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Alright folks. What is a set without gauntlets really? T'is dire for a neccesary form of hand protection. So then why can players not obtain the Imperial Plate Gauntlets? The Alliance Quartermaster at Wintergrasp has them and Highlord Alexandros Mograine did as well! Such gauntlets even existed in the Beta for classic World of Warcraft. And especialy for roleplayers, we find it very difficult to find a matching pair of gauntlets to this armor set. All I ask Blizzard is that you give this wonderful set a pair of gauntlets. You have the model, and it would make many many players happy. Thank you for your time.

If you agree with this post, please write back. A blizzard response would be highly appriciated as well.

Thanks again,

Balledor the Lightbinder+
/sign - Need moar RP gear.
IMO RP is a very important aspect of the game. Before I had experianced it I shared the view of most, ignorant and under-experianced players, that RP is a joke. But when you really get into it, it can unlock a whole new part of the game you had never seen or thought to experiance before. And as we all know, the RP gear is a very important part of the RP experiance. If the Imperial Plate Gauntlets would add to the game, find me a reason to not put them in. I completely agree with Balledor.
I always wondered about that too.

Edit: I'd give that guy in Tanaris another 20 Thorium Bars to complete my set.
RP gear is FTW.

It's very hard to find a matching pair of guantlets for that set, and I use that so much in roleplay, I think it would be great to have some guantlets for the set, it would make it absolutely perfect.
Oh hello there fellow Accordian!

/support for more RP gears.
Well, I just realized I can't make them.

-Emble cries in the corner-

"Why Blizz, why?!"
This Video showing the voices of Mograine also shows an image of him in his armor - hence what I believe the Imperial Plate Gauntlets should look like. (Would also be neat if shoulders could be remodeled to fit him.)


Thanks once again
So...the "Imperial Plate" set includes everything but the gauntlets? Psh, that's a tad bit stupid. :|
Forget RP, we need more armor sets similar to the Imperial Plate set. Why does everything hafta be so epic and firey? Cant I just have a set of armor without feeling like a gaudy tool?
06/06/2011 02:13 PMPosted by Alerac
Forget RP, we need more armor sets similar to the Imperial Plate set. Why does everything hafta be so epic and firey? Cant I just have a set of armor without feeling like a gaudy tool?

People like you are why there's been no decent armour in the last two expansions.
And can we finally get that Appearance Tab to go along with those gauntlets?
Amen, Oroko! It is time we have cosmetic armor slots.
Can we have Pauldrons and armor thats not either dull or firey and just shiney for classes OTHER than palidans?
I want the Imperial plate set back I want the gloves too i also -REALLY- want ironforge guard armor and shield for rp it will be nice.

And maybe some way for paladins to learn other paladin mounts even the opposing faction they can cost a hell alot of money for all i care.
Why take the gauntlets from an armor set? thats retarded.. Blizz bring it back!
Yea, the Ironforge guard armor is actaully a pretty good idea Apollus. Blizz, if you are watching this I hope you are understanding now that more RP gear is a GOOD thing.
Yes, when I had my Warrior, I was awfully fond of the Imperial Set. But without the Gauntlets, It's rather hard to find anything else that will match. Please bring it back Blizz!
Come on Blizzard! We need these! I saw someone actually mad cause there were no gauntlets! We need them! Listen to us, and stop snuggling up to those PvP'ers!

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