Prot Warrior PvP Tips, Tricks and Macros?

Hi All,

I'm enjoying running battlegrounds as a Prot Spec warrior, and have been using this as my primary way of leveling over the past week or so.

My questions to you all are what are some good Prot Warrior Macros or general tips/tricks?

Are there some abilities that you macro together to make sure they're always used on cooldown? Do you do any stancedancing? (I try to if I need to hamstring, but spend most of my time in Defensive Stance)

What is the main bread and butter attack? I use shield slam, and then devastate while waiting for cooldown.

Just curious what some others do as far as Prot Warrior PVP that has been effective for them.

I just stun the heck out of everyone, and keep up interrupts.

Actually I dont pvp so dont listen to me, but that is what I would prob do lol
Prot pvp that I have experienced seems to revolve around controlling the other team while your teammates kill things. You are useful for carrying flags, defending and being a PITA for the other team to kill. Use all of your stuns/interrupts to lock down a healer while your team burns down dps. Do the little things like disarm that whirling arms warrior or the rogue eating your healer.
Hey mate im a Prot PvPer main.
And i love it :)

As far as macros/tips tricks, well i have released, and will be releasing alot more frequent, help/guides and How tos for Prot PvP.

I also do a few PvP Vids ;)

If you need macros, i got them covered.

As far as tips and tricks, its very situational based, who your opponent is, the timing of your moves, but if you are just using devastate and Shield slam, then we have a bit more to discuss haha as there is ALOT more to it then that :P

Need any advice hit me up -
EDIT: Watched your vid on macros and wanted to get your thoughts on a few that I have set up based on prior searches on prot tips. I'll also be stealing a few of yours now and a few later once I get some later abilities. :D

Here are the macros that I use now:

#showtooltip Devastate
/cast Devastate
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Victory Rush

This casts Devastate, which I use a lot, casts Berserker Rage if it's up to make sure I'm keeping it up as much as possible, and also if I hit it twice it uses Victory Rush if it's available.

#showtooltip Hamstring
/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance
/cast Hamstring
/cast Defensive Stance

That's my macro to switch to Battle Stance, Hamstring, then switch back to Defensive Stance.

#showtooltip heroic throw
/cast heroic throw
/cast Shoot
/cast Throw

My Heroic Throw/shoot/throw macro.

#showtooltip Retaliation
/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance
/cast Retaliation
/cast Defensive Stance

My Retaliation Macro (which I won't need after the next patch)

#showtooltip Shield Slam
/cast Shield Block
/cast Shield Slam

My Shield Slam macro that casts Shield Block first to make sure I'm using the ability when it's off cooldown, but also getting the extra damage on Shield Slam as much as possible.

#showtooltip Rend
/cas Rend
/cast Thunderclap

My Rend/Thunderclap macro to spread the bleeding.

#showtooltip Charge
/castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept; [help] Intervene;

My Charge/Intercept (and eventually when i get it) Intervene macro.


Do you see anything there that isn't a good thing to be doing or that can be done better?

I see alot of rather pointless macros, as they just do what i do normally, but dumb's down the playstyle, i see a major major major problem with the first macro you linked.

What that does is makes your berserker rage used 100% of the time its up.
Which is really really bad, i cannot stress enough how much you DO NOT want that.
Sure in theory the rage etc is great.
But what that does, is make it so whenever you need heals, you have a 30 second wait period just to pop heals..
If you NEED to get out of a fear now, and dont want to waste dont have that option.

Berserker rage should not be used so carelessly as far as im concerned.
Its our anti-fear+heals guaranteed move.

If you are wasting your trinket on a fear..when you would have had berserker rage available, that's doing it wrong :)

The retaliation one is great if it works, i may even pinch it myself.
Though i wont be needing it in a few weeks anyway lol
And that being said, Shield Wall/Reck > Retalliation.
But i do however like that macro, would make me use it more often.
Would have to be used before you had any rage though, otherwise its a rage-waste.

Like at the beginning of a fight to put pressure, then later on, do shield wall next + heals for a second life, then finish them off once recklessness is available.

As far as putting your moves with other moves, i personally cant stand it.
I dont want to press a button and waste rage on a move i don't want.
Id rather actually press the button i want to press.

Makes you a better player :)

Hamstring/Heroic throw is good, but if i were you, id add taunt into that throw macro too, as then you have an easy all in one ranged attack/taunt (for hunters pets etc to feed rage)

Hope that helped a bit mate :)
Here's a full Prot PvP guide with video's all gemming/specsmacros/keybinds/theorycrafting etc.

Hope it helps!
Thats flag carrying, and not Arena nor PvP.
But sure, incredible FC guide.

But its only a third of what Prot PvP is about.

And it gives the complete opposite advice for whats important in Arena/PvP
Thanks for the advice and all the links, I'm loving the info.

The part about the first macro is true, and I won't pretend to know more than you about Prot PvP, but I will ask this... If I am undead and have WoTF to pop out of fears, is it still a bad macro to have?

I will add the taunt to the Heroic Throw/Throw/Shoot macro.

Yeah, the Retaliation Macro is nice, but won't be needed in a few more weeks. :D

Quick question - you mention that using Berserker Rage is used for our heals, but I'm not seeing healing tied to it in tool tips or talents? I may have missed it in a talent or glyph?
Just wanted to say thanks Daijozen for posting the link to your Youtube page along with all of the other info, I just recently made this toon after watching Bajheera's Fury PvP videos and swore I would only roll Fury for PvP but now after watching your Prot PvP video I am leaning toward rolling Prot for PvP. I know arms is the safest bet to go with but that's not why I made this toon, in my opinion a warrior shouldn't go the safest route and should either be dual weilding two 2h weps or SMF I guess, or slamming a shield in to someones face. Great video from what I saw and look forward to seeing more. I'm also e rolling this toon as Human at 85, the only reason I didn't level him as human is because of the guild I'm in and my rep/g perks ect . . . But I cant miss out on the free DPS trink slot.
Been a Prot warrior since the beginning and it took 85 to start getting decent at PVP. But not good. Just not as bad

So now the next step is to break myself from being a clicker.
To that end, what's a good rotation for my `-4 keys?

06/08/2011 09:38 AMPosted by Wretched
This casts Devastate, which I use a lot, casts Berserker Rage if it's up to make sure I'm keeping it up as much as possible,

No. Never macro BR to anything but enraged regeneration.

Save BR for fear/sap breaks and enraged regeneration.
Okay, that's 2 pretty strong votes against using the macro. I'll modify it. Thanks!
So what are somethings I need to know because I think I'm going to go prot for pvp and i need some help with how to play a prot warrior in pvp.
Check out the 6.2 Warrior Protection Warrior PvP guide. This is outdated.

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