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What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

My favourite set is the priest T1 set. It's simple, it looks priesty, and it's fantastic.

Plus, I love red.

And gold.
Tier 6 Hunter by a mile!

The whole theme of wearing what we hunt has never been done so effectively as it was with gronnstalker. The shoulders + helm moving eyeball theme is so striking and different to any tier set for any class.
shaman tier 2 set. ten storms looks AMAZING on a female troll. still have it in my bags as raiding mc, ony and bwl to get the whole set still holds a special place in my memory, and i get all nostalgic when i reminisce about ye olde days.

also, what could be more shaman-y than a wolves head with lightning bolts erupting from the eyes for shoulder pads? nothing i tell you!
Shaman Tier 5 - Cataclysm Harness / Arena Season 2 - Merciless Gladiator's Earthshaker

Best when viewed on an Orc, just something about that Harnessed Volcano look. #1 set of all time.

I earned the set grinding out my 10 arena matches per week. Nothing really sentimental about how I earned it, I made an effort to earn it because of how it looked. I still have that and my Scarlet Monastery set - even though it's not a shaman set anymore =( , in my bank for whenever I feel nostalgic.
What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

For priests the Devout set
for paladins the LightForge
Warlock Dreadmist

I really hope to see the Dungeon set return in some way, the full set even if its just a quest for level 60's
I never was able to collect all pieces. Maybe at 85 in a patch?
For me it would have to be a draw between the Righteous Dungeon set from BC and Paladin T-10.

The Righteous Dungeon set is silver/white, and looks impressive without being massive or cartoonish. Combine that set with a white cloak edged in gold and the Argent Dawn Tabard and you really look like a Paladin should in my opinion. A gallant knight in shining armor. The best looking shield I've found to go with is is actually the Crystal Plated Vanguard from Tier 9 combined with the sword Honor's Call.
Everytime I'm not actually fighting monsters I'm wearing that suit because I feel it really makes a Paladin look the part. If it weren't for the current content I'd probably find a way to still use it.

But set against that, however, is the Tier 10 suit. Which looks like the Knight in Shining armor just saw some evil undead monstrosity kill his best friend and now the Paladin is burning with righteous fury and is out for blood.
Onslaught, tier 6, and Siegebreaker, tier 8, are the quintessential warrior sets. Onslaught, especially when paired with the Bulwark of Azzinoth and the Unbreakable Will, represents the unyielding and immovable object that a protection warrior is, while the Siegebreaker set more represents the unstoppable force that an Arms or Fury warrior is. I know some had qualms originally when the set was first shown and the rams' heads were prominently displayed on our shoulders, but the ram was the perfect choice. An charging warrior is just that: a battering ram.
Though Druid tier 6 is not my favorite tier set, I love the way it looks and the set is important to me. It's the only set in the game that has made me say "Wow, what I went through to get these pieces..." I still have the original 4 Feral pieces (Helm, Shoulders, Legs, Gloves) that I've had since BC. I also still have my 4 pieces of tier 6 for Balance. I regret vendoring my Pillar of Ferocity (Feral staff off of Anetheron in Hyjal). I was very happy that tier 6 didn't get replaced until Naxx10 when Wrath came out and I'm sure others felt the same way.
Warlock t6

Does there really need to be an explanation? You had wings pop out of your set! It looked wicked.
Tier6 sets were the best overall. Warrior Onslaught and Priest T6 sets were amazing
Paladin T2 looks awesome, but here's a bit of love for T11 as well. When I first saw it on MMO Champions it looked nice enough, but when I saw a player wearing it for real all I could do was stare and say, "Want!" I finally got enough valor points to get some of the set for myself, and was most flattered when another paladin was running a dungeon with me and told me how beautiful my shoulders were and how it made her want to go raiding.

(My shoulders aren't the tier ones, but came from a very lucky world drop. I'm just as happy with them as I would have been with the real ones, and they look the same!)

And, let's hear it for the T11 hunter set. Love murlocs or hate them? Skin one and show off your work for all to see! Take the glass bubbles and rings from his fishing net so you can flash some bling on your shoulders and let nothing go to waste. The waterdrop jewels add the final touch to the aquatic theme of this set. The gargled battlecry is optional.
Judgement-Paladin Tier 2-Was not able to obtain it back pre-bc. But went back with a few friends and have obtained the whole set. Not the fake purple set. The actual B/A set. Hands down the best Paladin/All around Set in the Game.

Looks damn fine with Hand of Rag.
Priest tier 2 was incredible. The stained glass appearance was absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful, and in the grand scheme of the game has been the most unique set applied to the game.

Paladin Tier 2 was also very good.
Priest tier 3. The pale blue and the light effects make it the perfect healing set, in my opinion (with tier 5 being a close second).

Sadly, I never cared about this alt until late WotLK, so I'll never be able to collect it :(
Tier 3-Never got a chance to raid during the old days of Naxx. But that set always reminds me of Voltron.

Without a doubt, Slayers Armor (Rogue Tier 6) + Dual Warglaives of Azzinoth + Cursed Vision of Sargeras.

I didn't start raiding until early in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but the only reason I am even playing this game is due to the machinima The Burning Crusade - The Movie by Jack / Millenium Guild. While I knew it was a video made for entertainment purposes, I wanted to experience the splendor of a battle like the final confrontation with Illidan Stormrage. I'm still working on completing the outfit mentioned above, but I believe it remains as one of the most inspiring sets of gear this game has to offer (± Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury).
I would definitely have to say warlock tier 5 armor. It definitely showed off the true sinister essence of the warlock class.
Warrior t5 which is the destroyer battle gear has to be my favorite of all time.I completed the set during BC.So it was an honor to raid in such a well designed set.I still have it to this day in my bags as well taking up bag space which i do not mind.The set -Destroyer- worked well with this style of armor.Back then before i ever started doing arena .I use to roll into Bgs with the full set.It was nice to see people avoid me.It does have a Intimidation factor as well.

I feel this set complements my character role play background as well.As my character Craves War and loves engaging battle with the alliance head foward while brandishing his axe.I don't think any other tier set could match Destroyer.I mean it is menacing on an Orc warrior.I think this set should be on the WoW hall of fame for armor sets.Well for plate anyways.

If they ever made a new tier and asked players ask what type of design we are looking for.I would suggest remaking or Redesigning Destroyer.That set really makes warriors look fierce.If i could transfer all my gear stats to destroyer set so i could just raid in it again.I would certainly do it! LOK'TAR OGAR FOR THE BEST SET EVER DESIGNED!

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