Aerie Peak Players! Get that Achievement!

Aerie Peak
kk tala you get "3000 Quests Completed" only 127 more to go!
can i get a serious one? since stood in the fire isn't really something i can go get. >.>

Since Old Ironjaw is being a stupid A hole I'll do another while i slowly work towards him!

I think I'm up to maybe.. 400 fish caught -_-

Jessus really? I remember fishing up Old Crafty on my mage, got him really soon too, and heard lots of "nps was so easy" from people. I thought maybe Old Ironjaw would be similar. ><!!!!!

Avey, go do Drown Your Sorrows (General tab) and get drunk as well imo.

(Also, I do not have an achv to get!)
anie im pretty sure im like 800 or something away from it, or at least i thought i was when i checked it a few days ago. if i am that close ill deff do it. if not i hate you and will just talk mad *#%# while i suffer through a continent of low level questing.
Showan, Friend of Fowl (general tab) gogo!
Molten core complete!

Any good "Doctah" should have "Preparing for Disaster" (profressions, first aid) a healthy stock of them would be nice next time we go for H VandT

It's been exactly 1 month and would like to extend this achievement because im not paying for that cloth on the auction house. Will work towards when I can get the cloth without having to pay the dumb prices on the AH. Next Achievement please

* Preparing for Disaster Complete!*
Friend or Fowl complete!

Isoa, go get Pest Control.

Doctah, it's super hard to find an achv for you lol. Try From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee. I can probably help you actually since I don't think I have that either, XD
Pest Control complete!

Now on to the next achievement from whoever gives me one <_<;...
Off topic: @ Doctah, It's actually been 1 month for me as well! Doing an extentsion as well. I was actually playing on really, really bad wow connections while redeploying from iraq when you assigned it ... i'm offically back in the U.S. now.

Isoa, you look like you need a new ride, go get stable keeper and show off that latest ride :)
Usha- you have one quest left in Silithus! should wrap that up! :)
Adynn you only have two more pests to take care of! Go get Pest Control (general).

Also, Stable Keeper complete!
Pest Control complete!

Now on to the next achievement from whoever gives me one <_<;...

Amg, iono if I can do that, but omg...she was Trillian! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT <3
king of the spider-hill down, guess i'll do showan's too before i assign one :P
i hate you all. let me finish an achievement.

and i'm sick of bear runs. i got everyone theirs and they quit and then they added an achieve. I HATE YOU ALL

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