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I think once you've journeyed for 85 levels, maybe it's time go look back to the past. Where you started from, look how much you've progressed and share the wisdom with fresh adventurers. Take some time out from your hours of tinkering with goggles, mining elementium, and slaying dragons to volunteer to train new recruits on how to survive and enjoy their trials ahead.
As a hunter, I of course, tame rare pets, or look for rare pets to rehome to a random hunter, which I find is highly satisfying. But besides that, I collect mini-pets, mounts, and even RP with my friends, even though I'm on a PvP server.
The first thing I do is research specs, stat weightings, and the best starter set pieces from dungeons to narrow my focus on the gear grind to get to a raid acceptable level. A couple hours of reading to start will save you hours of wondering what your doing wrong later on.
When you hit max level your options are limitless, will you soar around the entire world finding every nook and cranny and become a world explorer!? Or will you slay your enemies and become feared across the realms in battle after battle while upgrading your gear? Or will you find your allies and take down the enemies of the realms, fighting the great monsters and villains of whom plague the world. The choice is yours, now take up your sword or staff or your severed head and find your place in this world!

Feel free to fix my grammatical errors I am sure to have made if you use this!:)
If you're not into serious raiding, go back and experience old content- all those level 60, 70 and 80 raids! Back at 80 I remember running Mount Hyjal at 3am on my mage... fun times. :D
What to do once you hit 85 -
Pick what you want to do... research how to do it....become awesome at it!
Raid. It's meaningful. Provides a challenge, cooperation, social skills. Its aggrovating and frustrating at times but every time you down a boss you can say: "HA! I dodged your fire and AOEd your adds now give me my shiny purples so i can go beat up your buddies!" Really it's not about the gear, or the status, it's about the challenge.
Go back to starting zones and offer "Welcome Packets" to newbies with items like bags, low level potions and elixirs, and food.
Like Deltos said it is good to learn and adapt to the new environment. Cataclysm is more difficult and challenging than WotLK was (YAY!) which means everyone is important in a dungeon and since you are only as strong as your weakest link you need to adapt to it often. understanding things will make life alot easier aswell. Too you noob tanks out there (no offense) Sure you might last a bit longer with a bunch of stamina but you need to make parry ,block and dodge more important because stamina means you can take more damage but they healer just has to heal more where as with a bunch of block you take less damage which lets the healer relax a bit. Healers dont have unlimited mana anymore but they do still have the ability to heal without OOMing. I am a 339 iLvl heroic healer that knows not to spam healing surge. A healer needs to learn to do cheaper heals to conserve mana for when its really needed. With some bosses and fights in raids it WILL be impossible to keep everyone full healed and the important thing is that you know when its ok and when things are going downhill. DPS need to also know that with cata they are vital for fights like BH where you need to beat that enrage timer. I also have never seen a DPS call to arms which means all the noob DPS that stand in the fire and blame heals ARE replaceable. Overall the term "Knowledge is power" is 100% true so you need knowledge over gearif you want to be a good player

Edit: I rarely find nerfs neccasary because its a mages fault if they cant hit the 18k dps I've seen them do (or 24k on short trash pulls) but because of complaints they get buffed and then all the actual good mages are invincible because its been unbalanced. U think they should make all classes so that you can all hit the same dps as long as you know how to play it because I got similarly geared hunter and druid 85s (balance and marksmanship) but they have a 4k difference in DPS and I am guessing its because people dont know how to play there hunter right.
Now that your character is 85, what next? World of Warcraft Official Magazine is looking for creative tips to pass on to newer players who have reached the level cap. Previously, we've concentrated on gaining reputation, improving gear, and crafting, so think outside the box.

Well, to me that means lore and exploring. I've always liked to go back and see old instances. I didn't play Vanilla so I've soloed most of the leveling and level 60 content. There are a few mechanics where you still need a friend in the old raids like the Twin Emperors in AQ40, but you can solo all the 5-man and possibly 10-man content through level 70. Tank classes can probably solo the level 80 normals as well.

There is a tremendous amount of content in the instances. I still laugh when I hear the dialog between Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates and Dalliah the Doomsayer in Arcatraz. Ulduar was my favorite for art, though you still probably want to go with a couple friends to clear it. Don't miss the train ride out to Mimiron, or the dizzying star-filled console room that opens after you kill Iron Council. Everyone should aggro the pub in BRD by stealing food and beer at least once to see what happens. The Battle for Mt. Hyjal also has some great lore, and you must see the moon from the top of Black Temple.

The old tier sets are still available, as are the old Legendary weapons. I still see the occasional rogue wearing Illidan's warglaives around Stormwind. I've considered going back to finish up my T6 because it's my favorite set short of T11. A guild-mate of mine went back to farm up the gorgeous paladin T2, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, and Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

So, make sure you've cleared all the instances in WoW, not only for achievements, but for the great content and the fun old drops.
All the friends that I made while I play WoW is what keeps me going.
Lean to Farm, level an alt (it's not like Blizz hasn't made it easy enough for you!) Whatever you do, stop ganking my toon, while I am farming leather in Tol Barad.
Haha, as soon as i hit end game content i just kind of got bored for a while. However, I started to run through the story lines with a maxed character to see the acual story of the game and not only focus on what most of the other i see do (sit in Orgimmar waiting for dungeon or pvp pops). None-the-less while doing this, i myself wait for my dungeon pops.
The way I see it, is once you have reached level 85, WoW is at your fingertips. What I would do is perhaps try to gain all the pets I did not have time, nor a chance to grab before. Alternatively, There are raids you could run with your guild, or you could also help lower levels advance to where you are now. Or, if you're looking for a challenge, you could try and complete as many dailies as possible. Though, if that doesn't cut it, you could always finish off quests, level your professions and so much more.
Rejoice! Throw out some fireworks. Do a few dances. Then the work begins.

Check honor and justice point vendors. Use the points you have accumulated to get started.

Archaeology is an excellent - if somewhat frustrating at first, and towards the end - way of spending time after hitting level cap. Not only do you make a nice bit of cash selling the projects you make, but you also uncover some of the lore behind Azeroth and Outlands.

Not to mention that some of the rare finds are really fun to use (I'm looking at you, Vrykul Drinking Horn).

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