Good Shaman Names?

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Daveyjones since ur a freakin squid
any refernce to electrical inventors:

Tesla, Watt, Volt, Coulomb, Ben Franklin, Edison, Ampere, etc etc
5 pages and no one else has my name?? I've been offered way too much gold to change my name :o
@ Purged I just took your name on Boulderfist lol
I like my name c;
I came up with mine just yesterday. I think its a great Dwarf Shaman name.. doesnt apply to other shamans though.
I like mine! :)
I like mine! Its Goblin-ish and Shaman-ish all at the same time!
I love mine, fits a resto shaman well. :)
My name.
Octohoof if dranaei
I like this ones name- even on a goblin (I'd have to change it if I went Orc or Panda though). Back in the early days, this one used to be a troll.

Then I lived on the goblin ship in Thousand Needles for almost 3 weeks back in the pre-Cata patch- just staring at the goblin female animations (they fascinated me).

The name just seemed very goblin shaman appropriate for some reason when I race changed.

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