Staff or 1H + offhand

hi im starting to pvp a lot more and i will buy my weapon with arena points this week. should i get staff or 1h + offhand?
Staff + OH.

The stats of the gear in total will be similar if not equal, but you will gain an additional enchant-able slot.
1H + Offhand is superior, stat-wise. The 40 Int to offhand clinches it.
great. thanks a lot!
I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he jus does,So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes
1. post message in the room
3. dont report anything, i might get in trouble :)
and 4. Have fun!!!

That being said, 1h + OH.
My staff is a good one.
06/01/2011 09:17 AMPosted by Garyl
My staff is a good one.

lol. memories.

Actually I was doing some numbers comparison on a couple of the ptr staves v. mh/oh combos and it looks like they have done a bit to remove the +40int oh enchant penalty from staves in 4.2. But in 4.1 you want mh/oh. That and there is only 1 int stave without spirit and its from archaeology.

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