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Hitting max level is a double-edged sword. The pride one feels for all the quests he/she has been on, the dungeons conquered, the Battlegrounds that have been fought over, all these things hail in comparison to the achievement felt at reaching the max level. Then, as with a true burden's nature, it strikes when we are at our peak. To continue on with our conquering of the evils that try to destroy our fight over the Battlegrounds and the resources therein...or to take up arms as another character to better ones knowledge of them? Each decision has many challenges and rewards....

Ultimately, it is up to the hero to decide which they must do. Either choice is honorable, some heroes even take on the three paths at the same time. You must choose.
85 u casual? dalies maybe some AH. Hard core FARM DUNGEONS regs then regs then ZHs and finally raids. Make sure u get exalted with at least two cata factions if ur going harrd core
In Game leaderboards... Daily ones, Weekly ones, and a leaderboard for All Time. People can compete for first place in anything and everything. Can't play a whole week to get to the top like some fat guy with no life? Then spend on day on a weekend and show how good you are. Maybe give out small, useless, bling style rewards at the end of each week to the highest scoring player for that week on that realm?

Do it for all sorts of things... Have categories... Best Fisherman, Best skinner, etc, etc. All they gotta do is catch the most fish or skin the most creatures... Have AH competitions! Highest sales per week, per day, and all time sales records! Reward the players with small badges or something.

How about changing the colour of your teir 12 gear once you have the entire set by getting a certain amount of kills while wearing it?

Jesus people this ain't hard... All this type of stuff would make players want to earn bragging rights, and anyone could do it!

Personally, the customization of Top End gear should be a no brainer... Wow, lets have to work for a few months to get the best armour which is exactly the same as the guy who got it before us. That's all well and good when you're level 5... But at lvl 85 you want to feel unique, and powerful, and the best... and yet, threatened by others trying to catch up.. so you have to keep playing, for hours and hours.. and you have to spend all your money on WoW... and Blizz... You can pay me for the rest of my ideas, cause I'm just so smart.
This is what to do at 85, not suggestions for changing the game.
"You learn something new every day"

So hitting 85 is not the end, but the begining of the wow experience

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