Good Shaman Names?

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Can you guys help me out.. just getting back into WoW and wanting to be a draenei shaman can not think of a name to save my life... if you have any good names please post i need them. Thanks
Whatever it is, make sure it's not something stupid and gimmicky like "Cameltotem" or "Shocknorris".

Come on people. These names don't make you clever or cool.
Ha! I'm heals, I chose an appropriate healer name ;)
made an elemental shammy named elementary :D
OMG i just thought of the perfect,original name!!!!


I know im so smart
I like mine. It's really hard for me to dig naming my toon after a specific ability or spec, since I wont be playing just one spec...I prefer something more all encompassing.

Ritualist is pretty fitting too.

05/28/2011 10:57 PMPosted by Pikachoo
made an elemental shammy named elementary :D

You should have named your ele sham something that would fit a Paladin, since your Paladin name really fits a Shaman.

What? It's shamany....

Ele shammy named Afrothunder

Are you saying to your or her name?

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