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On my old main, Tier 2 Paladin. It looks iconic, back when Tier sets were class based instead of raid based. Followed closely by T8(10man), which while based more so on the dungeon, had a fantastic flavor to it.

On my Dk..... I can't think of a set yet that I'm like "ZOMGIMUSTHAVEDIS!@!! Though, with a few tweaks and confirmation of Colors, Tier 12 could definitely be the first one. (The wings on the helm are..... as Keanu Reeves is famous for saying "Whoa")
Priest T5 IMHO

I mean the halo with the wings just scream Priest. T6 is a very close second. If it were not for the S&M bondage shoulder thing they would be 1st. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Also love Warlock T4 and T5. Nothing looked as evil as my little Gnome with the skulls spiked on his shoulders. I still have the T5 Priest shoulders as well as my Locks T4 helm and gloves as well as T5 shoulders.
The Valorous Terrorblade set. I did some raiding in Classic and Burning Crusade, but I didn't really start doing it regularly until Wrath of the Lich King. Ulduar was my favorite raid with a really awesome, eldritch atmosphere as the prison of the Old God, and my armor set from it was the coolest-looking yet in my opinion. Yogg-Saron became my greatest challenge and prevented me from acquiring that final piece of the set; I never did beat him until Cataclysm where it was still a royal pain, but on that one kill he finally dropped that chest piece; the Old God had submitted at last. I still have the armor set to this day.
Lightbringer (T6Pal), Avatar (T5Pr), Malorne (T4Dr), Original Faith (T3Pr)
I love my T8 paladin 10 man set. Ulduar being a unique mix of steampunk, roman, and what I'd have to call atlantas-like themes show themselves perfectly in this tier. The pieces had formed brass and copper inlaid on a quality binding material; along with there being the bolts and brass of steampunk there was a mysticism infused into it who's understanding was from an ancient civilization long ago.

That raiding tier was perfectly embodied in the paladin tier and along with it my memories of the most innovative, challenging, interesting, and coherent raid and theme of wrath and the game as a whole.
Druid Tier 6 and 7
Priest Tier 5, 6, 8

I was lucky enough to get a lot of Tier 7 on my resto druid. I'll be going back to farm up Tier 5 for my priest! I just love how it looks. <3
Tier one priest.

Took 4+ months to see the first piece drop back in MC.

Definitely glad those days are over, but the rarity of the pieces certainly made it more rewarding when they finally dropped.
Shaman tier 5, I love the elements theme with every set that comes out.
I rolled a Shaman, got it to 70 and pvp'd just to obtain the armor.
Bloodfang (T2 Rogue), after they revamped the initial look of it. Everything just looked perfect.

I think it truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to Rogues looking "Deadly or Sinister".
T3 Plagueheart. If I'm not actively in combat or close to it, I always switch back into my Plagueheart gear. Sadly, I didn't earn it when 40-man Naxxramas was a progression raid, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. I've been a devoted Affliction warlock since the original closed beta, and to me, the Plagueheart set visually embodies everything I enjoy about my class and my role. It's alien, it's striking, and it's noxious. The set revamp in WoTLK hardly captured the same essence as T3, much like the raid instance itself.
I like many of the mage tier sets but my overall favorite mage armor set is the Sorcerer's Regalia, the upgraded version of the dungeon set from the old Scholomance days. It took me years to farm the pieces and some of the upgrade quests were downright hard like 45 min baron. It's the exact same look as Shade of Aran and in fact some days I don the armor, bring out my friend Archmage Vargoth who also has the same set and role play the Shade. I even bring out the Kirin Tor familiar during the 'add phase' section.
Lawbringer, for nostalgia's sake...

My first run in Molten Core ever, with my friend's guild that was trying to recruit me, I got 5 pieces of the set because the other paladins already had them. The entire run I got whispers about how long it took one or another to get that particular piece, and I went from all blues and greens to more than half a tier set in an evening. There was no jealousy or spite, just camaraderie and friendship, and one of the moments I most cherish of all 6 years I've been playing.
Dungeon Set 2 (AKA Tier 0.5) despite being a recolor of Dungeon Set 1, it had a much more rogue-appropriate color scheme. If you wish to see some Worgen npcs sporting this no-longer-attainable gear you may do so at Talonbranch (Alliance town) in NE Felwood. Hopefully it will become available again sometime in the future.
Okay I'm stuck between two of them so here goes:

The first has to be the mage tier 11 heroic set. The regular Firelord's set is alright but when it comes down to it being a fire mage from level 10 until now named Flameshock this set just cries out "farm for me!". The undead standing there sort of hunched over with the smokey animations coming off of him holding the vicious gladiator's spellblade with power torrent on it and the vicious gladiator's off-hand almost makes me feel like I belong in Deathwing's ascendant council. The face just screams terror and really just feels perfect on my character.

The second favorite (since I couldn't just choose one since they're both so awesome) is the rogue tier 2 set. Since the beginning of my Warcraft career I've adored it. I remember being in stormwind and watching this creature ride by on a tiger. I followed him to the auction house and just stood there admiring the beautiful Bloodfang set. I ended up going to the site and checking it out on every alliance character until I settled on the fact that my human female rogue would look perfect in it. I always and to this day believe that since they have a semi-sleek build without the macho muscles of the males, or the ears of the night elves, or the...chunkiness of the dwarves that the human females in Bloodfang hit just the right balance. To this day my rogue sits with the Bloodfang set on because I just can't log her in anything else. The red and black really fits the feeling of appearing out of the shadows and leaving only blood behind. The hood with the red eyes is just...perfect.
Warlock Tier 2 and 5
Priest Tier 6 and 7
Rogue Tier 2
Hunter Tier 4 and 10
Druid Tier 2 and 11
My favorite set is the one that looks the best and to me I would have to say all warlock tiers from TBC are great along with t8 but 4 is the best. Nemesis is also amazing.
Paladin Tier 2 was fantastic.

Priest Tier 6 with the blindfolded shoulders was also very very good.
The Faith set from original Naxx was spot-on for a Holy Priest. You can't improve on perfection, and everything since then has not measured up to the mark.
My favorite armor set of all time? I'd have to go with my Mage Grand Marshal set from vanilla. The reason this set is my favorite isn't just because of what I went through to get it back then but also because it looks fantastic. Unlike today's blocky, overblown, "trying too hard to be interesting" sets, the original Grand Marshal set was stylish.

The mage Grand Marshal set features a crown for the headpiece which showed both the player's face and hair unlike most helms today which are hoods that typically cover face and/or hair. Today's helms rob us of what little uniqueness our character might have due to hair and face choice.

The mage Grand Marshal set also featured interesting shoulder art that wasn't just two giant cinder blocks that are bigger than your head sitting on your shoulders. The actual pads for the shoulders are actually below the character's eye line and the prongs on the back which do rise above the head are still interesting and don't look like they are weighing the wearer down.

Asthetics aside, I also hold sentimental value for my gm set because of the months of BG battles (before cross realm queues existed) I had to go through fighting my way up the ranks. It's an experience I am glad I had though I don't think I could ever do it again he he.

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