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I don't have 1 favourite set of armour.Just a few that i really really like.
1.The reskinned bloodfang set from karazhan. Reminds me how much fun i had during the start of raiding career.
2.Pally tiers 2,5 and 6.Probably the best looking sets i've ever seen for most classes. Very very thematic.
3 The priest tier 5. It almost made me reroll a priest instead of my pally tank.
Definitely my Tier 2 Judgement. I was the first pally on my guild to get the full set (8/8) since the judgement legs would barely drop off rag, we only saw it twice i believe? and we had about 7-9 full time pallys, so it was amazing getting the full set :)

Running around in AV, WSG with that set and ashkandy was awesome!

I was an officer in Destined and they last about 1 1/2 to 2 years. I've still kept it to this day and will never get rid of it. It also has all the old chants on them still, so oldskool :P
Priest T6 was gorgeous. Probably the best-looking set the art team ever produced.

I was also fond of the Dragonstalker (Hunter T2) and Darkmantle (Rogue .5) sets; They looked nice without going overboard. Most - if not ALL - of the new sets are just too overdone; The shoulders look horrible and literally don't fit the characters.
Pretty much all the BC sets had imo the best look, mainly due to the simplicty.
I wish your item designers would look back to that and think wow less is actully more some times.

I get its hit and miss but some times they miss by a large margin like present era WWE belts.

O warr T11 looks badass though, i really like it.

My fave was however my mage t6 gear, mainly due to the effort i went through and the fun that was TBC raiding.
Nemesis! ..actually all of the tier 2 sets. Blizz design really hit a high point with them.
Warrior tier 3, Dreadnaught. It didn't really follow the "New Warrior set, now with bigger, spikier shoulders!" mantra that seems to permeate the rest of our sets, but it looked fantastic.

Still the proud owner of 8/9 pieces, only missing the ring.
Paladin tier 6 hands down.
the new Leather gear from ZG/ a boss
Tier 2 was by far the greatest tier Blizzard ever designed. Most of the sets had a really distinct class-based feel where you could look at them without having ever played WoW before, with a list of classes in front of you, and say "yeah that's a rogue" or "that's definitely a warlock".

The tiers nowadays are nice from an art perspective (in most cases) but it would be refreshing to have another tier like 2, even if the art has to be simple again.
Druid: Cenarion/Stormrage mix
Hunter: Cryptstalker
Rogue: Deathmantle
Mage: Frostfire/Tempest
Paladin: Judgement
Priest: Sanctification
Shaman: Skyshatter
Warlock: Corruptor
Deathknight: Scourgeborne (Tier 12 maybe after 4.2)
Warrior: Onslaught
My absolute favorite armor set is the Avatar Raiment, tier 5 Priest. For me, it embodies everything I see a Priest as. Angelic and radiant, but with a dark, powerful side. The Mantle of the Avatar was the first piece of the set I received, and it has always held deep significance for me, both out of character and in character, as it really helped shape the way I saw my Priest Malvalen.
Definately the Warlock tier 6 (I think) Malefic Raiment. Not only does it look exactly how a warlock should look but it grew demonc wings! Still have the set =]
I know most of the people here are talking about Raid Sets but my favorite Rogue Set would be the Oppertunist set from BC as it in my opnion perfectly displays how a Rogue should look with blades hidden and stored all over the armor makeing us feel always dangerous and always ready to strike.
Cryptstalker from Naxx 40. After having to wear trash can shoulders and then purple spandex, the T3 set was like a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of atrocious hunter gear. Managed to collect 6 pieces before TBC released and the rarity of the set always got stares in IF. Went back at 70 to finish off the set and still have all 9 pieces (even the ring!) sitting in my hunter's bank.
Lock Tier 5 Was like looking at the grim reaper, just pure awesome.
Warlock Tier 6.
This tier is the perfect example of time well spent for a theme of a class. The armor just screams warlock. The detail done to this tier is unbelievable, no other warlock theme has looked anywhere better then other Tiers. Perfect tier for a wonderful class shows how warlock use dark arts and the armor shows exactly that.
What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

The warlock season three Vengeful Gladiator gear was my favorite set, partially because it was a warlock set, partially because it was from The Burning Crusade. Plus it had one of the few helmets that I could actually see one of my characters wearing without me being focused on how silly I look.

***Cough*** Rare these days! ***Cough***

That or the season two Merciless Gladiator gear for paladins because my first level capped character was indeed a paladin at the start of season two.
myne would be my full set of T10 lightsworn tank gear,
i dont have it anymore because i needed to save room for cataclysm
Rogue Darkmantle Dungeon Set 2 set

It's the one set I have on this toon and one I will always be proud to wear at any and all times. I was so glad to complete it before the Shattering took place.

About the only reason why I would post on this toon anymore.
Shaman T5

But tier 2 is better as a whole then anyother tier by far.....where did those designers go.

Thats when 2 handers used to be big...../sigh.

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