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Once I reached 85 and saw the difficulty of what was next...rolled another character to play through.
And yes, getting PvP gear to 'trick' the ilevel is perfectly legal and way easier than sitting in 2 hour ques and wiping 4 hours into a dungeon ;-)
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Now that your character is 85, what next?

Kill Mekgineer Thermaplugg 3000 (three thousand) times so that we can finally have Gnomeregan back.

At 85 you should now be a "hero" of your faction, get out there and do something to improve the world (of warcraft), not just for yourself, but for everyone!
One of my favourite things that I did when I hit 85 was finish up the quests that I had missed along the way. World of Warcraft has this great storyline and it's definitely something you shouldn't miss. Be prepared for a good laugh, an epic battle, or engaging plot that delves you deeper into the history of Warcraft. That's one of the great things about WoW, it has this likeability to it that directly correlates with its lore.
for me, i hit 85 geared up as much as possible pre-heroics by questing in twilight highlands / doing reg randoms.

then went and did a heroic every night for 5 months straight till this point.

other than that i've gone around getting loremaster ( only 5 / 7 outland 4/8 northrend to go ^_^ ) and soloing old raids like MC, AQ 20 (10 now ), karazhan, as well as WotLK heroics for fun / challenge.

also being at level 85 i can make a few hundred gold each day if i do dailies, so making enough to buy artisan flying for alts isn't too bad now.

silvertongue - shandris
The best thing about WoW is that the end is just the beginning...

I've made it a point to use Achievements as my "after cap" goal. Many Achievements offer rewards of some sort and most are worth the effort. With every content patch we see more Achievements made available which just means that I will always have a goal available.

This character was also my pathfinder. He led the way for my other characters to reach 85. Each character being leveled built upon the knowledge of the previous character.
Since hitting 85, one thing my fiancé and I really enjoy is 2-manning older raids together. We've managed to take down everyone but Kael'thas and Vashj in The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern on my Shaman Trynaklei and his Paladin Sabanrab. It's definitely become one of our very favorite pastimes.

We invite friends along now and then, but part of the fun is challenging ourselves to take down a 25-man boss with only two people. We're probably going to give AQ40 a try at some point, and once we're more geared, possibly some Naxx-10!
Once you hit 85 I recommend you use your skills to make a difference in the community, such as stopping the Zerg invasion, or telling Diablo not to be such a jerk.
Divergence is your friend.

There's a lot to do at endgame, and investing time in a little bit of everything (dungeons, leveling tradeskills, dailies, faction grind, farming mats) keeps things from feeling too farm-y.
When I hit 85, I went to all the dungeons (10-60) where I had died and killed every single mob and it felt great! Plus selling and gaining a whole lot of loot was a nice plus too. Also, trying to explore the actual entire world, go back to all the starting zones and re-do all the lv 1-5 quests (except for your races for obviously most of us all ready have). AND try to get awesome titles, such as the Jenkins title, or "The King Slayer".
Now that I'm level 85, i use my maxed professions to generate enough gold to buy my way through professions on my alts, I can generate thousands of gold in a weekend, and keep my alts ahead of the curve on their professions without having to worry about farming mats or gathering professions at all.

I spend an hour or two farming mining mats, and craft full sets (8 pieces) of Bloodied Pyrium armour, and sell the full set in Trade for 1500-1800 gold depending on the population of server - sells fast cause its reasonably priced and convenient to those just hitting lvl cap and interested in starting end game pvp.

Also, now that I'm level 85, I LOVE helping out guild mates who are still leveling up. I am a powerhorse that can come in and save the day - or carry them through a dungeon.
The first thing I like to do when I hit 85 is see what I need to do with my character next. I look up various gear sets on for whatever it is that I'm interested in doing, be it PvP, PvE, solo farming old bosses, or even picking flowers on lazy Sunday afternoons. I then evaluate the risk versus reward for the pieces that I'm interested in acquiring, and work up the list from best to worst. A well prepared character is a successful character, and five minutes spent on wowhead will save you five hours of wipes.
Collect fascinating mounts, earn hard achievements, try to obtain a vast sum of gold?
Level an alt of a completely opposite role/type.

For example if you're a pally, play a warlock or mage as an alt.
Once you reach 85 you should really try to "Master" your class, meaning learn how to use every spec to the fullest and best, that includes fulfilling a role or roles you've never done before even if that means one of them is "the only one you have because tanking is too hard" give it a try, learn it, enjoy it, master it. This will make the game have a feeling such as "Woot! I'm beast!", "that's great but can you do ABC?", "aaaghh... No.. I don't know... D:" which will become a challenge to you as a player to do something alternate than what you were use to do.
In addition, you can spread the knowledge that you know best with fellow guildies or inexperienced players for their benefit.
Not only that but you should also consider making alts that are classes/races/faction you always wondered how it'd be like. This will keep everything refreshing and never make the game feel like it's finished and done forever. An example would be you finding a certain class that you just obliterated on your last battleground game, maybe you want to see how it's like in their shoes? Or maybe you just wanna make a difference and play that class to the extent that even you yourself can defeat rivalring the class you were on fighting against them. Eventually as an 85 you'll get curious or set out for hard if not challenging ways to explore such as completing quest/lines,areas,achievements. Or collect pets, mounts, gear and even max out skills if you'd like.
Another thing is just have fun, yea you heard me have fun. Alot of people because they're 85 feel that they're pressured to have the highest quality if not the best items/gear making them think, "I'm 85, my ilvl is 349 and I can't raid I suck :( *gets discouraged and quits from being egged on and insulted by many, many ignorant players*". This game is ment for your enjoyment, not doing things you don't really want to do just to be accepted into a guild filled of snobs mocking your every moderate mistake. I'm not saying it's bad to do whatever you choose to do, just make sure you enjoy it and don't slave over it. Run low level dungeons with friends that would like help, play a few BG's, make gold, try different things, learn new things, just have fun and don't find boredom because you think you're, "Done". :)
Crack open your wallet! Blizzard has a handful of premium services and much more in development to make playing at level 85 enjoyable! Your subscription pays for content patches, but content patches alone won't keep you on top of your game!
None of the premium services give you an in game advantage. Well I suppose it could be argued that remote access to the Auction house will give you more money but that's not going to make you a better player.
Soon after 85 the game can become a heroic dungeon gear grind. If you do plan on getting that ilvl up, you're going to want to do it with the right people. PUGs can and will fail, and it's no fun wiping with self-centered strangers. Find the right guild--one that's at relatively the same place as you progression-wise, and you'll find that you can help them and they can help you!
I started playing World of Warcraft again relatively recently but found myself unable to play for more than short stints of time in a row. Not wanting to make a dungeon party carry me or deal with me having to leave mid an activity, I have foregone doing dungeons.

I have been working on how to gear up on limited time and without doing any of the dungeons. I'm up to around item level 344, it's still very much a work in progress. I did what I have so far by isolating what upgrades I could get without running dungeons and going after them.

Not of interest to end-game players, but to anyone who thinks time limitations impact the game negatively, if you can have fun doing what I have done, give it a try. I've enjoyed it a great deal. I did cheat on one thing, sort of. My staff, I got from doing the Crucible of Carnage in Twilight Highlands. There was no way I could solo that. But it is not an instance or dungeon and only requires several minutes to do.

A summary of what I did: targetted some decent quest rewards, crafted what I could as a jewelcrafter and tailor, ran battle grounds to earn Honor Points that I then converted to Justice Points. Grinded for gold otherwise to pay for what I had to.
When I hit 85 for the first time, I found I patted myself on the back for reaching the level cap so quickly. So many doors were now open for the taking: heroic dungeons, raids, as well as end-game pvp and so on.

But that wasn't all I found to do. There are things like the Loremaster achievement to go for, to explore the rest of the game I had to leave behind as I leveled up, and enjoy all that has been changed with Cataclysm. I've so far found it particularly enjoyable to get to see things like the assault on Booty Bay by the Bloodsail Buccaneers, or recruiting all the various members of Fiona's caravan in Eastern Plaguelands. I've only begun to scratch the surface of the Loremaster, but it's one facet in the World of Warcraft that you can explore at level 85.

Another I've found is the ability to relax and enjoy all of the altered areas that I could now explore without fear of random monsters attacking me. When I achieved the World Explorer title achievement during the height of Wrath of the Lich King, I thought I had witnessed all the development that would likely come about, barring a new continent for the next expansion. With Cataclysm, however, all of the previous zones I'd grown accustomed to were changed. One memorable discovery was the giant whirlwind in Darkshore, something I had at first expected would suck me in and send me flying away to another zone.

All in all, there's plenty to do at level 85. All you have to do is reach out there and find it.

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