[H] Astral 1/7 H recruiting

Astral is searching for a few good raiders to add to our roster! We are a progression-oriented guild focused solely on our 10-man raid group. We don't run a "B" team. Just one group of amazing folks who are dedicated, skilled, and ridiculously fun to raid with. (Handsome, too.)

Raiding on a light schedule, we value quality of time over quantity. We don't require 100% attendance, but we are looking for people who will be available for the majority of our raids. We are currently progressing through Heroic Firelands, so applicants should be appropriately geared and ready to jump into this content.

Raid schedule:

Tuesday 8:00-11:00 Eastern
Wednesday 8:00-11:00 Eastern

We are looking for:

1-2 DPS (greatest need: hunter, moonkin, elemental shaman)
1 healer (greatest need: priest, druid)

Please don't hesitate to apply if your class is not listed but you think you would be a perfect fit for us. We will also consider applicants of any class who are interested in a backup raiding role.

For more information and to apply, check out our site:


In-game contacts: Mystek, Silkin, Koica
Edited to reflect current needs. Folks who run with us have a tendency to app to the guild, so core spots are filling fast! A little bit of ranged deeps is all we need to guarantee ideal class composition.
We had a smooth first week of raiding together and have found some awesome recruits so far. It's only going up from here so get those apps in!
I heard Koica's feet smell like peaches.
For the position of Koica's personal companion, only female tauren need apply.

Cho'gall and Al'akir down tonight. That makes 11/12 after a week and a half of raiding. Let's hope Nef's life insurance is all paid up!

We've already found some extraordinary talent on this server, but I bet there are a few more exceptional raiders looking for a home. We want you!
I server transferred to be with this crew.

Great peeps, amazing talent, and black leather gloves.

Love it.
Nefarian dead today!
12/12 in 1 week of raiding :D u know u want to!!!
Depends on how you count. It was our seventh raid night, so if you want to call that a week, I'll take it!
Well technically, we only raided 3 hours a night, so 3 times 7 raids = 21 hours.
12/12 in less than a day!

I'm not accepting any math figures from a guy who can't count backwards from 5.
Edited to reflect current needs. We could really use someone who can play a ranged DPS or healing role as needed to fill out class composition. If that describes you, apply!
06/15/2011 01:30 PMPosted by Koica
I'm not accepting any math figures from a guy who can't count backwards from 5.




....from 10!
Heroic Halfus deserves at least a little bump, I think?
We're opening recruitment again! Woo!

Hardest boss in Firelands so far: the mind-numbing tedium of waiting for Shanox to spawn.
Hm, why is this still down here? The bump, it does nothing!
A bump for Rhyolith!
And a bump for Alysrazor. o_O
Annnnnd a bump for Baleroc. Lol?

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