Best hunter pvp dps burst macro I've seen!!!

I'm a level 85 bm/sur hunter, bm for pvp and sur for pve. Lately I've been focusing on pvp and for superior pvp gear I've gotten pretty good at it. Recently I have found a great pvp macro which coupled with certain talents, pet, pet talents, and race abilities which can help max the bg damage done by even the least geared hunters who feel they have no hope in getting started with pvp.
-first thing, I definitely recommend bm for a hunter aspiring to go into pvp. it might be one of the worst specs for range dps, your increased pet dps along with the various buffs you get from combat with your pet definitely makes up for the rdps drop
-It is also necessary to this great pvp macro which I use to easily out damage any class, even some of the best mm and sur hunters with this macro. Since I finished forming this macro I stand for second place in damage or honorble kills.
-second, be very adventuruous with your pet selection. different pets have the own way of pumping out damage on a battle field as well as using abilities to incapacitate enemies you want to keep at a distance. Some good choices are shale spiders who come with a buff that grants 5% all attack stats to raid, and silithius who comes with a boosted stamina buff
-third, always pay attention to what your pet is targeting, you might even want to keep it on passive to only attack what you want it to. your pet is your personal tank, and if your tank ran off to go deal with some other mob like 20 feet away then youd kick him from the group. Always try to keep a hunters mark on your target, and be ready to use kill command and focus fire when your it is primed and glowing to pump out good damage with your pet with some moves your pet cant click itself

Now here is my set up as far as talents, pet, pet talents, and which abilities to use to set up your macro to unleash almost all the best hunter buffs the class has to offer at once to max out your pvp damage, with pretty low cool down time.
1. Hunter talents involved for macro and set up to increase bm pvp damage:
2. Pet choice: I go with Cheatah, but all the cats are the same I think. While you dont get some buff with it, it does good dps, is like your own personal rogue for pvp that never complains, and its abilities are a must have for this macro
3. Pet talents:
4. Hunter abilities used in macro: rapid fire, bestial wrath, beserking (if troll), and fervor
5. Pet abilities used in macro: Charge, Call of the Wild, Rabid, and Roar of Courage.
6. Recommended items used in macro: Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Badge of Conquest or similar trinket and Potion of the Tolvir.
7. This is the necessary set up to super increase your pvp damage as a bm hunter. Things to remember are always keep hunters mark up on your current target, always be watching out for when the moves in this macro are off cooldown, I put them off on their own on the far right action bar to just keep track of cd. Also try to do what you can to max out your crit percent, as a bm hunter youll do more damage with increase hit rating then most things that help rdps like hit and haste rating. Now for the macro: /cast Charge/cast Beserking/cast Rapid Fire/cast Call of the Wild/cast Rabid/cast Roar of Courage/cast Fervor/cast Beastial Wrath/use (trinket)/use (potion)
I don't even
Ok where do I start? First off BM for PVP is my first choice.Its more comfortable to me. been with it for so long but alot of what you said I have a few issues with.Like Hit....You need 5% to hit for PVP and since alot of our shots like Arcane is magic and cobra is Nature damage we need 220 spell pen so we get full advantage of our shots. Second your gear needs some work like Enchants and since your a Troll Bows would be better for the 1% to Crit.And no Trinket to remove Movement Impairing effects?Thats a must.
Now lets start with your Talent point setup....Killing Streak sucks in PVP Battles.Need to put those 2 points into Sic'Em for more Damage and You dont have "Longevity maxed out.BAD!I would take the 2 points out of "Kinder Spirits" and put 1 point into "Longevity" and the other point into "Hunter Verses Wild"
Now for your Glyphs...No "Bestial Wrath Glyph?You are a BM Hunter that should be the most important Glyph you have."Disengage" Glyph is awsome to get away and I run with "Masters Call" Glyph or Concossion Shot" Glyph..And you dont have "KIll Command" Glyph and thats your Sig.Shot Cmon now get it together you are making Hunters Look Bad..Try all that that I told you and you will have better Dps than you do right now I promise
u2 should both bite the bullet and endure a few arena games every week, just for the points gear... appreciate the thought provoking

05/27/2011 07:54 AMPosted by Ladinoris
appreciate the thought provoking

Whats that supposed to mean?...I never said I was an expert in PVP but I just wanted to give him some needed advice thats all..To help him out.And My Life schedule prevents me from going alot on the game so I try to do Arena when I can
You dont pop rapid fire during beastial wrath. you should use bw when your full focus and spam kill command and arcane shout till no more focus, rapid fire should be used in between to regain focus and maintain pressure in pvp.
For a start, BM is only viable in a few Arena comps. IMHO, MM is the way to go, especially in just PUGs.
SV's DPS is much, much lower than MM at the moment, in fact, it's the lowest of all 3, hence the buff to ES in 4.3 - why you'd use that in PvE, I have no clue.

Why you'd bother paying 80G a stack for a Tol'Vir Potion to kill some is beyond me aswell.

You have the completely wrong enchants on both your weapons, you haven't got the Belt Buckle, and you have 4 other items unenchanted. You have 2 of the same trinket - they share the same GCD!!!

For your SV spec, that 1 point should be in Efficiency, not Go For the Throat - especially for 2s, if you're the only DPS, you don't want to be focus starved.

That's just the beginning LOL. I'd suggest that you optimize your gear and spec, and do a bit of research :)

Thought I'd elaborate - a few comps that could be viable with you going BM would be a Jungle Cleave (Feral, Hunter, Healer) or even Frost DK/BM Hunter/Healer.

There's a couple of good websites you can check out that compare DPS stats for all specs if you want to see there difference.

Hands down, that is some of the worst advice I've seen in quite a long time.

Normally I'd apologize for possibly coming off rude.
But I'm getting the impression we're being trolled here.
Hands down, that is some of the worst advice I've seen in quite a long time.

Normally I'd apologize for possibly coming off rude.
But I'm getting the impression we're being trolled here.

It's hard to differentiate between a troll or inexperience because of the poor grammar and spelling LOL.
I can't understand the insane amount of necro threads lately... =/
11/23/2011 03:02 PMPosted by Lazyguide
I can't understand the insane amount of necro threads lately... =/

Holy crap, I didn't even catch that. I usually do. I guess that might explain why the OP doesn't currently have a BM spec. I thought that was kind of odd considering the subject of the post.
Heres my BM burst, when burst is over and focus drops below 50 hit readiness and burst it up again;

/cast Focus Fire
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Rapid Fire
/use Kiroptyric Sigil
/use Potion of the Tol'vir
/cast Call of the Wild
/cast Spirit Beast Blessing(Special Ability)
/cast Intimidation
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
Wall of text.


I hope.
This thread is very old. Outdated, don't waste your time.
11/23/2011 03:02 PMPosted by Lazyguide
I can't understand the insane amount of necro threads lately... =/
... it's a bit awkward being able to quote myself...

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