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I've been doing fine with IPv6 since the trial began (connecting to Uther), until today. I can still reach the server:

Connected to 2001:1890:e000:c01:dad3:85ff:feda:1004.
Escape character is '^]'.

But after authentication, I get dumped to realm list. Selecting Uther shows the "Logging in to game server" pane, then dumps back to realm list. Cancelling shows my character list on Uther (shrug?!) and lets me begin logging in, but at around 95% loaded, the client freezes.

Not a lot of useful debug info, I'm afraid; like I said, looks like a transient network weird in AT&T, but their strange internal routing and ICMP filtering makes it pretty hard to be sure. I do get into AT&T's v6 network before things go wonky, though.
06/06/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Affinity
I was pumped, then I didn't see my server listed :( I am very sad panda.
why is your troll whering a cloth helmit?
What are the plans to IPv6-enable the launcher/updater? BitTorrent over IPv6 works a lot better than over IPv4, since you don't have to worry about NAT hiding the internal machines.

Also, will we eventually see this added to Starcraft II?
Starcraft forums ----> That way.

Please Add Ysera to this list of servers active for IPV6 please. tyvm

Make it snappy too
To the people asking for more realms be added... as much as I'd love to see -all- realms IPV6 enabled (Kilrog ftw!) it seems like only one of the WoW data centres is enabled for IPV6: Phoenix. All of the realms hosted in the Phoenix data centre are IPV6 reachable and none of the realms hosted anywhere else are.

So it looks like Blizzard needs to assign / configure their data centres (likely in cooperation with their colocation partners) before they can start enabling the other realms. Given the server code seems to support V6 quite well my guess is that the -only- thing holding up other realms is the data centre work.

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