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I follow the massive flock of people and help them charge through Galvangar, the towers, graveyards, and finally Drek'thar on my chopper.
06/02/2011 05:54 PMPosted by Laklok
Zerg Boss, Ignore everything/everyone else. Owait how to win AV.
Problem is, there is technically no winning AV. The Win Loss ration between the Alliance and Horde is severely unbalanced. I think the focus on balancing the actual BG to make it more equal opportunity for both Horde and Alliance. Yeah, I know, I am one of the rare few who want it to actually be balanced in favor of giving both factions a 50/50 shot at winning as opposed to the 99/1 in Alliance favor it currently is. What can I say, unlike most people these days, I still enjoy a challenge.
Wow blizz, just WOW, right when I thought you couldnt get anymore pompous and arrogant you do this. Great job. *golfclap* Glad to see your hard at work fixing the BG. err...wait.
AV is pathetic. Bring back old cus ppl dont even like it anymore.
I'm still waiting to hear Blizz's stance on AV as it is atm. Unless their scared to admit they screwed it up. But at least have the guts to come out and say so. Even if its, "Yea we jacked it up, but we dont care and we're not gonna take the time to fix it. So suck it up and deal with it."

Pay blizzard 25 USD for faction transfer for each character you have from horde to allaince. That is the only way to win AV for horde. I personally dont have 250 bucks to take all my 85's to ally, so I canceled my account. The horde BG loss vs win ratio is to unbalanced.

For alliance, just keep on doing what you have been doing for 4.5 years. Zerg Drek.

Until vanilla AV is brought back with all the lieuts and generals, the map will be zerg. And a zerg strat favors allaince.

Must just be your battlegroup, dude. Horde has no issues winning AV on mine.
06/02/2011 11:14 PMPosted by Moosidia
Must just be your battlegroup, dude. Horde has no issues winning AV on mine.

Probably outgear them. ;)
I've played many hundreds of AV's going all the way back to vanilla. With each change to AV, strategies can change a little to a lot. I've led 40 man premades back when cross server BG's first started and we've won in under 4 mins. I've also led what we called "turtle fests" in which we litterally camped Alliance in their starting cave until everyone had 3k HK's and alliance had earned zero honor. And our possibly funnest AV's were "Naked AV". Weapons, rings, bracers, belts, trinkets, neck were the only thing allowed to be worn (exception Healers-tank), and we never lost those either.

Horde has the two best choke points in the game. Done properly, 12-14 can hold off 40 (if they dont all storm at once in a tight grp).

These two choke points, the road just between IBGY and IBT, basically a 3 way bottleneck for southern running Alliance. Defending this is quite easy with well placed Hunter Frost traps, snake traps, Shaman earth bind totems, and Mage rings' of frost, a few more dps and healers makes it nearly impossible for any to get by. This will always buy time for Horde offensive teams to get into towers and get caps.

The number 1 choke point, however, it is more costly as it allows Galv, IBT, TP to fall is the fence between East & West Frostwolf towers. Again, lots of slows and los becomes your friend. As well it's very close to the GY so the few that do die can get back into the fray fast and stop ninja cappers as needed as well.

One thing that goes without question in AV today however is for horde to win, there absolutely has to be a defensive force. This is not so much the case with Alliance as they certainly have a better line into the horde base drawing far less aggro or archers and certainly are able to zerg down the boss faster. Horde just doesnt seem to get the towers down as fast. Ever.

Back capping when there is no defensive hold at IBT-IBGY choke point becomes much more important. A 5 man team is usually more than enough, but not always.

If I had it my way, I would remove reinforcements from AV (and IoC for that matter) completely. Game doesnt end until a boss is down. This forces more organization to get a win. That means teamwork. Any battle, be it pve or pvp, always involves teamwork. More teamwork = better wins that often, are more fun than the zerg or run out of reinforcements play style of today.
That would be great if pvp had character collision, but it does not. The choke points have far less value in this day, especially since the archers hit for less.

Unless the archers are immortal, this will only become more of a zerg as item levels rise.
I hunker down in the Stonehearth Bunker with a couple of my friends. When a few unsuspecting horde come to cap the flag there and try to destroy it, They find us waiting. Wham bam, Thank you ma'am! It's not a good strategy if you want to win, but it's a lot of fun.

I also do this with the Quarry in Isle of Conquest.
Capture your graveyard right at the start, because if you don't there's a good chance nobody else will either. That graveyard may turn a loss into a win in the long run.
1. Build a time machine.
2. Go back in time about 6 years.
3. Queue for the Alterac Valley that didn't suck.
4. ???
5. Victory!
How will you fit everyone in it?
Hello Wow Mag!

Alterac Valley leader for 4 years now, i am part of a organisation called who are involved in organised crossrealm premades, and this is my AV Strategy.

/bg GRP 1-2 Kill Galv > Frostwolf Towers/Relief Hut
/bg GRP 3-4 Kill Galv > Backcap SHB & IWB
/bg GRP 5-6 IBT > Burn it > Back Cap SHB
/bg GRP 7-8 TP > Burn it > South to Frostwolf Keep
/bg ALL ROGUES AND DRUIDS straight to Frostwolf Easy/West Towers and RH!!!

Generally unless the horde have rushed Galv, we will bypass them, pile in on TP. Otherwise Groups 1-4 Down Galv, move on Down. During this time. We have 5-8 Backcap what the horde most likely have taken, our towers! Groups 3+4 will then Return to Dun Baldar, to backcap our main towers.

We also have all players equip there AV Trinket (Yes it is used =O) and if teams 3-4 Cannot hold the horde, we have 10more players Teleport back.

As with said groups, we usually have all stealthies rush FW Towers and RH. This stratergy has achieved players almost every achievment within AV.

Perfection strat:
/bg This premade brought to you by PST for vent info
/bg GRP 1-2 Balinda
/bg GRP 3-4 Balinda > SHB/IWB as needed
/bg GRP 5-6 Galv >IBT > Burn it > Drek
/bg GRP 7-8 Galv >TP > Burn it > Drek
/bg Rogues and Druids > FW East/West and Releif Hut

This strategy is alot more complex to perfect, however has the same basics as the normal stratergy.

I post a thread: Bring strategy back to Alterac Vally

As a way for player to make suggestion on how we could make it a better battleground and like just about every post I've seen here, it is almost a carbon copy of what I have been getting on my Post.

Some may say AV is broken, but I like to think that its a nice fixer upper.

serously though WE WANT OLD AV BACK

doesn't have to be a day just an hour or 2 of an epic battle with upgrading units summoning people and defending chokes
The key to winning Alterac Valley is to avoid PvP conflict as much as possible. In fact, you might try using PvE gear to boost your damage to the various NPCs that stand between your team and victory.

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