Aerie Peak Players! Get that Achievement!

Aerie Peak
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Squirrels, it seems you need The Fall of Naxxramas (10 player). You'll get 5 achievements and a title
Painuser you are not the wondering type i see so you should go and explore the world and get the explorer title.
Larokos, it appears you are afraid of the water, go get "The Oceanographer"
Rated BG achievement complete!

Elta, you took a long break from WoW so what better way to get back in than surrounded by the blood of your enemies in the Southern most arena! Go get your arena master trinket because ... Gurubashi arena master is for you

***No more pvp achievements please =o ***
damn it elta i am afraid of the water lol ill get right on that
seems i cannot finish till fall could i get another one?
sinking into vashj'ir done
Larokos, looks like you need to work on doing some of the Cata quests, why don't you work on [Full Caravan]?
Gurubashi Arena Master complete!

Baptism how about having a look at "Ghosts in the Dark"?
Ghosts in the Dark complete!

Elta, you have so many, it's hard to find on that is not totally unfair to you... but here goes:

"Turtles All The Way Down"!
full caravan done

@ Larokos, gratz on your caravan but the pets are calling you.

Build a Team -- the achievement is for you.

Bring on the next achievement anyone.

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