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With the upcoming raid nerfs in 4.2, many new players will be setting foot in the current tier of dungeons for the first time. In light of this, I'm here to give a little something back to the community by sharing my experience with the up and coming generation of raiders. Today I'll be sharing my guide to one of the very first bosses new raiders are likely to encounter, the Omnotron Defense System or, as they are better known, the Omno-Boyz.

The Omno-Boyz are a superstar team up of four fad golems, each with his own signature personality and traits, whose tight bonds of brotherhood and manly love will melt the hearts of girls across the world of Warcraft, and crush the bones of everyone else. These boyz take one for all to the X-treme: two for all. That's right, these broz aren't about to let you gang up on them by their lonesome, but like all good performing teams, they know how to pace themselves. You'll be fighting the Omno-Boyz two at a time, with a new golem joining the show each time one slips backstage for a drink of oil out of a fangolem's access hatch. While it may seem like a good idea to keep beating on the golem that's been fighting longer because he'll be more tired, these bad mother-affectioners will flip their ever-lovin' gearshifters if you try to get in the way of their break times, so be sure to stick to the fresher fighter.

The golems are:

Magmatron: The Tough One
With his smoldering looks and direct approach, Magmatron goes for what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer, and what he wants is YOU. If Magmatron sets his red laser sights on you during his performance, you'd best prepare yourself to accept his fiery blast of desire by popping a cooldown. Running away won't do you any good as Magmatron's desire knows no maximum range, but you are encouraged to move to the side of the stage to ensure that no one else will be caught in the path of his burning passion. One person isn't always enough for Magmatron, though, and this macho mecha will blast the whole audience with his searing soul when the mood strikes him.

Arcanotron: The Sweet One
Underneath that unfeeling stone exterior beats the heart of a lover. Or maybe that's just an unholy amalgamation of twisted gears and dark magic that powers these things. Whichever it may be, Arcanotron likes to express his affection by spamming nukes on random raid members, so gently let him know that his advances are unwelcome by spamming interrupts right back. His approaching rest time won't offset his ardor, though, so make sure your friend with a great personality and a fast interrupt sticks on him to keep him in line. Arcanotron hates to leave the stage, and knowledge of his impending break will just fire him up even more, so someone should be on hand to dispel his stacking frustrations. Periodically throughout the fight, love just hurts too bad for Arcanotron, so he'll pour out his heart right onto the floor under his feet. Despite your better judgment, ranged and healers should consume his swirly blue heart-juice to take some of his power as their own. Arcanotron has a narcissistic streak, though, and should be kept away from his own heart-juice lest he inspire himself the way he inspires us all.

Toxitron: The Bad Boy
Toxitron doesn't play by your rules! Toxitron doesn't play by anyone's rules! Toxitron gonna do what he want, when he want to, and what he want to do is spew poison everywhere! Toxitron's poisonous gas clouds corrode defenses, increasing damage taken by anyone standing in one by 50%, including Toxitron, who's too busy keeping library books past the due date and performing other extreme acts of rebellion to bother immunizing himself to his own debuffs. Toxitron also periodically calls in his posse to help him deliver the beat down. Unfortunately, Toxitron's fame and talent have inspired such rabid devotion among his fans that his entire posse is made up of suicide bomber slimes determined to die for the glory of Toxitron. If one of these ultimately devoted fans is coming after you, run like hell and get your own posse to take it down.

and Electron: The Nerdy One Secretly Shunned By The Rest Off Camera.
Electron couldn't believe his luck when his audition tape got accepted for the Omno-Boyz. At last, he would be one of the popular guys and have lots of friends! Sadly, what he didn't know at the time was that he was only brought in to fill a demographic niche, and his inclusion bumped Magmatron's best friend, Alan, from the group's lineup, causing the macho member of the team to shun the newcomer, and the other members went right along with him. Best buddies in the world's eye, Electron knows that all his relationships are mere shams, driving him to lash out at others in an attempt to spread his loneliness to everyone. Every jump of his chain lightning carries with it a bit of his sorrow, and his Lightning Conductor will show you just how it feels to be Electron as the AoE pulsing from your body drives everyone close to you far away, so you might as well run away instead to preserve at least a shred of your dignity.

The Omno-Boys truly do take "All for one" to heart, though, and the entire group will take a dive once one member of the band is defeated.

Even if it's Electron.
What we need is another M'uru fight pre nerf so people can face what we oldies did by slamming our faces into the desk for a month. They keep asking for harder fights. Put him and the Eredar Twins back in somewhere. Make a Hard mode version of Vashj, and Buff up Murmur. Throw in chromaggus as a world boss that roams around.

lol have fun guys.

Btw, Great post. Haven't seen someone wanting to help others in awhile. Keep it up.
06/07/2011 02:35 PMPosted by Sharkon
The Omno-Boys truly do take "All for one" to heart, though, and the entire group will take a dive once one member of the band is defeated.

Even in my raid I see
You focus Flamethrower on me
Deep in my HP I feel
Poison Protocols are running free
Sometimes I wish I could skip your encounter
Casual as it may seem
But I wish I could so bad baby
Quit playin' games with my heart

Educational bump
06/07/2011 05:59 PMPosted by Sharkon
Educational bump

/end thread..

/end thread..

This guide is far more entertaining.

/end thread..

This guide is far more entertaining.


And it's just vague enough that you know the fight without having read the exact ability names and all. I wish the upcoming Dungeon Journal was more like this, instead of a generalized tool tip.

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