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What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.
Bloodfang or skyshatter.
Hey. Please tell those developers to change the gear sets back to the old system. Heroic and Normal gear shouldn't only be a different color, but they should be different overall. Thanks.

Oh, and Tier 4, only because Karazhan was a nightmare at first.
The T2 Paladin Judgment set - hands down, the best looking armor set so far. Though I wasn't able to pursue it during Vanilla, I farmed up the purple look alike set from the BC dungeons(and frequently wear it when not actively tanking or questing), and have been trying to get pieces of the original set with "nostalgia" runs through some of the old raid instances.

I fervently hope the tier set art design can return to such lofty heights one day.
Druid Tier 6 was my favorite. Where I really learned how to heal was in Black Temple and the gear I obtained from there is still kept in my bank as a testament to how much I improved as a player. Sometimes I like to put it on and prance around Stormwind for lols.
Hunter tier 6, Gronnstalker, is my favorite for many reasons and goes with me everywhere still. Mainly I love it because I actually wore it to raid during Burning Crusade and that was the most fun I have ever had in the game due to my great guild and friends. Over time I also grew to love the way the set looks, as it is an eye-catching color, and has a very distinctive and very complete look without being over-the-top. Sure the eyeballs on the shoulders originally weirded me out, but now I think they're awesome!
Death Knight Tier 8. Why? Cus it looks *!%!in' brutal.

because I solo'd all the dungeons for beaststalker during BC.
My favorite was my t6 for this priest, definitely. I spent a lot of effort getting the whole set, and it was super enjoyable too. My time spent in Black Temple and Hyjal were extremely enjoyable because of the fantastic raid group I had at the time. Plus, I spent a lot of time wearing my t6, it stuck with me as I ventured into Northrend and all the experiences there.

Besides all the memories with it, it is a beautiful set. I still wear the white recolor of it for every boss kill shot with my raids, and keep the full set in my bank for nostalgia.
Netherwind, after countless hours upon hours, and months upon months of "afk suppression room" by the mages in our guild, netherwind has a special place in my heart. From the first time the bracers dropped, to the "water making" trinket, aka Mind Quickening Gem, the whole instance of BWL was a feat for the guild and one of the last times that you would hear everyone on vent screaming in excitement for downing Nef the first time with black/red drakonids. Even though we only ever had one pair of gloves drop for the mages, I have tried to go back many times to see if i can complete the set along with robes.

When netherwind shoulders dropped for all our mages, we used to joke about having the water jugs on our shoulders now. I remember when the shoulders received a graphics update and being mortified by the new loot so much that I took off my shoulders when walking around Ironforge and putting them on only when it was time to raid. The whole set from BWL, Ony, and Rag, will always be special and will never be disenchanted or thrown away from my mage's bank. In fact, the set that I used to wear together is sectioned off into its' own bag in the bank, organized from helm to bracers, gloves to trinket right next to the pieces I managed to obtain from the arcanist regaila.
I have to say Tier 8 Warlock.

I hit 80 for the first time near the end of Naxx being the top major raid. Heading in there literally 3 minutes after I got my Level 80 achievement with quite a few friends from a guild I recently joined. When Ulduar came out, I was still very fresh and very green when it came to raiding. Perfecting my rotation, getting my stats right, fighting hit cap and before the greatest buff to Warlocks in my opinion (The buff to Soul Shatter, even being a new raider I could still yank threat like mad as Destro.)

Ulduar was kind of like a dream. It felt like what the older players were mentioning when they talked about old Molten Core runs or TBC players talking about when Black Temple came out. It had an awesome feel, I loved the lore behind the raid and I was actually there, for the first time in my WoW life progressing through new content.

Of course I was aiming to get the best gear I could, like all raiders do. Then I went out and did the Wrathgate. That totally changed my reason for wanting this Tier set. Seeing Putress wearing the off-color version of this set just made it that much better.

So I kept going with my guild, progressing through 25 man Ulduar and buying the 2 pieces with badges. I got 4/5 Conqueror's in 25 then a month or two into ICC collected the Valorous shoulders. My first time killing Yogg with any keepers not in play and had fun doing it since I now outgeared the place.

I have a lot of memories of that raid, still run it on my 85 Paladin when I can for shards of the Legendary and still have that set sitting in my bags. Nothing better than T8 Warlock on a female Blood Elf while on an RP server.

No other set has gotten me as many whispers as well, people seem to love the look of it when I am running around on my Horseman's mount doing my JC daily or whatever.
Rogue tier 8, Terrorblade!! mainly because it`s unique and hasn`t been seen and the shoulders have the best animations ever ^.^
The plate Blessed Undead Slaying set. I know it looks like T2 (which i also love), but the nostalgia and memories that come along with that set for me is what sets it apart.
Tier 5 Warlock, the Corruptor Raiment. I've had it sitting in my bags since BC and I'll often wear it around Stormwind just to remind everyone what a proper Tier set should look like.

It's the perfect embodiment of the dark background of Warlocks. We're here to cause as much pain and suffering in as many of the enemy's forces as possible.
1)Onslaught + Bulwark of Azzinoth and Brutalizer.
Makes my dwarf look like a pissed off ball of death.
Still in my bags.

2) Warrior Ulduar set. Majesticly classic and fitting.
Had to delete for space but I'm collecting again and have half of it back.
I love the Onslaught (Warrior Tier 6) set.

It fit the theme of Black Temple perfectly - in a way, it looks like I tore the very stone from the walls of that place and stuck in on my armor. It's impressive without looking overly flashy or ornamental, and the chips and cracks hint at lots of combat and a hidden power beneath the dull surface. It even matches the tanking weapon (Brutalizer) and shield (Bulwark of Azzinoth) from the tier. When I wear it I feel like I'm saying, "I am a fortress. You will not pass." To me, that's one of the coolest feelings a protection warrior can have.
When I wear it I feel like I'm saying, "I am a fortress. You will not pass." To me, that's one of the coolest feelings a protection warrior can have.

Says it all.
Does this include weapons as well, or just armor? I have quite the collection of weapons. (Ravencrest's Legacy with Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight) or Draconic Avenger for Weapons. Beautifully crafted. Every time I equip Ravencrest's Legacy I'm reminded of that epic questline.
The Wrathful Gladiator set for Paladins...I think it's the best characterization of how a Paladin should look so far, small pinpoints of light adorning the quicksilver armor made it very noble and powerful looking while still retaining a feel of grace. I earned the pieces through arena and in my spare time of not doing arenas I would walk around Dalaran as if I were another NPC. I still keep it with me and wear it sometimes to show those in Stormwind that I'm not to be trifled with!

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