Better Horde Hunter race?

i was thinking goblin or troll.. is one better than the other.. I do pve and pvp.
If you do both, goblin.
Voodoo Shuffle isn't very good.

But trolls look amazing.
Orc > All others. Mhmm.
Orc if you're not using a Bow, Trolls next in line and even slightly better if you use a Bow.
Depends on spec.

BM = Orc
MM = Troll
Trolls, and I don't say that because I play one, but Trolls are the best Horde, and argueably best overall race for a hunter atm. Trolls get 1% crit with bows, but we also get 20% haste every 3 minutes, both of these racial benefits make Trolls #1 in PvE as MM (the top Hunter DPS Spec for the moment). Trolls also have Voodoo Shuffle, which is nice, not quite the Human's free trinket, but those of who are lazy do like passives. I do not see Trolls being dethroned as the best Horde Hunters until 4.3 at the earliest, but I even doubt that.
Depends if your picking because of the Racial Abilities and Feel, or just the looks and attributes of having that particular race.

I have never rolled Horde so i cant tell you the Stats, but on being killed by a Horde Hunter i would much rather a Orc or Troll than any other Race.

I hate Goblins

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