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Welcome to Get That Achievement, the hot new game that's sweeping the nation! Choose an achievement for the last poster in the thread to work towards completing. BUT HERE'S THE TWIST! In adding a post to this thread, you are signing yourself up to play! The person who posts after you gets to choose an achievement YOU need to complete!


When choosing an achievement for someone, remember... meta-achievements or achievements that need to be unlocked. If the poster is level 20, you can't tell them to earn Level 80.
...remember the Golden Rule. If someone doesn't have Critter Gitter, don't tell them to get Traveler's Tundra Mammoth or Needy. Feats of Strength. This should be obvious.

Having difficulty completing your assignment?

...ask for an extension. All assignments have a one-month timer on them, but I can extend that indefinitely. Just ask.

To make my job easier...

...if you finish your assignment but don't want to play any longer, just post and say so so I can cross you off the list of current assignments.
...if you want a reassignment, simply repost and give another assignment out. Basically, pretend that you "completed" that assignment. This is to preserve the chain.

Confused by anything?

...this thread is incredibly long. Just read a page or two and you'll see how it works!
...your assignment will always be in the posts below.

Now go out there and...Get That Achievement!

- This is not my idea. I'm just moving this over from the achievements forums to the our forum for some challenges to the players!
Fungal Frenzy (Quests>Cataclysm)
Tahlos! Fungal Frenzy is now complete! It's time for you to get a cookin'!

(Critter Gitter!) is for you.
Ghosts in the Dark(Quests-Kalimdor)
Ghosts in the Dark Quest complete!

Doctah, you look like you like to fight, Defend Vanndar Stormpike!

(Loyal Defender) is for you!
Glutton for Icy Punishment (Quests-kalimdor)
To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before, rani i know you're into furry that is why you rolled worgen should be easy for j00!
Ragnaros dares you, Anielann, to defeat him in Molten Core!
Tettnis, looks like all you have to do is get exalted with Cenarion Circle for your achievement Guardian of Cenarius!

Plus, you get a sweet title.
Go get Pest Control, you dumb dog. You're only two away :D
Glutton for Icy Punishment -- complete!

Shadowshawn, you got some explorin' to do -- Explore Bloodmyst isle is for you!
Loyal Defender - Complete. I pretty much was Alterac Valleys only loyal defender....more like suicidal defender... and as fate would have it I get to give you an achievement now! Since that last achievement you gave me made me want to blow up my computer get ready for rhyming words.

Usha go get The Dapper Sapper!
Molten core complete!

Any good "Doctah" should have "Preparing for Disaster" (profressions, first aid) a healthy stock of them would be nice next time we go for H VandT
To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before complete, bleehhhhhhehh. XD

Anielann, you need to go out drinking more. Looks like you should complete Drown Your Sorrows (in the general achievement tab.)

Drown Your Sorrows done!

Showan there is many many cute critters out there that need a home. Plenty of Pets(General) is for you!
anie i can't believe you haven't done this yet. go get exalted with the earthen ring.

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