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"The only way to win is not to play"
---WOPR, 1983
06/03/2011 02:21 AMPosted by Megabad
Malcho, above statement just further proves why you should stay out of anything that is about strategy in pvp. You've never been good at it, all the way back to TBC.
You have no idea since when I was playing, and you never were on my battlegroup or realm. Do not spread misinformation of me.
"The only way to win is not to play"
---WOPR, 1983

Correcting myself after looking it up on Wikipedia:

"The only winning move is not to play."
06/02/2011 08:29 PMPosted by Gatchaman
This is gonna open a biiig can of worms...

Can you blame the responses? I sure can't. I have no sympathy with Bliz on this one, they gutted what used to be an epic bg and are asking THIS? I can't laugh hard enough.


/agree This was and sometimes is my favorite bg.
best strat for AV is take 10-12 good skilled players run this a a recap or if you prefer to call it a Defend group.The rest of the players are offence and should cap gy and towers.I have won more av games in 8mins or under with this strat since BC. Working together as a team or unit is key to overall victory.This is what most bgs lack
The dreaded turtle, which no one likes.
you are so wrong
"The only way to win is not to play"
---WOPR, 1983

Correcting myself after looking it up on Wikipedia:

"The only winning move is not to play."

Beat me to it. I was looking through the previous posts, thinking this.
As much as I dislike posting contrary to the original topic, I have to voice my support for Vanilla AV. There was so much more variety compared to today's version.
If you play Horde, start of by defending Galvangar. You need to keep him alive. Seriously, if you wipe the Alliance here, they'll run around like they're chickens with their heads cut off. Then recap all the Horde towers and graveyards, it won't be hard, about half will have died at Galvangar's base. If you're a rogue or druid, you might want to sneak past the mobs in the mine and capture it for the Horde. If you're on offense at this point, destroy Stonehearth and Icewing Bunkers and the graveyard there, then turtle for your lives at the choke-point there. Remember to keep an eye on your map so to catch anyone who may have snuck by and assaulted a tower of graveyard. Keep this up and you'll win by reinforcements.
It all really comes down to what the opposing team decides to do. It requires a lot of quick planning and requires a lot of people to listen. Getting people to listen, sadly, is more difficult than actually getting things done that need to be done. Forty people is a lot to handle.

For example, if 25 or more Horde sit in Galv's room, it's in the Alliance's best interest to skip Galv, have about 25 of their team stack in tower point, while the remaining 15 go south and cap frostwolf graveyard and Relief Hut. If you do this, the Horde will not only be unable to back cap, they'll be unable to get south to recap the other two towers as well, as the Alliance created a choke point. As long as you leave them with Iceblood Graveyard, they'll resurrect there instead of south near Frostwolf Graveyard.

However, if the Horde is successful in defending Galv, it pushes the Alliance all the way north at Stormpike graveyard. This allows for the Horde defending galv to easily split up and recap the towers, and create a choke point at Icewing Bunker to assure no Alliance can get past that point. Then you enter the dreaded turtle mode, except horde has two towers and Balinda down, while the Alliance has nothing. It's also worth noting if there is a lot of Alliance healers and a lot of horde simply cannot down the Alliance tank, that a Druid Cyclone on the tank will cause Galv to run rampant.

These are the two best way's i've seen to win AV that usually always work.
Collect scaps and summon Ivus, of course!

Wait...this isn't 5 years ago? Oh.
06/02/2011 05:30 PMPosted by Fezixx
Defend galv and recap towers.

This, going to be a short article, unless they choose to publish the wrong methods XD

Alliance - Zerg Base and win (6 min)

Horde - Defend Galv recap, force a turtle and reinforcement win (35 min)

Fix the BG blizz


That's it right there.

Alliance wins when ALL of us zerg Drek. It takes longer to get there than to down boss.
I wish Alterac valley had more involvement with summoning some of the big NPCs. I think I have seen Lok the ice lord a total of 4 times in my entire wow career and I have been playing since vanilla. I have yet to see the frost wolf riders in action.

Just something I would like to see if you're planing on redesigning Alterac valley.
While all of the above points are valid, Alterac Valley can be a strange place in that ones instinct if you are a solo player is to group up with the larger zerg. There are in fact a lot of good ways for players on their own to contribute to the overall success of the Battleground, and I'll list a few of my favorites from an Alliance perspective here.

One strategy is to run full speed towards Tower Point to cap it before anything else. I'd even suggest crossing the field of strife in the middle instead of hanging far right with the rest of the Alliance Zerg. There are usually no Horde guarding towers initially so taking this specific tower early provides two benefits.

The first is that it allows the Horde less time to circle back and recap their tower defenses, saving precious seconds can mean the difference between destroying the tower and losing it. The Horde almost always attempt to recap Iceblood Tower before Tower Point, so it provides extra crucial time to bring Tower Point down.

The second reason is that if the Battleground becomes a race to see who can get to each others home bases first, you will have secured a serious time advantage compared to the Horde, in that with Tower Point down you can focus on other objectives.

This strategy can be used on any of the Hordes towers early on, but I find a higher chance of success with Tower Point, since the East and West Frostwolf towers are usually capped early anways, and Iceblood Tower is usually subject to heavy attack.

Another strat which can be very effective is to take and hold the Coldtooth Mine on the Hordes side of Alterac Valley. This is usually beneficial if the Battleground has become a battle for attrition, and every reinforcement point counts. Even if you cannot stealth it can be easy to hold the mine by simply killing Masha Swiftcut, and then instead of defending Aggi Rumblestomp, instead go and hide deep within the mine. After the Horde recap it, wait about a minute for them to exit the mine on foot, and then take it back. This strategy often works because the mines are one of the few objectives that larger zergs rarely concern themselves with, and as a solo player there is a higher chance of being able to kill the few horde that enter the mine to reclaim it. While this strategy is useless in a race perspective, the one benefit is that being down a single player generally won't disrupt the zerg, but can provide the potential for a crucial advantage.
06/03/2011 07:13 AMPosted by Malcho
Malcho, above statement just further proves why you should stay out of anything that is about strategy in pvp. You've never been good at it, all the way back to TBC.
You have no idea since when I was playing, and you never were on my battlegroup or realm. Do not spread misinformation of me.

yes I was MR LNE
Alterac Valley, I remember the days when a single battle took hours or even days with no clear winner in site. It was glorious. We'd fought hard devising new strategies and using spells and abilities we'd not normally use out in the rest of the world.

Rogues were used as spies and assassins to take out key buildings and players behind the enemies lines.

Warriors charged into battle for honor and glory in the battlefield, as the hunters covered their foes with volleys of bullets and arrows.

Many Priests came to heal the wounds of the injured, while others sought mind-control and inflicting pain on the enemies would be more useful.

When the magi appeared, things got interesting. Random people started to turn into harmless animals for a short time and some areas of the battlefield began to melt and rain hail at the same time! It was madness! Then came some who intentions in the practice in magic was a little more sinister. These 'warlocks' had with them daemons from the Twisting Neather with them. They, along with their hell spawn, unleashed waves of destruction in their wake. We usually killed them on site to prevent such things from happening.

Many shaman also entered the battle believing that their ancestors and the elements will aid them and their allies in this conflict.

The druids of Moonglade though allies and brothers in their eyes, the Tauren and Night Elves are on opposing sides in this conflict and so nature is used to fight itself.

When things started to get really hectic the paladins arrived. The warriors on a mission from God would swoop in adding many buffs while also healing their allies and smiting their foes.

Even with all of this the battle was brutal. The lines would inch one way or another slowly. If we were lucky we would call in air support, some cavalry, and even fearful ancients of old who would plow a path through the enemies giving us almost sure victory relatively quickly.

Yeah, back then when you were literally beaten back to your general's command center, you knew your opponent was about to win, which caused you to fight with and even greater vigor to try and prevent that from happening.

That was the old Alterac Valley.

The 'New' Alterac Valley tactics are simple have most of your people zerg all the way to opponent's end graveyard(s) while have a group or two stay behind to guard yours. Kill enemy general and win.

OR... have one side turtle and the other zerg to try and crack it's shell. Either way one side's going to run out of reinforcements.

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