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Paladin tier 10 easily had the most authentic class feel for me.

Really had the paladin look going on with it. If a paladin had shadowmourne + full t10 it was pretty much as win as it got. Course Shadowmourne was better off in the hands of a warrior...
I'm a pack rat and among the many things I save are my class sets. My favorite set on my priest is easily the complete Virtuous "tier 0.5" set. The upgrade chain was long, occasionally grindy (hello ogre war beads) but often epic, and I'm glad to have completed it. My first 45 minute Baron was easily one of the must fun things I did in vanilla WOW. Finally killing Valthalak was totally satisfying too. I'll grant it's not much to look at; indeed I look like a banana creamsicle in the get-up, but it's still a set I'm happy to don on special occasions.

As far as favorite looking sets go, I have to go with my druid's tier 4 set. I just love everything about the Malorne regalia. Every piece looks good separately and in concert with the rest. The white and green is just classy. There have been some nice druid sets in every expansion (the tier 5 shoulders are beautiful and I'm fond of the tier 8 as well), but Malorne remains tops in my book.
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Rogue tier 8, Terrorblade!! mainly because it`s unique and hasn`t been seen and the shoulders have the best animations ever ^.^

:O - terrorblade helm



Paladin Tier 8 was amazing looking to me. At the time Ulduar was the current raid, I was still leveling my main toon. So unfortunately I wasn't able to have that set when it was current content. I have recently begun to gather all of my previous tier sets, I have already accumulated the entirety of Tier 9 and Tier 10.
definitely the Sanctified Scourgelord's set for DK's, unless the DK starter zone gear counts
I like my paladin's tier 3 set, I parade around Org in it with High Warlord title on to complete full out nerd status from level 60 even though it was a human female back then. Also a fiery enchanted pig sticker polearm.
The High Warlord 60 PvP set, due to the fact that it was faction specific. It only makes sense that PvP gear should appear different for different factions because they are the ones rewarding it to you. An Orc should by no means wear the same Armor on the battlefield as the Human across the field.
BC Mage Tier set on undead male: Men in blue dresses. Epic.
This is going to be broad, but nearly every single Tier 5 and Tier 6 armor set out there. They were all badass... I found that Warlocks and Warriors did ESPECIALLY well in TBC with a special mention for the Rogue T5 and Priest T6 sets.

Playing a priest though I have to say that we've done pretty poorly since Tier 6. T8 was the best we've had since TBC and basically everything since then has been some sort of boring robe and looks to continue that way (T12 is yet again, another boring robe). I'd really like to see some more exciting ideas come from the Blizzard art department in this regard. I was really hoping for priests to get a themed tier set for T10, specifically Valkyr, instead we looked like mages :(
After careful consideration, I'd have to rate T9 as my all-time favorite.

Ok, ok, just kidding.

In all seriousness, nothing tops paladin T2 for me. It's still the iconic paladin image.

Honorable mentions include priest and warlock D1; warrior and priest T3; paladin and warlock T4; priest, warlock and warrior T5; priest, paladin, and warlock T6; DK tiers 7, 8, and 10.

I have pretty much no fondness for the post-BC armor sets (except for the DK armor). If anybody from the art team is reading, please keep in mind that it's not necessary to use the ENTIRE color palette on every armor set. The old sets were simpler and much more visually striking. It seems like every set nowadays is a JRPG nightmare.

Oh, and bring back deep cowls!
Warrior T3. It's 100% pure, unadulterated awesome.
Objectively speaking, the Warrior Tier 3 Set (Dreadnaught Battlegear) is the best tier set ever created, allow me to list these reasons:

1) It had nine pieces, with eight of them viewable, and a bonus for wearing eight pieces of it. This means that a Warrior with a full set of the gear was easily recognizable, he was not wearing Paladin shoulders because his fifth tier piece was worse than an offset piece with a different armor graphic, nor was the Paladin wearing anything that looked like his for the same reason.

2) It was only obtainable by beating every raid prior to it first. The people wearing tier 3 were certified badasses that had worked long and hard to earn that tier of gear, which set the prestige level of the gear somewhere just north of the moon. Passersby crowded around players decked out in this gear just to see it in action, and the players wearing it felt like gods amongst men.

3) It represented a singular role. You didn't have to wonder if the person wearing Dreadnaught was a DPS or a tank, you knew they were a tank. Period.

4) It was the only set of Tier 3 armor to have skulls prominently adorned on it, and everyone knows that skulls make everything better.

These four points are verified by scientists everywhere, so I think it's safe to say that it is, indeed, the best ever set of armor.
Mage Tier 6 - I was very proud of my Antenna

When my shoulders dropped off Chromaggus I literally cried. The set was everything a paladin should be, and it wasn't completely gold. I was really tired of being a banana. The shoulders and helm are sitting in my bank, they were by far the most important to me.
level 60 warrior pvp set
level 60 mage pvp set
t6 hunter
t10 rogue

ones i hate:

t11 rogue
(up and coming) t12 mage
Of all the armor sets that Slash has ever owned over the years, the warrior Tier 0.5 "Heroism" set, combined with my Quel'Serrar is by far the most cherished.

I can still remember running endgame dungeons for the Tier 0 sets back in the day with my close friends. At the time we were officers of a small, very slow progression guild named the Hell Hound Heroes (and by "slow" I mean just barely reaching Ony and MC by the time BWL came out), and as a result of being the ONLY warrior I was elected as the main tank. Eventually, months of grinding brought me a full set of Valor, which I in turn used to beat Ony and obtain Quel'Serrar.

When we started slugging through MC the 0.5 sets had just been released, and given the rather embarrassing pace of our raids it was decided that we'd try and grab the new sets, unaware of just how painful the process would be. I remember endlessly bashing my head in frustration trying to make the 40-minute Baron run in time (a feat that even a well-geared group had difficulty with as I remember), and eventually we gave up on the idea. Shortly thereafter my friends rerolled on another server and the guild fell apart.

I ended up keeping that Valor set (minus the belt, bracers and gloves which I upgraded and then sold) well into Wrath. When Cata was announced I had a hunch that the old sets might not be obtainable anymore, so I decided to haul Valor out of mothballs and go for Heroism again. Now of course the dungeons were a joke by this point, but doing them and the quest made me remember the times I had had with my friends years back, and when I finally obtained the last pieces to the set it really did feel like, I don't know... vindication maybe? Like that one, last hurdle that we never got over was finally conquered.

So to this day I keep that entire set in the bank along with my Quel. Not only is it one of the rarest and coolest looking sets in game, but it's also one that helps me reconnect with my early days in WoW.
Much as I loved the judgement set, I'm gonna have to go with the Death Knight t10. I absolutely adored it, it really screamed "Death Knight" to me. I remember when I finally completed the it, I just kind of stood around and felt super awesome, wielding my Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter. I think it was probably the crowning moment of awesome of my tanking career in Wrath. :)

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