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T6 priesty :) still need two badges.
Warrior, rogue, warlock, shaman, hunter and priest tier 6. Re-hire / put the designers behind those sets back into action for t13 and on.

Grats t12 people, you can put fire on gear now give me something that looks good without the fire as well. Also, whoever thought lets make s4/t9 look alike for armor sets should be fired immediately.

Follow up question, where is my Moose?
Druid Tier 1, but with Tier 2 headpiece.

Took me a while to earn it all and this was back when having Tier items made you look accomplished and unique. Back when you would inspect a character just to see what they're wearing.

Tier 2 headpiece because it dropped off Ragnaros... it was the finisher in accomplishment in MC before BWL came out.

Tier 1 and tier 2 really matched the theme of the classes in general too. You could tell from a far someone in full tier gear is a Druid or a Paladin or a Shaman, etc. Tier 12, to continue the Druid example... just doesn't look like something a Druid would wear. Concepts for the headpieces were much more simple (and therefore better looking) with the earlier tiers. Tier 2 Druid helm was large, but the concept was simple... Fantasy or not, what is that on the head of Tier 12 Druid and why would it be balanced there?

I also really liked the Tier 10 Shaman set. Though it didn't really fit the class, the animated animals on the shoulders topped it off nicely (animals are a druid thing - shaman should have had fire elementals or something); the animations were frequent enough to be noticeable... infrequent and transparent enough to not be distracting. Good set.
My three favorite sets were the Hunter's T2 (Dragonstalker), T6 (Gronnstalker), and T11 (Lightning-Charged Battle Gear).
Mage tier 3 (Frostfire) was definitely my favorite set. It was always the set that I could never have. My guild didn't get into Naxxaramas in time for the expansion into Outland, and we never looked back. I still want it to this day on my mage, but I can't even go back to get it like you can with any other tier because the level sixty version of Naxxaramas is no longer.
The original frostfire was easily the best eye candy, props to the art guys on that one.
Warlock t8. Putress is my hero!

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