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05/27/2011 12:40 PMPosted by Bashiok
Previously, we've concentrated on gaining reputation, improving gear, and crafting, so think outside the box.

almost every response has been about gear (or making money by profs), leveling alts to 85 etc but blizz seems to be asking what else is there... honestly blizz threre isnt much else! would be nice if there was!
Now that your character is 85, what next? World of Warcraft Official Magazine is looking for creative tips to pass on to newer players who have reached the level cap. Previously, we've concentrated on gaining reputation, improving gear, and crafting, so think outside the box.

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

PvP kids, get PvP gear and then once you have the full Bloodthirsty set slots filled/Vicious once Season 10 starts filled. Start your heroics if you are a PvE player. While you wait for PvP queue, you go and work on your guild rep, help your guildies with getting your guild up to level25! Once you are in full Heroic gear if you are PvE, (Btw, once you are about 3/4 through getting rid of ur PVP gear, you can start running BH every week) start running the raids every week. Even if its just one boss downed each week, its better than some of the older 85's. Trust me, this does work. Don't forget getting the nice big mounts to show off and make the others jealous with. Spend some time on the old achievements.
There is many things to do in Azeroth upon reaching level 85, but it depends on the path you choose for your character. Is he a PVP or a PVE character? Raiding is one of Azeroth's favoured choice of path, and also one of the most strategious. It will challenge your mind, your wits, and teach you new things you never thought your character was capable of.
Start collecting mounts and pets. It takes a lot of time but it can be very fun to show off to people.
Aim for completing achieves, lots of time but you might find something fun along the way, like Easter Eggs.
I look for new places that were lost to me in "MY" Level grind... I revisit the Zones i rushed therw to keep up with my guild
Eat the first-born of every Alliance dog.
.... and stack gear and don't forget your dailies.
Gear up with PVE or PVP or both depending on your style of WoWing. then chain own!
In my opinion, the best thing to do when you first hit max level is to get used to your main spec, wether it's pvp or pve.

I find the transition from a geared lv 85 to an off spec much more difficult than gearing for a spec right off the bat from quest gear on normal dungeouns or battleground. It also helps to get familiar with the spec you chose, it's various mechanics and wether or not you actually want to stick with it in the first place.

I have leveled 4 lv 85s, this will be my fifith. I found a taste on most of my toons early on their lv 85 gearing process of what I wanted to gear them with. My death knight was for pvp, I just couldn't get how it's rotation worked plus I'm not a big fan of melee pve dps. My mage was for pve dps, I always hear how fire pulls more dps than arcane, but I just can't resist spamming those powerful crits over and over. My mage also has a pvp frost spec that I'm slowly and painfully gearing, but I'm not planning too much for it's pvp future. My warrior has always been and still is a tank, can't change it out of pure nostalgia as it was this toon and that tank spec that I started playing this game with, so I chose to tank cata content with my warrior. My warrior also has a pvp arms spec that is also being built slowly and painfully. This toon, my hunter, is probably gonna end up as my half and half char. I plan to gear him through pvp and pve at the same time and focusing on both pve mm and pvp mm. Mhmmmmm. And last my priest, my main, my favorite class perhaps and most notably my only "three spec'd" toon. A though cookie to beat in arenas as disc, developed the taste leveling to 80 in wrath. A powerful rdps in raids (although I could use a lock sometimes if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*) as a spriest and lately I've been wanting to try Shadow in pvp as well but the gear again, is somehow harder to get late on as you won't feel right replacing a disc purple with a shadow blue because really, the purple ends up being more beneficial, but you don't want to play shadow in disc gear so the gear comes slower.
The most important thing to do when hitting 85 is making sure you have spent all your talent points and are fully glyphed out and prepared to start getting ready for heroic dungeons. After checking your talents and glyphs you will first want to start running normal dungeons, either with friends, your guild or random people via the dungeon finder.

Gearing up can be a long process but at the same time a very rewarding one. You will start earning points which you can spend on armor and weapons that will help you on your journey to progress your character. You know you'll be prepared to run the heroic versions of dungeons when they open up in dungeon finder.

As an alternative, you can use your professions to build up enough gold to buy some crafted armor off the auction house or even make your own if you have the profession for it. This will go a long way on your quest to helping your character build up a good set of armor. Eventually when your character is powerful enough, you'll be able to do some raid content with your guild or other random players across azeroth and get into heroic dungeons which will drop even better gear then normals.

If running dungeons and raids isn't your thing and you prefer a bit of player vs player action, you can buy PVP armor from vendors using honor points. You can attain honor points by running battlegrounds or participating in player vs player action, such as world PVP or places on that map such as Tol'barad or wintergrasp where you can do daily quests and fight for control over the zone against the opposing faction.

Regardless of your choice, either path will help you build up your character. If you're not wanting to run dungeons or any sort of pvp content, you can always build up reputations with various factions by questing and buying gear from them. So even though you might not be gaining levels anymore, you will be gaining reputation with various factions which you can buy gear from. There is quite a lot to do when reaching 85 and a lot of fun to be had, it's all up for you to decide what path your character will take.
Get an arena team underway do dungeons buy heirloom gear then do it all again with a new character
Now that you're 85, be prepared to stress yourself beyond belief because that's what's coming.
If you want to be PvE focused, the first thing you should do is get a hold of some 339 crafted gear so you have some sort of decent gear. This also can apply for PvPing.
Second, you should take 10 minutes to look on the internet and learn your class/spec at max level.
Proper speccing, best rotation, gemming, reforging, etc.
After that, all you have to do is run plenty of dungeons, then heroics, then raiding follows.
Ques are really long for dps, REALLY long, so I suggest picking up a proffession to pass the time. Archaeology is a good time killer.
85 means delete and restart. Nuff' said.
First of all if you want to you could start doing achievments. If you don't really feel like doing that you could start leveling your alts. If THAT dosen't sound appealing to you, maybe you could start battlegrounding, either that or you could raid or just quest and gain gold. Currently what I am doing is trying to get the netherwing drake mount. I hope my information has been helpful to you! Oh yea... and another thing... enjoy the game!
When you hit 85, get a few friendly Murlocks together, some upper level bosses, like Shaw and Thrall, a keg of wine, and throw a party. Then do a 20 man raid with some friends. Laugh, and talk on vent, and really enjoy your character. All of this while you earn some great gear.
Have a blast, you earned it and it is entertaining and fun.

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