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Been awhile and a Xpac or two since inve done alliance for AV. But for horde I have never lost when we have half the team on D killing them at galv and getting towers back (turtle). These games usually last for 30 minutes to upwards of 60 (rarely), which also makes getting the last achievement for my meta impossible (the AV blitz). Usually its an easy win with with lots of reinforcement's to spare.

I had one match the other day where we turtled them up to their base but they also got a few towers. We had them at SP graveyard then they pushed to SH gy and the score was dead even. It was tied for reinforcement's left and we ended up winning with about 4 left. It was very epic.

This has nothing to do with AV but in Isle, the achievement Mine is also seemingly impossible and the last one for my Meta.
Anyone ever read what the magazine wrote? Or have an online link to it?

Funny if they actually wrote the truth, "The strategy to winning AV is to play Alliance."
Anyone ever read what the magazine wrote? Or have an online link to it?

Funny if they actually wrote the truth, "The strategy to winning AV is to play Alliance."

I have not seen this thread before... I would also like to know what ended up going in it.
The WoW magazine was cancelled completely and everyone was refunded by some means or whatever. This thread should be locked as it no longer has purpose being the magazine is kinda dead.
01/08/2012 12:58 AMPosted by Thaumasurge
This thread should be locked as it no longer has purpose being the magazine is kinda dead.
Like they would have put anything useful in it anyway. What are they going to say:

"Horde say that the only way to win is to turtle, while alliance say they should just skip everything and ride right to the end and sit on noob hill! Both sides claim the other side has an unfair advantage!"
Form your AV group take 30 mins with people leaving because there are too many of the same class can never get a proper balance of classes people are always mad, after people leaving and joining after 30 mins you get to q for AV sit in a 30 min q finally enter jump like an idiot spamming AoE's and buffs at the door waiting for the game to start run out of the gate mount up walk to 500 miles from one side to the other attempt to zerg the boss wipe rez at the start of the map because no one capped any GY's get forced into a turtle kill people for 1 hour, then after 1 hour reflask rebuff and gather your group to run through the gauntlet event wipe about 50 times then eventually bug out the fight, rez the dead and push on clearing more trash dodging the dragons that will 1 shot you fight deathwing wipe a few times then down him use the loot that you got to cut down some trees in AV and make a fire to keep yourself warm, once warm your spirit is increased making you run faster so you run across the field of which then you face the lich king and slay him, whilst dc'ing hundreds of times then everyone splits up and solos there add each, most the noobs will wipe to their adds and force others to help them out, then kill the opposing faction which would try kill you and then hope that your in the small majority of those who actully win a bg (lol small majority 50/50 kek)

i feel as if i may of gone off topic a bit but this is my average AV
I was gonna say reroll Alliance but found out the thread was Necro'd.
the best way to win av is have a small 10-15 man group defend your towers. meanwhile send the rest of your team to destroy the enemy base and kill the boss / mini bosses. have all your tanks and heals get to the enemy base and take the boss out while 2 towers are still up.
Same strategy as Global Thermonuclear War...

The only winning strategy is to not play.
I would like to say i have played AV since before X-realm, and i have watched the evolution of the battleground for many years. I loved old +3 hour AV, i have also liked all the changes to the "new" AV over the years. I have played an Alliance mortal strike warrior, an unstoppable force on the road with 2 pocket healers and 20+ dps behind me, pushing the horde all the way to the next graveyard. I have played a Horde rogue, an assassin single handedly recapping towers, stealing mines, luring the alliance into Frostwolf Keep and letting Drekk do my dirty work for me, changing the outcome of AV almost James Bond like. Of all the battlegrounds it is the one where the best team players can shine, or the Jason Bourn type player can change the outcome, and most of your teammates will never know why they had the time to kill Vann or Drekk.

The new race or zerg style of AV, where almost all players zerg to the boss and a few work on capping the mid field towers, and then tanking two adds with the boss, will work very well. Its when a few players play defense or back cap towers changing the outcome of the game. These actions will then make each team "peel the onion" of AV. I think the creators of AV thought it would be a true test of a players skill to overcome the opposition using the map.

Understanding the map-

The map is an almost mirror of its self, this has be a arguable/debateable topic for many years and im sure it will continue. Now whether you are horde or ally dont think the map helps you in any way, the key to the map is understanding the "choke spots". There are 5 choke spots on the map that are relevant, setting up a defense at these areas can alter the outcome of this game tremendously. Think of the movie 300, how did so few, kill so many? Understanding breaking into the choke spots or protecting them will help you out ten fold.

Alliance have 2 choke spots, Horde have 3 choke spots.

Alliance choke spots.

Map area between 3, 4, and 5. The "Bridge" on a choke spot scale of 1/10 this is an 11. Better known as the Hordes bane. The bridge has no weakness, i believe that the bridge a serious advantage because of gravity, enemy players can fall to their deaths. With mind control, shammy and boomkin knockbacks, and no gaurd rails alliance has a serious advantage. Use them.

Map area 8. The road east of IWB (Icewing Bunker) Unlike the first unpentratable choke spot this one does 3 have weaknesses. On the map you will see 2 blue house north east of the # 8, that is your leak spot number 1, this is a one way ticket to head south that only the alliance can use. Lets say you are in a turtle on the road between 5. Stormpike graveyard and 8. Icewing Bunker, riding high above the road and staying close to the hillside will let you past choke spot and on to Drekk. The other 2 areas you can sneak through are easy, go into IWB and jump out the window. Lets say the bunker is full of bloodthirsty KB crazied hordies, you can jump next to the hillside next to the door on the west side of the bunker. The third option can also let horde leak into you base so watch it.

Horde choke spots.

Map area between H. IBT (Iceblood Tower) and I. (Iceblood Graveyard) -This is in my opinion the is the hordes best choke spot it only has one weakness and only certian classes can get exploit this spot without going through the main area. The weakness of this area is the graveyard rezzers, rogues can shadowstep and warriors can charge up to rezzers, maybe feral droods im not 100% sure if the kitty leap works here. Once a top the in the gaveyard Alliance can continue to Frostwolf Keep. If the horde turtles here you have a serious advantage because of being so close to the graveyard, while the alliance must rezurect at the #. Snowfall Graveyard.

Map area between E. Frostwolf graveyard and north of the D. East Frostwolf Tower. I hardly consider this a chokespot because it has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese. When ever there is a massive turtle at this choke spot you would be amazed how many Alliance dont ride east of the gate onto one of the mounds of snow and simply jump over the wall. But if the alliance doesnt use it, and like beating their heads into a be it. Luckily this spot is backed up by the Hordes "diet version" of the bridge.

Map area Northeast of the C. and D
. on the map. There is a bunker with a small doorway that the alliance has to come through, followed by a hill and another gate with both towers on each side of it. If Horde concentates good dps, slows, knockbacks on that doorway at the start of the game the archers will help you send Alliance back to their graveyard. there is a small chink in this chokespots armor, on the westside of C. West Frotwolf Tower there is a hole in the fence you can get through.

You can use these choke spots to take a stranglehold of your opponent in a long grind out game. But keep in mind without the mines you can get out farmed by the opponent.

Mines- with out bullets the war is over. In Patch 2.3, with the addition of reinforcements, mines will grant 1 reinforcement every 45 seconds. If your faction controls both mines, you will gain 2 reinforcements every 45 seconds. There are 2 mines getting them off the beginning of the game, and protecting them all gave long can win you a AV. We have all be in one of those long games where no one can get the upper hand, the game comes down to both sides trading kills and someone wins the game with one reinforcements left. If you notice you are in one of these games i cant advise you enough to get to those mines, you can thank me later.

Graveyards- Probably the most ovelooked thing in Av because you never think about them untill you get killed. We have all been there, you just got killed, youre in the graveyard and you say dang how did i get here. Back capping graveyard can send the oppsition behind you offense where they will most likely get steamrolled by your zerging offense. Do this.

Back capping towers- There are 8 towes in AV, the goal is to protect your towers while you try and steal the bad guys towers. having a "re-cap team" where a group of 3-5 player can win the game for you. While you are in the cave before the game has started, you can ask other palyers if they would like to recap towers after your team killes Captian Galv or Captian Balinda. Usually a 1-3 players will stay in a tower guarding it from back capping, when your back cap team shows up and kills those players and then regain the towers, it will protect your boss well and your reinforcements will be at your disposal.

Thrown room Defense- Like the Back capping team, 3-5 people in the thrown room can kill the entire opositions offense or stall them long enough to buy your team time to win the game. Death Knights, Warlocks, Priests, are supreme thrown room defenders. Death gripping or fear bombing the offense into the thrown room prior to being ready to pull the boss can screw an opponent big time. Target healers and tanks, the bosses hit like a truck and will 1-2 shot most players. By doing this your opponent will not have the healers or tanks to pull when ready. Pro tip- CC the tank the boss will drop aggro aand start killing DPS or healers, great for the luls!
ENJOY! p.s. i know my speEling and grammEr sucks.
Against an alliance zerg strat, all of my wins have included back-capping towers.
i just go to vanns bunker and wait until we can dps him.

too bad he doesnt spawn after x number of towers are down.

that way less people would go up there and just wait.
01/08/2012 05:58 PMPosted by Jixxy
Alliance have 2 choke spots, Horde have 3 choke spots.
This isn't really accurate. You might say "The north half of the map" instead of "Alliance", and "the south half of the map" instead of "Horde".

There's a fine choke point just south of IBGY, just north of TP. That stretch of land is a great choke point for Alliance to use once they have IBGY. That makes 3 "alliance choke points".

Your second "horde choke point" is terrible, and isn't a choke point in any sense of the word. A wide open field isn't a choke point. If anything you should be inside the fence, not out front of it.

Horde can also utilize the SHGY to IWB stretch of land as a choke point, choking the alliance just as they come to the top of the hill north of IWB.

If we are going to consider fields as choke points, then the Alliance have one just south of IWB, atop the ridge over looking Balinda. Sitting there, you can get the Horde coming in from Snowfall, and the ones coming from IBGY / SHB. It's a funnel shape, and if you put the majority of your forces right on the ridge, small pockets can fall back towards IWB for anyone that tries to get by, and you can still maintain control of SHGY.

While that is a fine defensive spot, is is rather a large area, but no more so than your second horde "choke point".
I did mean inside the gate, for my second spot. Like I said I hardly consider this a good spot, only if the alliance doesn't know they can jump the gate.
Of all the topics and posts in this and the arena forum areas and this is the first blue post i have seen..disgusting.
Winning AV, as alliance:

From the start gate, make a beeline for Captain Galvangar, with 1 or 2 breaking off to take Snowfall Graveyard, and a stealth class to grab Irondeep Mines. Engage and kill Captain Galvanagar, then head on to cap Iceblood Graveyard, Iceblood Tower and Tower Point. If there are lots of Horde in Galvanagar's room, take Iceblood Graveyard, Iceblood Tower and Tower first. Then, try to lure out and kill the Horde players individually. If you pull Galvangar, run out to reset him unless there are only a few Horde players left. Once the Horde numbers have dwindled to around 5, you can engage Galvangar.

Once Galvangar is dead, proceed on south towards the Frostwolf Base. Leave between 5-8 people each in Iceblood Tower and Tower Point and 3-5 at Iceblood Graveyard to prevent backcaps, and atleast a group of 5-10 to head back north to backcap Stonehearth Graveyard, then Stonehearth Bunker and Icewing Bunker. If the backcap group is quick and strong enough, they should consider backcapping Stormpike Graveyard, and even North and South Dun Baldar Bunkers.

Those not on backcapping or tower/graveyard holding duty should proceed directly to the Frostwolf Base, with the exception of one stealth class player going in to take Coldtooth Mine. Horde are easier to avoid/deal with they respawn at Frostwolf Graveyard than they respawn at Frostwolf Relief Hut, so avoid taking Frostwolf Graveyard until Frostwolf Relief Hut is taken. The only time Frostwolf Graveyard would be taken first is if Horde have a large force assembled outside the room with their General, Drek'Thar. Once inside the base, have a few people cap Frostwolf relief hut while the rest of the players help take East and West Frostwolf Towers.

When Iceblood Graveyard is owned by the Alliance, Iceblood Tower and/or Tower Point is destroyed, the people defending those nodes should move to 1 of the other 2 node until all 3 have been captured/destroyed. From there, they help retake whatever node the Horde has backcapped. If no node was backcapped (ignore Snowfall Graveyard for now), have the option of either helping backcap or helping with offense in the Frostwolf base. Usually, it's better for the players to head towards Frostwolf Base.

Once Frostwolf towers are capped and waiting to be destroyed, the next thing is to decide when to attack the Frost Wolf General, Drek'Thar. Drek'Thar has two wolf adds and a Warmaster add for each tower that has not been destroyed. Each Warmaster still up increases the health and damage of each Frostwolf NPC in Drek'Thar's room, including Drek'Thar himself. So the best situation to attack Drek'Thar would be when all 4 towers are destroyed, but such a situation does not occur. Depending on when towers and bunkers were capped/backcapped, the Horde may have all the bunkers destroyed before you have all the towers destroyed, which in that case, you have to engage Drek'Thar with warmasters still up.

When you engage Drek'Thar, pop cooldowns to down him as fast as possible, and dps should be on the alert for any Horde who sneak in and try to CC/Kill your healers or your tank. The last thing you want, especially with warmasters up, is a Horde druid cycloning your tank, or a Horde Rogue stunning/smokebombing your tank, as that could lead to you wiping on Drek'Thar. If you get aggro from Drek'Thar, do not leave the room, or you could end up reset Drek'Thar back to full health. It's best that you die in his room than to run out and reset him. Also, have a few dps at the entrance to Drek'Thar's room to catch any Horde trying to sneak in.

Finally, some pointers when deciding the best time to engage Drek'Thar:
-- You can engage him when all the towers are destroyed if by the time the last tower is destroyed you will still have 3-4 bunkers still up.
-- Drek'Thar is doable with 2 Warmasters up. Engage him with 2 towers still up only if the Horde will be able to have destroyed at least 3 of your bunkers before you destroy the 3rd tower.
-- In a situation that is reversed from the one described above, be ready to engage when the Horde pull Vaan. You can hold off and wait for a tower to be destroyed if the tower will be destroyed no more than 30 seconds after the Horde engage Vaan.
rEVERT AV to its brutal '3 day long games' slug fest, then Ill tell you how to win AV

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