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For Horde one of the best ways to win is to defend Galv and then turtle in that general area with the bulk of the group while having everyone else defend towers should anyone get by.
The way to win Alterac Valley is to get Blizzard's developers to fix Alterac Valley by doing the following:

1. Remove Ivus the Forest Lord and Lokholar the Ice Lord. Why are they still there? In the rare event they're summoned, they take 10 minutes before they do anything. Why? The battle is over by then!
2. Remove harpy cave. Why is it there?
3. Remove those cave quests where you collect a bunch of crates and turn them in. Seriously, what purpose do those serve? Why are those quests still there?

I haven't yet found a strategy on how to get Blizzard to do those things. If anybody knows, I'd love to know.
AV is a large BG wit h lots to do, it requires both Teamwork, and individual work.

all it takes is one person to recap a tower, steal a mine, or grab a graveyard. Change your plan up every game, trying the same thing every game is a sure way to lose, every game.

If Horde always Defend Galv, and Alliance always Rush Drek, the game will end the same way every time.

always change your gameplay, always try new plans, just because it worked last game doesnt' mean it won't work this game.
Paper will always beat rock, so why would you keep trying rock?

And yea, Starcraft 2 is what taught me this.
AV is a joke and I can't believe Blizzard is even asking this question. It's a zerg fest and until the old AV design is brought back I will never ever go back.
WOPR - "The only winning strategy is not to play"
Horde - One half defend Galv, the other half kill Bal. North force pushes for towers and graveyards (never take Snowfall except if you have no other north graveyard). South force backcaps towers and defends base (just use AV trinket).

Sadly this map is a bit weird since the original quests and creature summons aren't viable anymore. This was a cool part of the original AV, and it's lost in the modern translation to make AV more like fast food. Would like to see a revision.

Tell us how you win Alterac Valley! World of Warcraft Official Magazine is looking for player tips and tricks for achieving a victory.

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is not AV any more, theres no more use in ivus or generals or mines or any of the fun things you first implemented that are useless now.

Give us the option of joinin an OLD av battle
There is only one tactic.

DO NOT, cap FWGY before RH. It's gamebreaking.
I'm grinding this for Battlemaster....I want to tear my eyes out every time I see more than 30 people pass Galv without turning left. Insta loss basically.

Horde has to D in order to win and it takes 30 mins.
Alliance zergs to the boss 6 mins.

This used to be my favorite BG but now it's my second least favorite. (Second only to Strand of the Ancients)
Glad to see this is more important than all of the issues with PvP right now.

Take towers with a boomkin or 2 in each one, recap bunkers, gg.
" I Would say Rush to kill the opposing teams leader and after 3 tries of trying to get the leader i would just leave it at that and go capture bases, but it ultimately always comes down to team work as they say in my guild fight as one win as one!!
Old AV... Ivus...
new AV... zerg drek, or get wiped at galv...
fix AV

make it epic again

The only way to win Alterac Valley is to not play Alterac Valley.

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