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Tier 5: Great-looking models, not easy, not everyone had a set... felt epic
Being quite new to Warcraft at the time, with the launch of TBC I thought I was ready for raiding (I was wrong). I joined a semi-casual guild and eventually worked my way up to some of the server's first kara kills. It took us longer than most but it still felt like our time was well spent in the raids. I felt honored to recieve the Tier 4 gloves from Curator. It took my guild a few weeks to finally get a kill and when I got the pretty druid gloves. it felt epic. After a few months of raiding Tier 4 content my guild was finally able to start raiding SSC and TK. The best part of WoW raiding for me was in the BC expansion and to compile a full set of Tier 5 raiding gear made you feel and look ready to tackle the biggest challenge of the expansion, Illidan Stormrage. The sets looked "epic" and the process involved in acquiring the set was epic as well. The Boss fights, the raid zones, and ultimately the items were all beautifully designed and I never felt more rewarded playing this game than I did when I was raiding in the Burning Crusade and worked for gearing out my character and trying to help my guild progress to even more epic raids!
Netherwind(t2) because I still think the 8pc set bonus is OP, and was op back in the day when you were able to use both trinkets at the same time with AP and POM.
for my chars

mage t4 PvP set
hunter t2
druid t4 and 7.5
DK starter set and t10
My favorite set is DK tier 10, since it comes from ICC. Obviously, that's where the Lich King is, and he made all of the Death Knights. The look of it is, in my opinion, the most fitting set for Death Knights that could ever be made. I am still trying to get the full set with the matching non-set pieces, there's a lot of nostalgia for me. The whole part of it coming from ICC helps that, like this armor was designed by the Lich King himself for his Death Knights, and that this armor is the real Death Knight look.
I like the current druid t11 set as it feels like something a druid would actually wear in a fantasy world. It has the flavour of the class without it being too overbearing.
I love the nightslayer set, I've even gone back to get the recolored version from The Burning Crusade.
I loved the Worldbreaker set mainly because that was the height of my wow playing and I spend the most time raiding Ulduar 25 and even though it was only 2 years ago I occasionally get nostalgic and can't help but smile at the fond memories I've had at conquering it with my old guild that's why the Worldbreaker set is the only complete tier gear that I've held onto.
My favourite Tier set of all time is the T4 Shaman set. The Cyclone set was possibly the most beautiful set in the game, and it made me happy. Plus I had the Dragonheart Flame Shield, which just rocked the whole getup.
Giantstalker - It was only tier that anyone who raided old school Vanilla WoW Molten Core had, and it is probably one of the funnier looking tier sets that hunter ever had. It brings back memories that i miss alot. Raiding Molten Core back then was such an experience it still gives me chills when i listen to the Molten Core background music. It was definitely the most notable tier set especially because MC was done for a very long time and when BWL came out it was a very tough instance and only top guilds did it. I use to hold on to the pieces but unfortunately i'm starting to lose room but I still got my Rhok'delar and Lok'delar! I wish blizzard would implement a tab or bag for old school gear that didn't take up room
I've always loved the look of the Bloodfang set. It's mysterious and sinister, the very essence of what a rogue should be.
The best set for Hunter has to be the tier 4, Demonstalker. It was stylish, it was intimidating, it just reeked of excellent design. It' what gives me hope that there will be an appearance tab so I can once more don that awesome armor.

And not the silly hats of eyeball, horn head, or fire jowls.
Tier 6 - Priests. It was beautiful the helm was my favourite piece. I still have the set in my bank. I also kept the angel wing shoulders from tier 5. It fitted a healing priest so well!

I think all shoulder pieces for priests should have angel wings! =D
Black wings for shadow and white for healing.
What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

I'm really liking the look of this season's PvP gear. It's pretty streamlined, with a little flair in the right places, and looks fashionable, to boot.

Earning the set wasn't as hard as the PvE gear I collected before it--battlegrounds don't take as long as instances, so it only took about a week. But since I haven't been playing that long it's the first complete set of armor I've actually dedicated myself to assembling, and means a lot to me to be able to finally acquire it. I'll most likely be holding onto this during later seasons.
Druid tier 0.5. The dungeon set two that I'm currently sporting. It has all the elements of a druid theme from Warcraft III, and encapsulates "Druid of the Wild" better than any set of armor has since. The colouration on it is absolutely beautiful, and it is a very elegant armour. To top it all off, it was an amazing quest chain to do back in the day. I remember having to tank my own 45 minute baron run to finish it all off because tanks didn't want to deal with the stress and hassle of it. I finished with 22 seconds to spare. Even though this isn't my main, I have to say I love the way this set looks above all others, and there have been several very good looking sets.
Tier Sets have come along way, and I'm quite enjoying the current Magma Tier for Death Knights. With your graphics up on full bawl, they actually glow like the armor covering Deathwing's fiery wounds.
Warrior T6 for sure

The set seemed very warrior like. The shoulders looked like spiked pillars of death. The helmet had a face guard that was also just a huge plate of spiked steel. Couple that with the Bullwark of Azzinoth and you have pretty much the most warrioristy warrior of all times.

Close second is T5 warrior

Those crazy axe edged shoulders are just absolutely crazy. And the horned gas mask helmet is sick and scary, especially on a tauren.
Druid: Cenarion/Stormrage mix
Hunter: Cryptstalker
Rogue: Deathmantle
Mage: Frostfire/Tempest
Paladin: Judgement
Priest: Sanctification
Shaman: Skyshatter
Warlock: Corruptor
Deathknight: Scourgeborne (Tier 12 maybe after 4.2)
Warrior: Onslaught

Hmmm ima have to go with this. Deathmantle/Corruptor/Onslaught are easily the 3 best sets in game. Well Judgement is damn close to.
Hello there, Trendsetter

Tier 7 was my fave, especially the Warlock armor!!! Mmmm :3

But as a Warrior, i just want oversized shoulders and massive weapons of overcompensation :D Kthnxbye :p

What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement set) I love it because it just looks plain out awesome! During the Summer, since I'm out of school then, I used to spend all Summer running all the old raids. The gear reminds me of the good times of the past, back when everything wasn't so easy. I still have most of the set with me, all though, I've lost the helm piece to it and I think the gloves. I love the set, just because, ITS AWESOME. :)

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