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Warrior T2, Battlegear of wrath. Colorful without being ostentatious, and suitably intimidating.
I can't decide between the Druid T6, Lock T5 and Lock T6. Those 3 are my favorites and yes I do have them all still and every now and then just wear them around Org.
Best piece of teir armor I loved is the Arcanist set, that you could obtain in Molten Core (40 Man Raid).

This set in my opinion was one of the best sets for Mages, back in the day, and it was sick looking as well. I loved getting the entire collection for my Mage with my guild back in the day, as it took a long time and dedication.

Raiding then was tougher to earn gear as well because there was 40 Man raiding then, instead of the now 10 and 25 man raids, that you can choose to join. Additionally, The bosses then were pretty epic and when you enchanted your gear, you looked even more awesome looking.

Not to say, the T11 gear, which was added in Cataclysm isn't any good looking. I do love that helm that turns your face into a burning mask pretty much. That is pretty cool as well. =)
For priests, the tier 10 armor - the Icecrown set. Not only does it make you feel like a jedi, with the shrowded hood and glowing shoulders, but it also has some of the best set bonuses ever. That, and it was the first tier set I ever managed to get a complete set of.
The best set of armour is the one im taking off all those blood elf females ya digg
My favorite armor set of all time would have to be the Bloodsail Buccaneer Uniform and Ardmiral Hat with the Blood Parrot. I love it so much because of how cool it is, the title I got along with it, and all the hard work it took to get it.

I had been spending all of my time a couple days devoted to killing all the npcs around Faldir’s Cove. I would just go around and around in a circle, from the npcs on the ground, to the boat, back to the ground, and occasionally when the other npcs by the campfire spawned I would go after them.

I couldn’t attack Booty Bay because I was just 1 rogue vs the buffed guards that would quickly spawn and kill me easily if I tried killing the vendors. So, I searched for a little bit and found out about the npcs by Faldir’s Cove that would still give me Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation. So, I then decided to go there and grind rep till I was high enough to get the quest Avast ye, Scalleywag at friendly from Pretty Boy Duncan to go to Fleet Master Firallon and get Avast Ye, Admiral.

When I was able to get the quests, since I was now hated with the goblins at Booty Bay and would be killed on sight, I remembered I was lucky that I was a rogue so I could easily stealth to Baron Revilgaz. I flew on top of the inn, stealthed, dropped behind him, easily killed him with Ambush, died from the guards that attacked me, and then eventually flew back to Fleet Master Firallon to turn in Avast Ye, Admiral where I got my title, hat, and uniform.

I practically lol’d when I got it all and didn’t have to kill any more npcs, I always think of this when I put on that uniform and hat. I love the parrot too. I still hang onto that uniform and hat just cause I love it and can’t get myself to get rid of it. Even if I might not where it, I still won’t get rid of it. It looks cool on my rogue (Silentbandit).
T2 Rogue, T2 Paladin, T3 Rogue (Sentimental), T6 Rogue, T6 Paladin

And the lord of them all - T3 Warrior.

What I'd give to go back to the days when every tier set didn't look like glowing plate.
What's your favorite armor set or tier of all time, and why? Tell us, how did you earn the set; does it have sentimental value; why do you love it; and have you held onto it after it's no longer useful?

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.

I believe perhaps the most byzantine yet majestic of the tier sets would be the Ten Storms set, worn by Shaman. By traditional definition, a Shaman is a walker between worlds; one with cosmic consciousness, linking together the planes of earth and spirit; a clairvoyant medicine man who uses natural tribal remedies, herbal antitodes, and resplendent ritualistic nature-based ceremonies to develop and comemmorate the primal link between life and the elements that reinforce it. To me, the aptly named Ten Storms, fancied in metallic adornment and titanium wolves with blazed lightning, represents the unrivaled, unsurpassed aptitude of the elements and of the power of life and living spirit.

From a lore perspective I feel that the Shaman is the iconic visionary and the most perplexingly misunderstood of the Warcraft classes, and that more than any other, Ten Storms best reflects their rightly obscured but abysmally deep finesse.

T1 Warlock: Felheart.

When the art changed, i hated how it looked like we had candy corn on our shoulders, and after awhile i just dug it. Horns still pwn, and the art was just supirior.
For me, it was always Felheart. I mean, some of the later Warlock sets had the demonic look down, but Felheart gave me horns without hiding the character that I created. Also, that was the last time that I really raided, and I was still wearing it when I turned 70. I just couldn't bear to break the set bonus for some new green item.
Deathknight Tier 8 Conqueror's Darkruned set i kept the helm it stays in my bags for when i want to look cool i never got the shoudlers i lost the roll on it and sold the rest of the set cause i was poor at the time and needed repairs badly
i was raiding with knights of the void when i got my hands on the helm after we downed kel thuzed i collected the rest of the set shortly after i thought of somthing cool while siting in dal i said to myself ima kill the LK with this helm the next day my comps mother board failed so i sent it to get repairs 6 months later i get it back from best buy because they suck ass at keeping on time i nearly forgot how to play wow so i had to relearn everything by then my guild barly existed they had all either quit wow or left the guild so somtime after wards around the time of the catalysm i finaly down the lk after going thru several guilds i took a screen shot the next day i went to retrieve it and my hard drive died so i gave it to a friend to repair he postponed the repair for 3 months and my hard drive was un fixable so i lost my screen shot

i guess expect the worse to be cautious and MAKE LOTS OF COPYS!!!!
I truly wish that Blizz will one day, take a leaf out of Aion and just let you use gear you have, and just..migrate your currently 'raid piece' stats onto it. E.G I have priest tier one, I will like to wear it in a raid without horribly gimping myself. We will pay gold! If we can have some sort of mechanic where we can 'log' that piece into a notepad and just 'bring it out' so we can look the part, it'll be fantastic. I'm quite sure many of us will pay gold for it (GOLD SINK), plus it'll free up those bankslots...

Anyhow, rambling over TIER SETS!

Tier 1 Prophecy set for HOLY priests, that somehow looks fantastic with the Golden Staff off of KJ. Tier 6 for shadow priests (but in truth, they all look the same as a shadowy blob when in shadowform), but it looks great with Anathema.

Tier 2 Bloodfang for rogues.

I have set to see a better paladin set than Tier 2 Judgement.

Grand Marshal set for mages.

I don't have much feeling for the rest.
Judgement, actually had 4 pieces of it prior to the graphics being updated and it being taken out of Molten Core.

But when those graphics were updated, I fell in love.
Warlock Tier 6 - Malefic Raiment. The demonic looking helmet and shoulders worked perfectly to capture the essence of the class. The entire garb fit together perfectly. The animation of the wings was a really nice touch. There was nothing like seeing a warlock standing their malevolently and having the wings pop out.
paladin t2
warlock t3 and t8
druid t2
warrior t2.5, t3, t12
priest t5

I almost never show my helm graphic, so I am a sucker for any set with an awesome helm.
My favorite has to probably be the Vicous Gladiator's Dk pvp set, excluding the helm. the helm kinda ruins the look but walking around in the rest of the armor makes me look beast. My least favorite is probably the Tier 12 Paladin set. The reason for it is because the pallys end up wearing a dress which looks extremly stupid. Only reason i know they wear a dress is I saw the previews for it, and it tested it on the PTR. I'm not trying to be mean, but Blizz you might wanna redesign the Tier 12 Pally armor and maybe give the druid the dress and the pally the pants
I would probably have to say that my favorite armor set was the Tier 10 heroic set for rogues. I enjoyed the fact that it made it seem as though the rogues were wearing a gutted giest head, which of course only made them seem more hardcore in a "Mess with me ... I'll kick your butt in a duel" kind of way. Plus rogues always look good in different red, orange, and black shades as it again adds to the rogues hardcore persona.

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