Complete freeze (WoW & SC2)

Technical Support
I have been coping with this issue for a while and now come to the forums and Blizzard them selfs to try and fix this problem.

First off, I'm pretty computer Savvy and have tried multiple attempts at solving the problem.

ISSUE: My computer completely locks up when entering my account information and pressing connect. This also happens in Starcraft 2. I must manually restart my computer when this happens, windows becomes unresponsive, all sound stops and skips, Etc...

I have tried: Uninstalling/reinstalling graphics drivers, Fresh installs of 64bit windows 7 professional. All temps are running fine and I am unable to produce error reports.

What works: my 32 bit windows 7 OS runs WoW with no problems.

I Play many games in my spare time on my 64bit OS, I have over 90 games on steam and although I haven't tested all of them at least 45 of them run fine on my computer including The witcher 2. I find it weird that Blizzards latest generation of games SC2 and WoW will completely freeze my 64 bit OS with the only option being a hard boot to reset my computer.

Computer specs:

Windows 7 64-bit professional
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
Nvidia GTX295
4gig DDR2

Any help would be appreciated, it seems to be the net handling aspect of these games that are causing the freezing.

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