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So many questions on the US side about blood tanks and what do we get for answers?

Answers to questions people could look up in flipping patch notes!!!!!!!
"Will there be a new leg armor since we won't benefit from agi? Derp can't read MMO-Champion."

To be fair, the new leg armor wasn't added to the ptr until after the question thread was locked. It was still unbelievably stupid of Blizzard to pick that question, but asking it, at the time, was legit.
The only Ask the Devs I was looking forward to, and the majority of the questions were terrible. WTG.
See ... see ... Taunt can't miss ... Blizzard taunt the tank community with those ridicoulus answers and it work ... every single tank are piss off !!!!
Q: Can you make it so that taunt doesn't miss, just like you did for interrupt abilities? Doesn't feel as though it would be a complete upset to overall balance. – Madmartygan (LA)

A: Yes, absolutely! And in fact we did it back in patch 3.9. Tank classes’ taunts have been unable to miss since then. We recognize that tanks will nearly always choose mitigation stats over threat stats and it’s particularly frustrating to have to reach a hit cap just to make sure taunts or interrupts don’t miss, which is why we no longer require that.

Why would you even bother answering this question. Very obvious you are just avoid the big topic questions and are choosing to fill space with filler 99% of the community or someone who opens up and wow page already knows about. /fail @ blizzard

so much crap. Thanks for not answering questions.

Please continue to avoid real questions and just use filler crap no one cares about or things any real player already knows.

This has to be the worst set of answers / questions chosen yet.
06/08/2011 09:40 AMPosted by Kardone
4.3 legendary! ^_^ I wonder what it will be

and the 4.3 legendary will have much more narrow appeal. We don’t want to fall into the TRAP of making legendaries too formulaic.

i smell feral/hunter staff
Q: Will we see a tanking Legendary sometime soon? – Pedoso (NA)

A: The tanking community both loves and hates when this question comes up, but it received a lot of votes, so we’ll answer it. The answer is not soon, but probably eventually. The problem with tanking legendaries, of course, is that the shield-users and non-shield-users tank with different weapons. That’s not a deal breaker, but it is a consideration. We could allow the legendary to be transformed from a one-hander to two-hander or we could just design an item for a more narrow audience (such as a shield). The 4.2 legendary has fairly wide appeal, and the 4.3 legendary will have much more narrow appeal. We don’t want to fall into the trap of making legendaries too formulaic.

Why not a Two hander, that splits into a shield AND a One hander? ... im sure that would satisfy all tanks. right?

AMG, i gotta go change my pants now. This is awesome.
06/08/2011 02:29 PMPosted by Duchene
So a side from the legendary mention, was anything else mentioned by blizzard actually useful to any tanks here or actually worth reading ?

Technically if you regroup all those answer .. it is useful .. now you know to not rely on Blizzard to have decent feedback about tanking ...
Q: Vengeance is a great tool to help raid tanks hold aggro over DPS, but in 5-man heroics it doesn't stack high enough to keep up with the threat generated by overgeared DPS burst damage. Are there any plans to address this? Are there any plans to help warriors put out more initial threat before Vengeance has been ramped up? – Nikelsndimes (NA), Cémanana (EU-FR), Arthur (TW), Mancake (NA), Migol (NA)

A: We think Vengeance works well overall. It provides sufficient threat without causing the tank to do more DPS than the dedicated DPS characters, and doesn’t let the tank just neglect abilities that cause threat. A full stack of Vengeance probably provides too much threat, but we didn’t think it was necessary to nerf that mid-expansion. Overall, we don’t want tanks to have 100% guaranteed threat on a pull, so we don’t want to buff that aspect of Vengeance, but we also don’t want DPS specs to constantly have to throttle the DPS they can deliver midway through a fight, so we have to strike a balance.

Note: There are fights with tank swaps or incoming adds, or similar mechanics, when threat may matter mid-fight. This is intended – encounter design varies widely.

Well, that was disappointing... two weeks for an answer that doesn't answer anything at all. It's not a matter of neglecting threat abilities, but being unable to pull them off in a reasonable manner at the start of a pull (ie. not enough rage, waiting for GCDs, Vengeance doesn't even apply).

I don't believe tank swaps happen intentionally in 5-mans.
. If we cant gain strong threat from the start, WE THE TANKS will be blaimed...

I agree with this. I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't directly answer/address the question regarding this. I don't think it would be too hard to do... I mean.. what about a talent or glyph that makes your next.. say.. thunderclap.. used after a charge, or battle/commanding shout, or maybe even heroic throw (mostly.. I'm thinking soemthing we use to range pull) cost no rage?

Yeah.. you have the rage from the charge, but I've been in a few situations where a charge isn't really an option. Namely when a large amount needs to get CCed.. so you heroic throw pull a caster... and then.. bam.. no rage for aggro on the rest of the group... Plus, depending on how early DPS starts, even a rend + thunder clap isn't always enough to keep aggro.

This is actually the MAIN reason I haven't tanked lately... Because of starting aggro issues...

Asking people to wait til they see a thunder clap works.. but sometimes they ignore you.. then blame you... I think a few times I even got bashed with a "learn2play noob" for mentioning..
This Q&A was so insulting to the tank community I don't know where to begin.

Can taunts miss?? Anyone who actually tanks can tell you they don't. Really, I don't want to go on.

We have the most demanding position in Raids and dungeons, yet Blizz treats us as if we don't matter.

Is it any wonder there's a tank shortage?

Did someone who actually plays a tank read this before it went out? If they did, and didn't realize how insulting it would come off, they shouldn't have a job.

The belief that Blizz has become fat and happy, and thus unresponsive, is one that you'd think they would take great lengths to stamp out. But time and again in the communication with the player base, they actually confirm it.
What I want to know is why tanks get all the benefits and always have the call to arms compared to should really be a call to arms like bg where it is random

Legendary in 4.3 Im guessing hunter wep
06/08/2011 11:23 AMPosted by Vedranna
Dk's the only way they will hear is 2 fold, 1 spec out of blood and stop tanking, 2 cancel your account even if it is only still 1 day after the renew date, it affected their month to month income projection which influences design decisions. This method has worked to force changes before it will work again.

A better way would be all blood dk stop tanking. Blizzard has a database that keeps track of stuff like the # of classs and what role/spec they choosed for dungeons and raid.
Paladins have always been able to bubble-taunt out of fears, unless they broke that too and I missed it...

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