<Blood Fist> [H] LF Healing and DPS

Earthen Ring
About Blood Fist

Guild created 2-22-2005

There is something to be said for longevity.

<Blood Fist> is a progression raiding Guild. We have a family-friendly atmosphere while maintaining a serious raiding mentality. Our raid times are 8pm - 12am EST W, Th, and M. Go to www.blood-fist.com to apply!

Currently seeking a Healers and DPS. iLev 360+ please.

Current Progress: 7/7 (pre-nerf)
Guild Website: http://www.blood-fist.net
Guild Level: 25
Server time: Eastern standard time
Server name: Earthen Ring
Faction: Horde
Loot method: LPS (a very transparent system. no bidding! no mods!)

Looking for extremely competent DPS. In addition, we're seeking a well equipped, fantastic healers.

Other roles and classes are welcome to apply. We're always seeking good people.

Being a Raider carries the expectations of performance, attitude, and attendance. It's letting your team know when you can't make it. It's showing up with the right frame of mind. It's showing up mentally and physically (consumables, yo!) prepared. It's treating your teammates with respect, not derision and mockery. It's knowing that you are part of a group that is *choosing* to spend 4 hours of your evening *together* doing something you all find interesting and fun.
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HMagmaw down last night =)
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Blood fist: my home
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Looking for a Tank! 6/7 FL!
What kinda tank?
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Colder, are you the GM of Blood Fist?
85 healer former warcry kapolei, decent heals, pvp right now

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