANZ)

Yes. We plan on implementing a system where winning an item via Need (when using the Dungeon Finder Need Before Greed loot system) will make a BoE item soulbound. We hope to have this working for the 4.2 patch.

To expand on that idea in case it’s not obvious, we don’t think players should be able to claim certain loot drops based on their class if their only intent is to sell the item. If you want to use the item yourself, awesome, go ahead and roll Need on it and you’ll get preference over players who can’t use that armor type. But if all you want to do is run to the Auction House, then everyone should have equal dibs.
I'll still need it and vendor it.
So need and greed are still clickable, but need will make BoE's into BoP's.... am I understanding that correctly?

If so, then can't this system still be griefed? People who can't use it will need it anyway, even though they won't be able to AH it, just to be !%@%s? They still get vendor price for it, and they denied other people something nice... yeah I can picture some jerks doing this. But I guess that's what votekick is for.
05/29/2011 11:47 AMPosted by Thrugg
Everything BoE or non-binding should have Need disabled for all players.

So if the BiS tanking chest that happens to be BoE drops for you, you don't mind if the two mages, shaman and priest roll against you on that?

It's a drop. In a dungeon. I think a lot of peoples' intents are more situational than they realize. I think if that happened to me, I'd be upset. It's an upgrade for my role/s, and I can use it and want to use it. It's not a matter of buying it or not; it's THERE.

Let a mage sell it on the AH because BoEs are suddenly "free game"? Screw that. Awful idea. This fix is proper, and it fixes the whole problem with people abusing the need rolls.

I'll still need it and vendor it.

Yep, and it'll be quite obvious that you just screwed over your four teammates so you could net another mere 12-40g. Just makes us feel that much better about ourselves, disregarding your lack of public image. Enjoy re-queueing.
so if you need on a boe item will it still have the trade timer on it. say for example if i need an epic item for an upgrade but decide to hand it over to my friend im running with who needs it more. will it still be tradeable?
05/30/2011 09:46 AMPosted by Liarilia
so if you need on a boe item will it still have the trade timer on it. say for example if i need an epic item for an upgrade but decide to hand it over to my friend im running with who needs it more. will it still be tradeable?

I foresee much drama from this. Its like the old bait and switch from wrath all over again, imo after this change do away with trading in group. People will do what they did in wrath, and go with friends to ensure they win the loot. Stacking the roll odds and just trading after they leave the group.
Okay, who is behind this? A bunch of chimps on an IV dripping morphine?

Making BoEs soulbound? Bind on EQUIP? FAIL. I'll just need and shard it right there on the goddamn spot.

no you are not understanding, its not making them soulbound when you roll greed, but if you need on it then it becomes soulbound. They are doing this to prevent people in pugs from rolling need on boe gear they are not needing just wanting to sell, and because of the armor or wep type the whole group cant roll need to counter it. So in essence if you need an item as an upgrade this is not going to affect you in any way, it will only hinder loot ho's from grabbing up everything they can need on to sell in the AH.

You can still roll greed to sell just like everyone else. Unless you are a crook this is a fair policy.
05/28/2011 02:10 AMPosted by Might
will it pop up a "do you want to loot this soulbond item" dialog like in other circumstances when you roll on a BoP item?

Good question. I would imagine so? But who knows...
05/29/2011 11:07 AMPosted by Zarkao

Just a note about it.

BoE should only be Greed/DE without the option of Need.

That way no one will need to vendor/DE later, and you are left with the few that feel that they are entitle to the BoE because it may be some upgrade for on of their 3 specs (4 for druids =D).

Its BoE, I feel everyone should have equal rights to it.

But sometimes a BoE is an actual upgrade to my current equipment, and the first thing I'm going to do is enchant it, gem it, and equip it, binding it to myself anyway.

The idea is that gear that you plan to equip is more important than gear you plan to sell. You can need something if you're going to use it in a way that would bind it to you, and that need roll binds it right away.
I've always felt that issues like this could be easily solved by simply adding another category to the looting system.

Need - only can select this if the item is usable by your class and apropriate for the role you queued as would have the highest priority
Greed - apropriate for your class but not necessarily the role you queued for will have the second highest priority
Vendor roll - if you just want the item to vendor or send to your disenchanter would ahve the third highest priority and anyone can select this
Disenchant - works as is now and would have the same priority as the vendor roll

With this people who are actively fulfilling the roll the gear is apropriate for would be able to gear up faster than those who are building a maybe one day if I feel like it set. This would still allow people to build said sets without worrying about someone who is greeding an item to vendor haveing the same priority as you who are greeding it actually use.

Edit: maybe also make it so uncommon level loot (or any BOE loot) can't be needed or greeded to keep certain classes from haveing an unfair advantage on stuff that can be used for monetary gain.
05/27/2011 11:49 AMPosted by Mccheese
I also feel this change is unwarranted. the real change should come from the community, show some consideration amongst yourselves and stop having to rely on the police to solving your petty problems.

Never going to happen, sorry to disappoint. Even if you somehow eliminated or changed the minds of all the A**holes out there that do this for personal gain knowing they will likely never see the effected people in their cross realm LFD again. You're still going to have honest people worried that someone in their party will be the above person.

It's human psychology. Drop a $20 bill on the ground, and video tape how man people try to find the rightful owner instead of just keeping it. It's basically the same scenario, no worry about consequences. You'll never have to worry about consequences on a cross domain group because you'll likely never see, hear or play with those people ever again. Even if you do odds are no one will remember you.

Even when it was on a single server it was still difficult to keep this from happening. Unless your guild was very influential on the server, or they were a member of a guild that cares or believes you.
Please no with the not being able to DE. I might need something now but I won't need it forever. Not being able to de stuff after getting an upgrade is stupid, and makes enchanting useless.
05/27/2011 05:39 PMPosted by Bashiok
It's in 4.2

Whats to prevent a enchanter from needing to just de the item while the rest of us greed?

Assured a maelstrom crystal versus a 25g or nothing seems not exactly right.

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